How To Start Career Coaching & Build Your Program

Career coaching is a process of guidance and support from the coach to the individual to help them grow professionally or change career paths. Career coaches help clients to prepare for interviews, become more self-aware, and negotiate job offers. 

It is no secret that career coaching enjoys high demand on the market. Throughout today’s article, we will review everything related to career coaching so that you are able to start and sell your program. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

This article will cover the following:

Benefits of career coaching

The market of career coaching

Career coaching challenges

Main responsibilities

8 steps to start an online career coaching

Needed skills for career coaching

FAQ about career coaching

Benefits of career coaching

First of all, let’s review the benefits of career coaching that individuals and career coaches will gain. 

  • Career coaching will help individuals to level up their professional life 
  • Career coaches help individuals to improve self-awareness 
  • Individuals gain valuable insight on their current situation an potential resolutions that will help them to improve their careers
  • Career coaching is in demand on the market
  • Scalable 

The market of career coaching

Now, it is time to overview the current market situation of career coaching. 

Market demand

Career coaching enjoys good demand in today’s market. Generally coaching industry has faced significant growth throughout the past few years and continues to grow, according to expert predictions. 

If we take a look at Google keywords searches for

  • Career coaching 
  • Online career coaching, 

The picture we get is that searches for those keywords range from 100 to 100k on average every month. 


The competition in the market is medium. This gives huge possibilities for beginner coaches. However, requires a good amount of effort to be able to stand out from the rest. 

Ad costs are in a reasonable price range, so it is possible to rank with paid marketing strategies. With proper SEO, you can rank your program and website for these keywords as well. The best way is to combine organic and paid marketing tactics. 

Career coaching market

Career coaching challenges

As a career coach, you will face certain challenges. Here are the main ones:

  • Self-doubt of your clients. Your clients may be quite unsure of their capacities and face the great challenge of self-doubt. As a coach, one of the essential challenges is to help them overcome their anxieties related to professional and personal life to be able to achieve great heights and reach their potential. 
  • Concerns of your clients that you must address and help them to overcome 
  • Time management. It can be quite challenging to manage time, especially when you get more and more clients throughout your career as a career coach. You can start offering group programs. This will help you to manage time and clients better. 
  • Technical issues. If you offer online career coaching programs, you may face certain technical challenges. However, most of them have quick and easy fixes. 

Can career coaching be online?

Yes, career coaching can indeed be online. It is a more convenient and flexible way of offering coaching programs, especially if you want your business to scale.

Main responsibilities

Here are the main responsibilities of career coaches that you must be well aware of to deliver a high-quality program. 

  • Helo individuals to assess their skills 
  • Helo individuals to develop their skills
  • Develop an effective coaching program that will provide participants with results 
  • Establishing effective communication with clients to understand their ambitions and goals to help them achieve those
  • Facilitate effective coaching sessions 
  • Assistance is cover letters, CV and Resume developments 
  • Assistance in development of professional and personal goals. 

8 steps to start an online career coaching

Well, let’s also review the practical steps that will help you to get started with career coaching. 

Step 1 - Identify the Goals of the Program 

In order to be able to make a sale, you must know your product well. So, first of all, you must identify the main goals and outcomes of your career coaching program. 

In order to identify the goals of the program, answer these questions:

  • What will participants gain?
  • Why would clients purchase this course?
  • Why am I offering this program?

You can write goals down and, based on goals, create a list of program outcomes. Later on, you can use these in marketing copies and program descriptions, as these are powerful in terms of persuasion. 

Step 2 - Do Market Research 

The next step is to do market research to find your target audience. 

In order to complete proper market research, you can:

  • Complete surveys & interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Customer observation. 

Market research will help you to

  • Understand who is your target market 
  • Segment your target market and create buyer personas based on it
  • Understand who your competitors are, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Come up with your USP 
  • Create appropriate marketing strategy and tactics 
  • Avoid business-related failures and set your strategy up for success.

So, make sure to dedicate appropriate time and resources for proper research. 

Step 3 - Analyze Your Competitors 

Also, do not forget to complete a careful competitive analysis. 

Throughout the market research strategy, identify who your competitors are. Then, start analyzing data gathered on them. That data will help you to understand competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. It will also help you to see where your competitor’s strategy worked and failed. 

With proper competitor analysis, you will also gain valuable insights into your target market. 

Step 4 - Develop Training Materials 

Now, it is time to develop coaching materials. As a coaching program, it must remain flexible. However, you must still have a certain structure, session plan, and of course, materials and assessments to utilize throughout the program. 

So, write down an approximate plan for the program and also create goals for each session. Make sure that the program you developed at the end contributes and allows participants to achieve the mentioned learning outcomes and goals. 

There are certain career assessments that your coachees might benefit from if you include them in the program. For instance:

  • MAPP career assessment. It provides a unique assessment profile to find a suitable career, in case your client is not aware of what field they want to start/change their careers. 
  • Career resources questionnaire. This questionnaire will help individuals (e.g., those who want to grow professionally in their career) identify their strengths, shortcomings, and challenges that stand in the way or promote their chances of professional growth. 

