9 Best Online Personal Training Platforms & 5 Tips To Use

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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9 Best Online Personal Training Platforms & 5 Tips To Use

With the increasing popularity of online personal training platforms, it is vital to differentiate the good ones from the best. 

Throughout this article, we will review the top 9 best online training platforms alongside 5 practical tips to enhance the overall experience with those.

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What is the Online Personal Training Platform?

Online Personal Training platform allows students to find personal coaches/trainers & even mentors to achieve certain goals or acquire specific skills. 

Personal Training can be hosted as 1:1 and group training sessions. A good platform must offer enough flexibility & features to fulfill every need of a modern learner. 

So, let’s jump straight into the benefits you will gain if you choose the right online platform.

Benefits of Online Personal Training Platforms

The right platform will provide immense benefits if you are an online personal trainer. Let’s review the primary ones. 

1. Convenience and flexibility

The right platform will provide you with convenience and flexibility. 

Convenience in terms of offering management features & automation that saves time. Flexibility both in terms of money & location flexibility. As an online coach or trainer, you can host your courses anywhere you feel comfortable and appropriate for a good student experience. 

Consider a scenario where you have chosen an utterly random coaching & wellness business platform. Well, now you have found out it does not have the features you need, such as integrations, payments, etc., wouldn’t it feel demotivating? Well, that is why the choice of a good platform is essential. 

An excellent training platform will provide you with every tool necessary for successful training. 

Planning a strategy for online training

2. Expertise and personalized attention

Personalized training platforms allow you to monetize your expertise while providing students with personalized learning materials & attention.

By doing so with the right platform, you will save time yet make sure to have satisfied students. This is key to successful personal training marketing, so it’s important to look at the personalization that’s offered by any prospective platform before you commit to it in a major way.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Another benefit that personal training platforms provide you and your students with is cost efficiency. Both of you won’t spend additional time or money or transportation. 

The cost of online tools such as whiteboards and screen share is low (some even free), while physical equipment is expensive. So, a good platform also cuts your business expenses. This allows you to offer training at a better price and gain more clients.

4. Safety and privacy

Personalized training platforms, especially cloud-based ones, are extremely secure. You, as a trainer, can be secure about your data, while students can be secure about theirs. 

5. Accessibility

One more benefit of such platforms is accessibility. Students will be able to access their learning material & training from anywhere & on any device. This greatly improves accessibility, automatically increasing conversion rates for modern learners. 

Besides these, you will also gain benefits such as better compliance, scalability opportunities, and so on. 

Tips For Using Online Personal Training Platforms

We have discussed the benefits, but what will they give you if you are unaware of how to properly use the online training platforms? Right, nothing. It is like purchasing software that promises many advantages but is utterly clueless about how to use it; thus, you waste money instead of ROI. 

So, if you want to get the benefits in real-life, consider implementing the following tips. All of these tips are expert advice from top-notch industry specialists. 

Tips and tricks for online training

#Tip 1: Research and compare different platforms and trainers

Before choosing a platform, do your research. For instance, in order to come up with the list of platforms presented in this article, our team did careful research & testing of various platforms so that you do not have to. 

However, to be confident in your choice, have the top 3 picks, get the free trial and test them out. Also, make sure you know what platforms other trainers use & collect their feedback on the particular platform. Focus on accessibility, ease of usage, scalability, customization options & SEO-friendliness.

#Tip 2: Look for trainers with credentials and a good track record

Learning from other experts is an excellent idea. However, you should know from who you are learning & how trustworthy that person is. 

Choose trainers that are well respected both among students & other trainers. Ask for advice, build a network, and never be ashamed of asking questions and answers which will push you forward as a professional. 

#Tip 3: Consider the cost and whether it is a good value for the services offered

Another tip for proper usage of the training platform that will result in sales & profits is to consider the collaboration between the cost of the product/service you offer and its value. 

Always aim for maximum value that will allow you to build trust, get positive reviews, and deliver promised results to your students. However, if you are a beginner, avoid these two mistakes:

  • Going for the lowest price. 
  • Going for the highest price that industry top experts sell their products for.

