Uteach vs. Udemy: Choose The Best One

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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Uteach vs. Udemy: Choose The Best One

Udemy is one of the largest platforms for online course creators and those who love to take affordable online courses. However, new platforms in this competitive industry come and beat Udemy in multiple aspects.    

Is that the case with Uteach vs. Udemy? Or are they equally good? This article will review various factors, including tools, automation, and marketing opportunities, to figure out which one of these platforms is better.   

So, if you are ready, let’s start!   

What are Uteach and Udemy?

First of all, let’s dive into the concepts. So, what are these platforms about?   

Both are platforms that aim to bring together course creators and students from all over the world and help them to find clients & study materials. However, they differ in a few significant aspects.    

For example, Udemy is way more expensive than Uteach while offering fewer features to build an independent course creation business. Plus, it has high fees. Meanwhile, Uteach allows you to easily build an independent business with all the tools it provides.    

But, let’s compare each of those platforms in more detail in various aspects. 


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Factors you need to consider

As I have mentioned before, there are various aspects that you need to take into consideration before choosing a platform. And we are going to take a look at each of them. Those factors include course & website building opportunities, integrations, payment methods, automation, and even marketing opportunities. 

Course Builder

The first aspect we are going to compare is the course builder. For example, Udemy only allows you to create free courses unless you are a premium instructor. You have to fill out a premium instructor application and wait around two business days for approval. 

Builder opportunities

Uteach offers lots of builder opportunities. First of all, it offers a full-featured website builder that allows you to create and edit pages and themes and use pre-made templates. Also, it is worth mentioning that you get an incredible opportunity to edit your website in a visual drag & drop builder. Uteach provides you with a course builder, branding & white labeling features, and even a menu builder.    

All the features of Uteach are designed to help you build websites without any additional coding skills.    

You don’t have as many builder opportunities with Udemy as with Uteach. When you enter your dashboard in Udemy by clicking on the courses > create a course, you have options of “Create a course” and “Create a Practice test.” Then it gives you customization tabs that include:   

  • Course planning 
  • Content Creation
  • Publishing & Promotion.    

Basically, this is for the course builder opportunities for Udemy. You can add a Title and featured Image and submit the course for review. 


For design opportunities, Uteach offers you:

  • Theme Explorer. Where you can choose from various pre-made themes, you can customize even those in order to be able to communicate the message of your brand more clearly. 
  • Pages - where you can decide on the overall appearance of the pages.    

You do not have many design opportunities on Udemy. One of the options you have is to add a thumbnail image to your course. Because Udemy is more of a community rather than an independent platform allowing you to build a website, you do not get website customization functionality. 

Digital and physical products

Also, it is worth mentioning that Udemy does not provide you with an opportunity to sell physical products. You can only sell online courses there.    

Meanwhile, with Uteach, you can sell online or offline courses, webinars, coaching sessions, e-books, audio, and various other digital and physical products. 


Selling products with Uteach


Automation is very helpful nowadays because it saves lots of time and energy on routine tasks, allowing you to invest time wisely. Therefore, let’s review what kind of automation these two platforms offer. 

Live lessons

Uteach allows you to host end-to-end live sessions, and websites offer lots of useful integrations, such as Zoom and InSpace. With Uteach, you will be able to host smooth and perfectly well-handled live sessions that will leave your students satisfied.    

Unfortunately, Udemy is a platform that offers only pre-made courses. You cannot host live lessons on Udemy since it is designed in a way for each student to learn and study at their own pace.


“Quizzes” is another important feature a great course creation and sales platform must offer. Luckily enough, Uteach does offer it as well. With Uteach, you can easily create quizzes and automate the checking processes. This will help to track your student’s progress way easier.    

As quizzes are very important in assessing the knowledge of students, Udemy did not miss that. The platform offers you the functionality that will allow you to create multiple choice quizzes and embed them on related lectures. And if you want to change something, you can edit, delete and move a quiz quite easily.


Also, it is worth mentioning that from a wide range of automated features, Uteach also offers a certificate creation option. This will help you easily build and customize certifications for your students and keep them motivated throughout the process as they will earn a certificate by the end, proving their skills.    

Udemy does not offer features to create personalized certificates like Uteach. However, when a student completes a course, Udemy offers them a certificate of completion that they can include in their CV or LinkedIn profile. You can also create certification courses that will provide your students with accreditation after completion, and there you can fill in your custom certificate properties. 

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations are not any less important for a successful all-in-one platform. So, let’s take a look at what integrations they offer.    

We are going to start off with Uteach, which offers:

  • Video Conferencing tools such as Zoom, InSpace, and Jitsi. Uteach makes it easy for you to integrate those into your website and have control over everything from one place.
  • Pipedrive - this is basically an incredibly full-featured CRM tool that is also cloud-based
  • Zapier - an automation platform to automate workflows and save time- comes in handy with over 1800 integrations.
  • Integrations with Google Products such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console
  • Facebook Pixel, etc.   

Third-party tools integrable with your website will provide you with several benefits, including

  • Enhancement of the overall learning experience
  • Will save lots of time and resources 
  • Creation of incredibly memorable and easy navigation through user experiences.    