There are many other assessments, and you may also create your own. Keep in mind to keep track of clients’ progress to be able to provide them with constructive feedback, which will essentially allow them to grow further. 

Step 5 - Choose a Platform 

Well, it is just the perfect time to choose a platform. 

There is a variety of platforms available that allow you to start sales of your coaching programs. However, some of them remain on top due to better accessibility and more features that they offer. 

Suppose you are looking for a feature-rich platform that will offer lots of opportunities for customization and potent coaching business management. In that case, we recommend Uteach (also, you can look through Thinkific and Kajabi). 

Uteach comes in handy with all the necessary features for business expansion and growth. 

As a coach, you will get to

  • Build your white-labeled and fully customized website (even using pre-made themes) with drag & drop editor and no coding skills
  • Build a variety of coaching programs with the potent course builder tool
  • Take advantage of built-in SEO feature and make sure your website ranks high in search engines 
  • Automation features will allow you to automate routine tasks such as attendance checking, appointments, and others to save time while making sure your business runs smoothly 
  • You can also build your blog and take advantage of organic marketing tactics 

These and many other cool features are waiting for you. 

Step 6 - Build a Website 

Well, when you are clear on the choice of platform, it is time to actually build a website. Here are key aspects to pay attention to when building a career coaching business website:

  • Make sure you have 3 to 5 branding colors (choose colors according to color theory, make sure they are contrasting yet suit one another to give your website a solid and promising look)
  • Leave white spaces on your website and do not overstuff it with visuals 
  • Compress images and video materials (while maintaining quality) to make sure your website speed and loading time are optimal and up to modern standards 
  • Use fonts that are easily readable 

Step 7 - Create a Marketing Strategy 

Now, it is time to come up with a marketing strategy. 

Based on all the gathered data and the final product, you must assess the possible outcomes of various tactics. First, identify where your target audience hangs out, then create various tactics on how to reach them on all that different mediums. 

For instance, you will need a separate social media strategy, a whole other strategy for website promotion, and so on. 

Take advantage of both paid and organic marketing (e.g., SEO optimization) to make sure you drive the best possible results. Also, when creating ads for paid marketing, ensure proper targeting to reach people interested in your career coaching program to maximize ROI rate and generate high-quality leads. 

One of the ways you can generate leads is through a landing page for your program, e.g., offering a free PDF guide (on career-related topics),then further nurturing leads to turn them into real-time customers. 

Step 8 - Start Sales 

Finally, it is time to start sales. Go live, promote your website and programs on different platforms, and drive sales making a full-time income with career coaching. 

Needed skills for career coaching

As a career coach, you must be equipped with certain skills to increase the efficiency of the program and deliver results. 

Hard Skills

  • Industry knowledge
  • Research skills
  • Evaluation and Analytical skills
  • Technology skills
  • Questioning and Active listening skills
  • Goal setting, planning, and organizing skills
  • Time management skills

Soft Skills

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Empathy & EI 
  • Flexibility 

FAQ about career coaching

Throughout this section, we will answer the most common questions beginner coaches have related to career coaching. 

Can I start career coaching with minimum investments?

Yes, it is possible to start career coaching with minimum investments. 

In case you decide to start online career coaching, the main areas of investment will be software, microphone, and design tool, such as Canva. 

Do I need certification for creating career coaching?

Yes and no at the same time. 

As with other coaching niches, you may consider getting a certification. Technically you do not need one. However, the certification will allow you to increase your trust factor toward you. Also, to get a certification, you must complete a program that will make you a better and more efficient coach. 

How much does it cost to create career coaching?

In order to create a career coaching website, you will need

  • A platform, which will cost around $30 up to $250/mo. Some also offer lifetime options 
  • Design and collaborative learning tools; approximate costs will range from $30 to $80 
  • Marketing budget is around $100
  • Microphone is around $30.

So, approximate monthly costs will range anywhere between $200 to $500. 

How much can I earn by selling career coaching?

As a career coach, you can earn anywhere near $70.000 up to $600.000 a year. 

You can offer hourly sessions ranging from $65 up to $250 (beginner-intermediate expertise coach). Also, you can offer wholesome programs consisting of 4, 8 or 15, and 20 sessions. The typical price range for that program varies in between $400 to $4000. 

As a beginner coach, you can price a program consisting of 8 sessions for $1500. If you find the first five clients, you will make $7500 during the first month. 

Also, you can consider long-term B2B collaborations where you will work with teams. 

How to measure career coaching effectiveness?

There is a variety of methods and ways that will help you to measure the overall effectiveness of career coaching. Let’s take a look at some:

  • Ask for feedback 
  • Keep track of coachees progress over time 
  • Measure speed, and the overall rate of goal attainment established during the first session for the program 
  • Ask participants for self-reflections 
  • Provide feedback that will allow participants to grow more 

How long does it take to create career coaching?

The length of creation of a career coaching program may vary depending on various factors. However, if you are dedicated to getting started and committed to your goals, 1-2 months can be quite enough. 

Divide the whole process into various stages. For instance, stage one can be dedicated to goal identification and market research. The next stage can be focused on gathered data interpretation and competitor strategy analysis. 

During the third stage, you can develop training materials and a website. Finally, you can finalize the marketing strategy and get started with sales.

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