How EasyDMARC Launched an Online Cyber Security Academy in 10 Days with Uteach

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How and why was the academy created?

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EasyDMARC is one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies in the world that also needed to create an online learning platform allowing their users to fully understand the technical side of electronic security to get the most out of their services.

With Uteach, this idea became a reality in 10 days, with over 100 people signing up on the first day.

We got the program up and running quickly and without difficulty because the Uteach team, from the beginning, supported both technical issues and platform usage as quickly as possible.

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Alik AbrahamyanHead of a marketing department

Academy in numbers

2professional courses
300+certificates received in 1 year

EasyDMARC Challenges

Uteach solutions

The necessity of training company users

Building an online learning platform in 10 days

A presence with its own brand

Presence of white labeling

Certificate issuance

Automatically generated certificate as a result of the test

If you have an educational program, you can bring it to life with Uteach in minutes. The platform has a simple interface, white labeling, is fast and very easy to use.

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Alik AbrahamyanHead of the marketing department

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How EasyDMARC Launched an Online Cyber Security Academy in 10 Days with Uteach

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