The lowest price strategy won’t work for a few reasons, the number one being it will create suspicion. How much value can you give if you offer training so cheap? While high prices, if you are a beginner, will be irrelevant as students can choose a trainer who has already worked their way up & have positive reviews. 

So, research your niche carefully and set medium prices that are optimal for your target buyers, yet do not discourage them from purchasing due to being too low or too high. 

Constructing an online training

#Tip 4: Take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of training from anywhere

If your house is noisy, take advantage of the flexibility and go to a nice place with a quiet background. Besides, you never will get bored as you will be able to change locations whenever you feel like it. Working from the same setting can often become dull, yet this has never been an issue in online training. 

#Tip 5: Stay motivated and on track with your training program

When you offer a training program, especially if you offer more than one and have to manage multiple groups of students, it can become harder than initially intended. This may result in disappointment and a lack of motivation.

However, if you choose a good platform and learn to use it properly, you will be able to keep track of everything, including students’ progress, while not spending any extra time on it. So, tip 5 is to learn how to use the platform to avoid hardships. 

Besides, as a coach or trainer, in order to host efficient sessions, you must learn about self-motivation & how to motivate your students. 

Online Personal Training Platforms

Well, it is finally time to review the training platforms. So, here are the long-awaited best nine online personal training platforms that will help you to leverage customer experience & take your business to the next level. 

1. Uteach

Uteach is a full LMS automation built for trainers, coaches & online course creators. It is highly customizable & offers lots of features for training business growth. 

Uteach logo


  • Website & Course Builder that are SEO-friendly and have lots of customization options. 
  • Automating tasks such as attendance checking, quizzes, homework assignments, etc.
  • Pre-made templates & website themes that save your time in building 
  • White-labeling 
  • Blog feature which will allow you to share your expertise about the niche you are in and utilize the power of organic marketing to its fullest

Why it stands out

There are lots of things that make Uteach worthy of the first place. However, the most outstanding quality is powerful customization. It will allow you to build a coaching or training business that is just one of a kind. Plus, it is very affordable while remaining a high-quality & full-featured tool. 

2. Trainerize

Trainerize is one of the most famous platforms for trainers. It allows you to host incredible online coaching sessions & provides you with features necessary to have satisfied clients & deliver promised results. 


  • Allows to host multiple coaching programs, including video, nutrition, habit, client communication, etc.
  • Good UI that makes it easy to navigate through & build your coaching/training business with 
  • Cool digitization & centralization systems that result in higher profits for you

Why it stands out 

One of the most outstanding parts is the extremely intuitive user interface. 

3. Zoom

Zoom logo

Zoom is a famous video conferencing tool. It is great due to the simplicity of usage. It won’t complicate things, so if you have a few trainees you need to manage, this might be a good option. 

As a conferencing tool, it is great. Yet, if you want to track every aspect of your training business. In that case, you might want to consider other tools that are full-featured LMS. 

4. Virtuagym

Virtuagym is a wellness tracking service that provides you with technology to build a healthy lifestyle. It’s a 3-in-1 platform: you can use it to create a fitness business, track the wellness of your corporate employees, or use it for your journey. 


  • Administrate. Virtuagym provides you with valuable tools to manage the contracts, helps users on how to make invoice properly, and other tedious aspects of having a business.
  • Coach. Build workouts, track progress, and fill in nutrition data.
  • Appoint. Use powerful scheduling tools to organize the classes for your employees.
  • Customize. Use pre-made workout and nutrition plans to achieve your personal wellness goals. 

Why it stands out

The best part of this program is that it is so versatile. First, you can build your healthy way of living by following Virtuagym's suggestions. Monetize it by creating your own wellness business or improve your current business if you are already engaged in the industry. And, of course, if you are a corporate leader, you can improve your employee’s quality of life.

As a student, this is an excellent platform to improve your health and wellness.

5. PTminder

PTminder logo

PTMinder is a platform that provides different coaching and training tools for individual coaches and small businesses in the wellness industry.