Third-party integrations enhance the abilities of customers for a successful business. Therefore Udemy offers different third-party integrations to empower you as a creator.    

For example 

  • Workday. Workday provides you with a personalized learning experience. It focuses on professional development and training for specialists.
  • Degreed. Degreed is another platform that concentrates on improving the skills of professionals, and it is a learning management system.
  • Microsoft Viva Learning. Viva Learning by Microsoft allows you to integrate learning into the daily lives of your employees.
  • And more!   

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Now, it is time to look at the platforms' branding features. And in this aspect, the winner is Uteach.    

Uteach offers useful branding features, including custom domains and 100% white-labeled websites. So, with Uteach, you will get an affordable opportunity to establish and grow your business on a platform that gives you everything you need to do so.    

Unlike Uteach, Udemy does not provide you with options for white labels. Although it has many courses that may teach you the foundations of branding, the platform itself works as the company that provides the courses, and you act as a course creator who, in a sense, works for them.

Marketing opportunities

Besides all of the aspects mentioned above, it is vital to consider the marketing functionality offered by the platforms before choosing one. Why? Because in this competitive industry, it is vital to have multiple marketing features to drive organic or paid traffic and get a chance to turn leads into prospects. 


With Uteach, you get an opportunity to create a blog and publish various articles relatable to your niche topics. This will help you to promote your website, rank higher on SERPs, and drive organic traffic. Basically, with the blog, you are organically improving and growing your website and services visibility.    

Udemy has its own well-developed blog, but it does not offer you the functionality to create your own blog. 


Uteach comes in handy with SEO-optimization features almost for everything, e.g., you can SEO-optimize titles and descriptions of the courses & articles utilizing meta descriptions, titles, and various other SEO boxes offered. Good SEO optimization will increase your chances of ranking higher and drive more traffic.    

Udemy website itself, where you host your courses, is optimized for search engines, but it does not offer you SEO tools to optimize your specific course on their website or for a browser. Udemy, as you can see, is more useful as a starting point in your career, but if you want to do something more serious and on-brand, you will have to move on.

Student coupons

Uteach also allows you to offer discounts and create various coupons for students so they can get a discount. E.g., this feature is quite useful when you use pre-sales techniques, as students who purchase the course earlier with a coupon code can get it far less than others. Use coupons and discounts as a motivational factor for students to increase sales.    

Udemy allows you to easily create coupons that are a great tool for promoting your courses. All you need to do is to go to your Promotions page and create a coupon by selecting the type and filling in the fields with information. It is that easy!


Girl creates course website and coupons


Uteach offers three affordable and flexible pricing plans, which you can see down below:   

  • Basic - comes in handy with all the basic features, including unlimited courses & students, no transaction fees,  custom domain, integrations, and one admin. 
  • Pro - is the most popular pricing plan, which includes everything in the basic one plus white labeling, five admins, student data integration, an app, automated quizzes, and live lessons. 
  • Business - this plan offers everything the Pro version does plus 20 admins, priority product support, and a personal manager.    

The Basic version costs $39 if purchased monthly and $29/month if annually.    

The Pro version is $99 when it is purchased monthly and $79 per month if it is purchased annually.    

The Business plan costs $249 monthly, and if purchased annually, $199/monthly.   

Basically, if you purchase any of the subscription plans annually, you will get a 20% discount. Also, with any of the paid plans, you get a 14-day free trial run period.    

So, with Uteach, you get everything you need to create and expand your online teaching or coaching business at an incredibly affordable price.    

Udemy charges fees per course sale:

  • instructors receive 97% of the revenue when the student purchases their content using an instructor’s coupon or referral link.
  • instructors receive 37% of the revenue for any Udemy sales where no instructor coupon or course referral link was used. 

Use cases

Now, I believe it is time to look at the potential use cases of these platforms. Let’s start. 


Udemy can be useful for beginners quite a lot. It is a great platform to start out with. If you are a beginner or an online course curator who is not interested in entrepreneurship or turning courses into a full-time profitable & scalable online business. In that case, Udemy is the best way to go. You won’t be spending too much time on the optimization of various processes or sales tracking. 


Udemy Homepage


Meanwhile, Udemy remains efficient for beginners and those who consider course creation more of a side hustle; Uteach is for those who want to turn course creation or coaching into a full-time scalable business. It is perfect for everyone, whether a beginner or a professional. Uteach also comes in handy with an extremely user-friendly interface and website-building options that will definitely help you out. In short, with Uteach, you will get every opportunity and tool necessary to create a business.    

Therefore, if you plan on creating and expanding your e-learning-related business, then Uteach is the best option to go with. 


Uteach homepage

Uteach: The best online course platform for you

After reviewing, testing, and discussing every aspect mentioned above, we came to the conclusion that Uteach is the best online course creation platform for you. Especially, it is best for those who want to have an independent business that is fully under their control.   

With Uteach, you will be able to create easily & fully customize your business website, open a blog, and control every aspect of business, including payments & marketing, from one place.    

Therefore, stop hesitating and putting everything together; it is your time to sparkle.   

Uteach is with you all the way towards success. 


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