Video-based Learning: Strategies To Level Up Your Training

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .29 Mar 2024
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Video-based Learning: Strategies To Level Up Your Training

Video-based learning is quickly gaining popularity. In this data-driven world with immense information available, it simplifies learning and provides everyone with extra flexibility. 

It is simple yet powerful.

But how to ensure that the video-based training is delivered efficiently to users?  We will uncover the most effective strategies to level up your training throughout this article. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 


Video-based learning as a type of eLearning 

Video-based learning is one of the most popular formats of eLearning. 

It incorporates in itself the most beneficial parts of eLearning. Video-based learning, just like collaborative learning, allows flexibility, a self-paced learning mode, and requires low investment costs. Plus, it enjoys high demand. Yet, to be successful, you must ensure to provide high-quality videos and value. 

Girl learning by a video-based course

How video-based learning levels up the training 

Indeed, you can recall yourself searching for a “How-to” tutorial on YouTube more often than an article. 

Why is that so? Because video-based learning is familiar to all of us. It gives us a sense of participating in instructor-led learning and clarifies things more efficiently. 

Implementing video-based learning in your training will give your students an incredible learning experience. It will practically showcase to them the concepts covered in the text material. Or your whole training can be video-based without the incorporation of text. 

Here are the main benefits of video-based learning:

  • Efficiently showcase to students the practical concepts of the training
  • Most of us are visual learners, so it will improve the overall experience 
  • Easier to keep students engaged and eliminate distractions 
  • More professional
  • Enjoys higher demand
  • Great source of passive income 

Indeed, you will gain a lot more benefits than listed, but it is time to move on to the next part. 

Getting to know the main types 

There are a few main types of video-based learning. You can see them presented down below. 

  • Presentations: the text materials are enriched with visual presentations. These outline the key concepts. 
  • Nuggets: this is a video-based learning technique when the training is delivered in bite-sized videos. The videos are usually 1-5 minutes long. This type is prevalent in Udemy courses. 
  • Live sessions: throughout these, the instructor utilizes video conferencing integrations in order to deliver live online training. 
  • Guide videos: these are essentially explainer videos 
  • Interactive videos that use gamification, quizzes, and tests throughout the training

Strategies to get started with video-based learning 

Now, let’s review strategies to help you level up your training through video-based learning. 

Set clear Goals & Learning Outcomes 

If you want to utilize video-based learning, first get clear on learning outcomes efficiently. After you are clear on the purpose of the course, come up with a training plan that is fit for achieving the results. 

Girl on a virtual meeting

Then, you will finally be able to decide what lessons and formats are better to deliver. 


If you deliver both text and visual materials, make sure to organize them well. Classify the materials according to lessons to provide a smooth learning experience. 

Use Multiple Types

You can shoot pre-recorded classes also using presentations and interactive elements. This way, your video-based learning course will be modern & full-featured. Plus, you will improve the chances of keeping students engaged. 

Write a Script

Do not fully rely on improvisation. Keep in mind that you must provide value. So, when shooting videos for the training, write a script beforehand. 

The script is beneficial in multiple ways. For instance, it will help to remember and cover all the key concepts. Secondly, it will benefit you in staying focused on the purpose of a particular lesson.

Be Yourself

People can sense it from miles away if you pretend to be someone else. Just be yourself when shooting videos, making presentations, or hosting live sessions for the course. 

Indeed, pay attention to your body language & voice intonation, but do not forget who you are. Occasionally, you can make jokes and use various icebreakers. 

Text-based Learning vs. Video-based Learning

Let’s also compare Text-based learning Vs. Video-based learning. 

Text-Based Learning 

First, let’s look into the Pros and Cons of Text-based learning


  • Accessible anywhere and anytime, even in the noisy environments 
  • Easier for the instructor to create 
  • It costs less to create and sell


  • If it is a niche-specific and highly technical topic, conveying visual information in a text format would be hard and time-consuming. 
  • It does not enjoy high demand; many students prefer video courses over text ones. 
  • Proves not to be as efficient as video courses according to student progress tracking 

Video-Based Learning 

Now, it is time to consider the Pros & Cons of video-based learning. 


  • Proven to be more efficient for the students 
  • Enjoys higher demand 
  • More engaging & incorporates more visual as well as interactive elements 
  • The more modern form of learning 
  • Easier to keep students motivated 


  • Not the best learning format in a noisy environment without headphones 
  • Requires more time and resources from the instructor to create
Discussing on a computer

Which one is the Best?

Of course, it would be easier and less costly for instructors to provide text-based learning. All you need to do is write a course outline and guiding articles explaining key concepts. 

You won’t have to invest in a high-quality camera or microphone. You won’t even need to create a space with a nice background to shoot the video. Plus, you will save lots of time on editing. 

But for learners who purchase the course, way more beneficial is video-based learning. Video-based learning provides a better and higher-quality learning experience. It is more clear and visually pleasing.

Plus, if you want to enjoy the demand, then definitely video-based learning is the best way to go. As statistics prove, demand for it gets higher. 

Win-win Option for Learners and Trainers

Uteach allows you to create everything you want. 

You can offer video and text-based learning experiences for your learners with the help of Uteach. Let’s not forget that both formats are optimal depending on the difficulty and specific case. 

Uteach provides you will all the necessary features to host successful training sessions. 

You can utilize the course builder tool to provide various e-learning materials. Generally, you will also be able to sell both physical and digital products.

So, if you want a win-win situation, Uteach is your ultimate platform. It ensures ease of use for the creators to save time & resources and a smooth learning experience.

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