How Uteach Helps Stamina Increase Revenue

The company created the first Armenian-language methodical sales program with video courses called "Triathlon," which was implemented with the help ofUteach

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Stamina helps anyone, regardless of place or time, to acquire sales skills throughonline courses.

In 2022, Stamina, the leading trading company in the Armenian market, released the Triathlon manual, a sales guide. Within each topic in the guide, a QR code redirects the person to a video tutorial page on that topic. After completing the course, the student completes assignments.

The video tutorials are available through a website powered byUteach and provide 24/7 access through both the website and the mobile app.

Result for the year


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increase in sales

For me, the main advantages of Uteach are flexibility, speed, ease of use, and variety of tools. We aimed to make the “Triathlon” a massive project and were able to do it with the htlp of Uteach.

Vahagn GhazaryanStamina-engCEO & Founder of Stamina
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Challenges of Stamina

Solutions of Uteach

Limited sales due to offline classes

Increasing sales by moving to an online platform

Waste of time checking each student's assignments

Save up to 90% of the time with automated test results

Creating the most suitable environment for students

Courses also available through the mobile app

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