How to choose a template and edit homepage


Welcome to the Uteach guide. We are happy to have you join us. 


The journey with your professional website starts from the primary steps presented below. Remember, these are essentials you need to set up right from the beginning. 


Let’s take a look at how you can set up your account in just a few quick steps.  

Choosing & changing a template

The first thing you need to get started with setting up your account is choosing a template. Customizing templates helps to represent your niche better. To see all the available templates:


  1. Navigate to the Site Builder tab on the left of your professional dashboard.
  2. Click on the Theme explorer subtab.


Here you can see all the available templates. Choose the one that best fits your brand. 

Navigate to your desired template. Here you can see two options. 


Choosing a template for the Uteach webiste.


  • Preview: Click on Preview to see what your website will look like with that template. 
  • Choose this template: Click on this button if you have already made a choice. 

Now you have this small window. Click on the button Confirm to set the template as your website's current design template.

You can see which template is active on your website at the top.



Seeing the website current design template.

If you want to change your website's template, follow the abovementioned steps. 

Can I change my current template anytime?

Yes, you definitely can change your current website template anytime! However,


  •  The design will be deleted along with text information. Your content from the previous template will be lost & it will not show on the new template.
  • All your custom pages will be deleted.

So, before you change the template, ensure you have saved the information you need from the previous template.



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