7 Essential Skills Every Virtual Trainer Needs To Succeed

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .29 Mar 2024
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7 Essential Skills Every Virtual Trainer Needs To Succeed

Being a virtual instructor is one thing; being a successful one is another. Today we are going to review the top 7 must-have skills that every virtual instructor needs. Of course, if they want to succeed.

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

Virtual trainer’s main responsibilities 

First things first, we are going to start with Virtual Trainer’s Primary responsibilities. 

Why? because you cannot be good at what you do if you are not aware of what you are responsible for

  • Facilitation of productive & effective learning sessions that contribute to the learning objectives and achievements 
  • Ensuring that technical equipment, including wi-fi connection, works well before the training session
  • Creation of a healthy learning atmosphere where students are motivated to study & encouraged to speak up their minds while respecting other’s opinions
  • Facilitation of engaging training that brings the promised results 
  • Creation of valid, up-to-date & relevant materials for the training program, including presentations, ebooks, audio, and others 

So, as a virtual trainer, you are responsible for the delivery of high-quality training that contributes to learners’ success & delivers promised results. 

What makes a great virtual trainer? 

Now, it is time to dive deeper into Being a Virtual Trainer. We will look at key criteria that make a Great Virtual Trainer. 


One of the essential components of the successful virtual trainer is Personality. Yes, this sounds a bit technical, but business is all about technicalities. 

So, if you want to get and keep clients, ensure that you have worked on your personality traits. A virtual trainer is expected to be good at communication, listening, and generally polite. 

Content knowledge 

Another vital trait that makes up a great virtual trainer is content knowledge. You have to know everything about what you want to teach. 

Woman leading a virtual training

People are thirsty for knowledge so give them value. We can now research many things for free on the internet, so we expect to learn everything in-depth in courses and training programs. 

Therefore, as a great virtual trainer, ensure you have enough content knowledge and expertise. 

Being technologically literate 

Virtual trainers must be aware of technology in order to host effective virtual training sessions that make up a whole program. 

For instance, you must know how to use design and video conferencing tools. Also, you must know how to fix issues that may arise in order to ensure high-quality training. 

Facilitating discussions 

The great virtual trainer knows how to start & facilitate discussions further. This may not be as easy as it sounds from the start. There is a need to maintain the focus of the discussion and ensure the participation of everyone as well as an ethic. 

Putting yourself in your students’ shoes 

Putting yourself in your students’ shoes can help you throughout the communication. Sometimes students can be shy, have social anxiety, and maybe even have personal issues. 

As a good trainer, you must be patient and able to view the problem from a student’s perspective. This will allow you to build great long-term relationships and find best practices for motivation. 

Having backup plans 

What will you do if you have an emergency?  It may happen that your wifi connection was interrupted or the equipment broke. As a good trainer, you must always have backup plans. For instance, if it is wifi issue, always have an extra mobile internet to host the training or at least let participants know about rescheduling. 

So, assess potential risks and challenges of virtual training and come up with optimal solutions and backup plans. 

7 virtual trainer must-have skills  

Finally, we are at the juiciest Part of this article. So what are the practical skills You, as a virtual trainer, NEED to SUCCEED? 

Well, here they are. 

Adaptability and flexibility skills 

You have no idea how vital flexibility & adaptability skills are nowadays. Roughly said, those are basic skills for growth. 

What are these skills about? You must be flexible enough to fit into new given circumstances and adapt your service or product fast to recent market trends. 

How will these skills help you out in the virtual training business? Flexibility will allow you not to panic and asses the dynamic market as it is. Meanwhile, adaptability will help you optimize your products to stay on-demand and make profits. 

Time management skills 

Another vital skill that a virtual trainer must have is time management skills. It is especially vital if you rely on active income rather than passive. For passive income, you can make serval courses and resell them up until there is a need to update the material due to relevancy. 

Woman on a virtual training call

However, if you provide live training sessions, then you must be able to manage your time successfully. There is a need to manage several aspects of the business, including marketing, organic traffic, payments, and students’ progress. 

Here are a few time management tips for you:

  • Plan your next day the day before if possible, and create a daily schedule rather than just writing down tasks 
  • Have a weekly agenda with all the primary tasks
  • Learn to prioritize tasks and have a maximum of 3 tasks that must be done during the day. First of all, do these primary tasks, then move on to the others. 
  • Do not multitask. We cannot possibly multitask; in reality, we just switch from one task to another, which simply ruins the focus state and workflow you could have been in. So, focus on one task at a time. 

If you learn how to manage your time wisely, you will be amazed at how much free time you will have. 

Speech delivery skills 

The successful virtual trainer must be a good orator. Good orators know how to communicate, persuade and make their point clear to everyone else. 

So, speech delivery skills are vital, as you will make the material more enjoyable simply by using the proper voice intonation and body language. Part of speech delivery skills includes voice, eye contact, word choice, and overall appearance of yours. 

Excellent research skills 

Another vital skill a virtual trainer must have is researching. An excellent trainer knows how to do well research on a subject matter. 

The research will help you to accomplish several goals, including:

  • Collect data that is relevant to the topic
  • Have up-to-date information on the topic
  • Have enough information and factual data to construct a good training program 

So, improve your research skills, as it will save you lots of time if you know where and what to look for. 

Active listening skills 

As a virtual trainer, you must master the skill of active listening. 

Active listening is all about being attentive, listening & understand what a person says, and effectively reflecting on it. 

This skill will not only help you to improve communication, but it will also help you to memorize information and feedback better. 

Organizational skills 

Organizational skills will greatly help you improve the overall program structure. 

Also, due to great organization, you will be able to manage students’ progress and make sure that you deliver training that will efficiently contribute to their success. 

Design-thinking skills 

Another set of skills that you must have as a successful virtual trainer is design-thinking skills. 

Designing the brend

Essentially design thinking is about thinking that:

  • Helps you understand the audience
  • Pushes creativity 
  • Helps you to challenge stereotypes and assumptions

Design thinking is a powerful skill that will help you to assess situations better and come up with the best possible solutions. 

Are you ready to get started? 

So, what? Are you ready to get started? 

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