Get into detail with Teach on Udemy: Full Review

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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Get into detail with Teach on Udemy: Full Review

Online courses enjoy high demand due to their major benefits, such as flexibility and self-paced learning. Instructors gain lots of benefits, including unlimited passive income potential.

What are the best platforms to start selling your online course with? One of them is indeed familiar to many; it is Udemy. This article will review everything related to Teach with Udemy to help you understand whether it fits you well. 

What is Teach on Udemy?

Udemy is a global marketplace where millions of students purchase online courses to improve their skills in various fields and areas. 

Teach on Udemy is a free online platform for course creators. It allows creating an online course in 5 simple steps. Thus, course creators can easily monetize their knowledge and expertise and easily access big audiences. 

Who is Teach on Udemy right for?

Teach for Udemy is an incredible platform for online course creators who are looking for a platform that will allow them to monetize their skills. 

Benefits of choosing Teach on Udemy

One of the main benefits is that you get access to a large audience upfront. Another noticeable advantage of Teach with Udemy is that it does not require upfront costs. 

The User-friendly interface of Udemy allows instructors to easily navigate through the platform and create courses in a matter of minutes. 

Another benefit of Teach with Udemy is that you will get access to a large community of instructors. Also, you will gain quite a few course promotion opportunities. You can promote courses through email campaigns, social media, and partnerships. 

Teach on Udemy homepage

Teach on Udemy pros & cons

Even though Teach on Udemy has many benefits, there are also certain cons.  This section will briefly cover the main pros and cons of Teach with Udemy. 


  • Easy to use & build a course with 
  • Access to a large & diverse audience of students 
  • Flexible pricing options (you can price the course as much as you want, however considering the competition, you may want to stick to average prices within the platform) 
  • Analytics and reports 


  • Limited control over branding and marketing 
  • High competition
  • Limited features and independence for course creators 
  • Udemy keeps a percentage of the revenue 

Teach on Udemy features, pricing, and so much more!

Let’s dive a bit more into depth and review the main features, pricing, and other areas you must be aware of when it comes to Teach with Udemy. 

Features to look into

The main features to look into when it comes to Teach on Udemy are:

  • Course creation tools
  • Revenue sharing. As a course creator, you gain a percentage from course sales, while Udemy handles support and payment processing 
  • Flexible pricing 
  • Marketing tools to promote your course
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Access to a global community of instructors. 
  • International payment processing. 

Student community on Udemy

Udemy offers course creators a large database of students. It has millions of learners all over the world. The student community has features such as:

  • Course reviews. Students can leave reviews for the course, thus contributing to increased trust building
  • Q&A forums where learners can ask questions, share experiences, and get answers
  • Course discussion feature 
  • Community events such as webinars, meetups, and workshops. 
Person plans his lesson

Monetization structure

A vital part of any effort is the reward. In this case, the reward is optimal monetization opportunities. With Teach on Udemy, the monetization structure is simple as it is based on revenue sharing. Essentially course creators create and upload their courses on their Udemy profiles. Afterward, from each sale, Udemy takes a percentage. 

The percentage can vary. If the course sale was organic (non-promotional), instructors get to keep 50% of the revenue. Meanwhile, sales made through a promotional program based on promotion terms may vary in the percentage of revenue that instructors get. 

The reality of profitability

Profitability varies depending on various factors. These include course quality, reputation as a creator, course demand, marketing strategies, and competition. 

Overall profitability will depend on quality, marketing efforts, and demand for the course for the current market. However, as a pre-recorded course and due to high competition, you are limited to a price range of approximately $80 up to $150. 

The best alternative of Teach on Udemy: Uteach

One of the best alternatives of Teach on Udemy is Uteach. Uteach is a feature-rich and highly customizable tool for course creators, coaches, and trainers. 

It offers flexible and affordable training plans and a variety of features to take eLearning to the next level. 

The main benefits of Uteach include:

  • Tools & features designed for powerful automation to save your time on repetitive tasks 
  • Marketing & analytics features to promote your products and services as well as gain in-depth details and tracking on performance 
  • Allows building a potent website without coding or design skills (due to offering pre-made customizable templates and drag & drop website builder)
  • Mobile app which allows you to stay in touch with students 24/7 and provides an incredible mobile learning experience 
  • CRM & Email Setting features, such as notification system
  • Quiz & certification builders to build and incorporate into the material to increase student engagement and knowledge retention rates
  • Easy navigation 
  • Fast loading speed
  • Integrations with your favorite tools 
  • Live sessions & local payment gateway.

There are multiple other benefits that come in handy with using Uteach; we just mentioned the primary ones. 

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Uteach vs. Teach on Udemy

Udemy is easy to use, and lots, of course, creators upload courses there for a reason. However, suppose you want more flexibility and control over your business as well as the availability of selling coaching and training programs alongside pre-recorded courses. In that case, Uteach might be a better fit for you. 

Both of these platforms offer a range of features that benefit instructors. However, Udemy is strictly for those who offer pre-recorded courses. Meanwhile, Utecah provided instructors with more flexibility, including the availability of hosting love classes and sessions. 

Another difference is that Uteach allows keeping 100% of the revenue. Meanwhile, Udemy keeps a percentage from sales. 

Also, unlike Udemy, Uteach allows you to build a stand-alone website and offers white labeling features. Thus, you can create and promote your online coaching, training, or course business. 

Another difference is that Udemy limits the pricing. Many creators offer courses at lower range prices from $80 up to $150. These are good prices, but with discounts, they go as low as $20 per course. As a pre-recorded course, the pricing is good, yet considering the competition, you cannot price it at a higher range. Meanwhile, with Uteach, you have your separate website and are in charge of pricing. Plus, you can offer live training prices higher than for a pre-recorded course. 

Check the full comparison of Udemy vs. Uteach with article type and table type. 

Get started with Uteach right away

Well, it is your time to get started!

Uteach comes in handy with lots of useful features, including course & website builders, marketing & automation, analytics, and integrations. It allows you to start and successfully expand your online education business. 

You can easily build and customize a website, optimize it for search engines, rank, and generate leads. So, it is your time to start monetizing your expertise and skills. 

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