  • Club Admin. Manage your coaching business with the admin tools. The function will help you easily overcome repetitive tasks and save a great deal of time on tasks such as billing and invoicing, scheduling, attendance, etc.
  • Accessible. The program is available on the Web and mobile phones so that new sports enthusiasts can have their training handy.
  • Security. PTMinder prioritizes safety and security. Therefore, all your administrative work (like payment processing) is safe according to the standards of the Web.

Why it stands out

PTminder has excellent customer support. No matter how good a platform is, specific technical issues or confusion can be faced. According to the reviews, PTminder has fast and very effective customer support, a cherry on top.

6. CoachUp

CoachUp is an extensive coaching network that allows sports enthusiasts to find a professional coach and professional athletes to become one. 


  • Trustworthy. You can be sure you can trust the coach! All instructors on CoachUp have to pass specific requirements to be qualified as a coach and hired for this program. Therefore, the trust factor among students partially is already gained when you are able to teach with the platform. The payment processing is highly secure, too.
  • Easy. CoachUp is one of the largest coaching networks, which allows you to build your network of professionals and keep in touch with the latest trends & updates. Likewise, applying to CoachUp and improving your career as a personal coach doesn't take much effort. 

Why it stands out

CoachUp collaborates with NCAA athletes in its CoachUp University program. It allows collegiate athletes (NCAA athletes) to work with new generations. 

7. TrainHeroic

TrainHeroic is a unique resource of professionally-curated coaching content you can use to progress in your fitness. It provides you with various training plans according to your goals. As for coaches, it is a good opportunity to build your business.


  • Mobile. TrainHeroic's free application allows students to download it and have access to their personalized programs whenever necessary. 
  • Library. The training library contains all your exercises, workouts, and programs that you can use to compile a training experience fit to your needs and possibilities. Up can also learn from these in order to create a wholesome program for your students. 
  • Flexible. For you coaches, you have a choice of the client, location, and client flow, which will improve your job experience.

Why it stands out

  • TrainHeroic, like most platforms here, is built for people who want to train and coach themselves. But it is TrainHeroic that educates the coaches. You, as a coach, can upgrade using TrainHeroic’s videos and expert guidance.

8. MyTrainer

MyTrainer is a platform that concentrates on providing young generations with skills and training applicable to 21st-century society. It prioritizes diversity in learning and focuses on global education.


  • Empiric learning. Most of the learning happens through working on projects, meaning that students learn how to apply their skills to solve problems immediately.
  • Outside of the box. Unlike many other traditional platforms, all the classes on this platform encourage creative and critical thinking. 
  • Career skills. MyTrainer provides skills that can be directly used in your future career.

Why it stands out

A significant benefit of this particular platform is that it understands learning and training can sometimes be tough. Instead of forcing and pressuring, they offer gamification. Every task becomes a game quest, making everything more engaging and adventurous. Therefore, MyTrainer is more efficient for learning and training than other platforms.

9. Trainiac

Trainiac logo

Trainiac by Gympass means good-quality professional individual training made accessible. 


  • Trust. The coaches have to pass national certification tests and rigorous internal qualifications for Trainiac — you can be sure you are in the hands of a professional. Students, beware of this information; they won’t worry about you as a coach being untrustworthy. 
  • Individualized. Every training program is developed for each individual by their coach, meaning it is the most effective. 
  • Mindset. The way workouts are comprised on Trainiac is taking the sports you already enjoy and adding exercises of different groups for physical progress. 

Why it stands out

Trainiac is part of a bigger platform known as Gympass. The latter is one of the biggest well-being networks in the world. It provides access to a large selection of gyms and  well-being apps. Trainac is only available with Gympass, so having Trainiac means having everything Gympass provides you. 

These platforms are great for coaches in the well-being or fitness industries. However, if you want a full-featured option & better organization, then Zoom is not an option to look for. It is suitable for single sessions or webinars.

A customizable platform for coaches & trainers in every industry is Uteach. 

Take Your First And Confident Steps with Uteach

It is time to stop hesitation and consideration and take real action toward your goals. If you want to succeed, it is the only way. 

Start your online personal training journey with Uteach & take your training to another level. With Uteach, you can easily create a brand website, white label it & even have a blog. It allows trainers & coaches from every industry to jump-start their businesses and provides every tool for further expansion and growth. 

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