Best 7 White-Label Online Course Platforms in 2024

Article by Sona Hoveyan / Updated at .04 Jun 2024
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Best 7 White-Label Online Course Platforms in 2024

White-label courses and products have become increasingly popular. White-label online course platforms refer to ready-made and customizable e-learning solutions that you can match your brand identity and use as your own. 

As you do not have to start everything from scratch, you save a huge amount of time and can solely focus on creating courses. 

This article will review everything related to white-label online course platforms and software, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, and present the pricing, affordability, and white-labeling functionalities. 

To help you make an easier choice,  we have asked the Founder of Essetino Media, Auret Esselen,  course creator, and e-learning specialist,  who tested a few online course platforms, to share her experience. 


#1 Uteach

And Uteach is our number one choice when it comes to white-label online course platforms.  This platform has comprehensive functionality and flawless white labeling opportunities, but it is also highly affordable and easy to use, according to reviewers and users.  

Uteach allows you to create a website with your brand name and upload educational content. It also provides you with blog opportunities — you can write your blogs to increase your overall SEO and recognition. The main features of Uteach include the following:  

  • Builder. Uteach's course builder is user- and beginner-friendly. It allows you to upload your content easily. 
  •  Quizzes and Certificates. For you to provide an evaluation to your students, Uteach has developed quizzes — to test their knowledge and certificates — to reward their hard work. Both are, of course, highly customizable.   
  • Third-Party Integrations. Uteach has many marketing integrations, including Google and Facebook integrations, and integration with local payment gateways. 
  • Live Lessons. Uteach allows you to host on-time live lessons from the usual video or text content uploaded before the lecture reception.  
  • Blog. Widen your course content by writing about it in a blog.
  • SEO. Improve your website performance and rankings by creating blogs and optimizing them.  
  • Community. Share updates easily, monetize your community, and interact with your students on a deeper level. 
  • Analytics. Uteach allows you to analyze your success and be aware of your firm and vulnerable parts internally and through third-party integrations.  
  • Mobile app. The platform provides a white-label mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. This way, you can make your online courses available on the go and reinforce your brand presence.

White-labeling options on Uteach

White labeling on Uteach provides complete provider name removal from your landing page, courses, certificates, quizzes, etc. It’s 100% white-label. Uteach's name won't be seen on the login page and emails. You can also get a custom domain — nothing will indicate that this is not your website.    

You have the ability to establish a complete branded presence by adding your logo throughout your website, in the copyrights, and in your certificates and materials. Your brand colors can be set and customized for the website. And you can add watermarks to your course videos. 

Uteach offers a white-label mobile application for you to promote your brand on all marketplaces and generate more revenue with in-app purchases. 

Scott Laking, who offers English courses and has already built two websites with the help of Uteach finds the platform to be highly customizable. 

The web page builder allows you to change themes and theme colors. The themes are great - very classy - and functional. It's highly customizable, especially if you can take advantage of their HTML and CSS code editor.


- Scott Laking, English Online Course Creator at Banana

Uteach Pricing

When it comes to price, Uteach offers the most affordable prices you can find. 

  • Free plan with $0
  • Launch: $39, plus 10% from each sale
  • Grow: $99 without commissions.

There is also a custom plan available.  

Uteach white label options


  • 100% white-labeling opportunities
  • All necessary tools to scale your e-learning business, including marketing and branding
  • Branded mobile app for on-the-go learning
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation
  • Integration of your desired payment gateway
  • Lots of third-party integrations


  • Does not offer gamification features, such as points, leaderboards, and badges.

#2 LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is the second most robust platform on this list, and it most definitely nailed the white labeling. The best thing it provides you with is the opportunity to build your white-labeled mobile App for iOS and Android users (extra fee). 

The main features and functionalities include  

  • Course builder. Easy-to-use course builder for you to organize your online course content, make them listed, private, paid, and free. 
  • AI assistant to help you plan and create your courses faster
  • Live sessions to organize live events and incorporate one-on-one and group sessions in your courses
  • Assessment builder with different types of questions and learner grading system
  • Survey builder to build forms, collect customer data and gather feedback
  • Marketing and sales tools, such as coupons, memberships, widgets, conversion trackers and marketing integrations (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, etc)
  • Interactions. Your students can interact with your posted content, highlight your texts, add annotations, etc.  
  • Financial, analytical,  CRM, and customer service integrations with third-party tools
  • Community. Build a rich and interactive community for you and your students by strengthening your shared bond.   

Auret Esselen, an online educator and YouTube strategy coach with over 7+ years of experience in various online course platforms, has shared some insights with us on what she likes best about LearnWorlds. 

“You can tell it's built to optimize the learning experience - they are a specialist in e-learning, rather than 'just another platform to house your course'. Features like making your video lessons interactive, making it easy to have different learning activities like ebooks or live sessions”.    

Auret Esselen 

Online educator, Co-founder of Essetino Media

White-labeling functionalities on LearnWorlds

White labeling on LearnWorlds is brilliant. You can remove the platform's logo entirely and create branded social logins for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.

The email notifications would be sent from your particular branded email address. LearnWorlds offers an application that is also completely clear of its logos. A custom domain is available for all subscriptions, too (but keep in mind that LearnWorlds doesn't have a free plan).  White labeling also includes:

  • Your brand’s fonts and colors
  • Website design and customization
  • Your school’s branding on the login screen
  • Branded email notifications
  • Your braided mobile application

Auret Esselen, who also tried LearnWorlds, told the Uteach team:   

“LearnWorlds makes it easier because you can set your brand palette in one place (typography, colors, spacing, etc.) and then use their dynamic templates to create a pro & gorgeous looking site.”

There is an opportunity to create custom certifications with your school branding and award students upon completing the course. 

Full white labeling features are available for the Learning Center plan. 

Although white labeling options are perfect, they begin too late in the subscription plans.  

LearnWorlds Pricing

This is how much LearnWorlds costs: 

  • You can get the Starter plan for $29($24)/month+$5 per course
  • Pro Trainer costs $99($79)/mo
  • Learning Center is available for $299($249)/mo 
  • Hight Volume and Corporate- you will need to contact their team for the pricing 

LearnWorlds also offers a 30-day free trial for your to start. 


  • Opportunities to have a fully-white label website
  • Allows connecting a variety of payment gateways
  • Has LearnWorlds Academy with training videos on how you can create, market, and sell your courses
  • Has integrated sales funnel


  • No free plan is available
  • Limited reports and analytics tools
  • Not an all-in-one option as marketing features are not built-in 
LearnWorlds homepage

#3 Teachable

Teachable is an online learning platform where you can offer both online courses and coaching sessions. The best feature that Teachable offers is a membership website. This function enables you to create ongoing course content and gather it in folders with different subscription prices.  

Besides that, Teachable introduces  

  • Third-Party integrations. Teachable's third-party integrations include Google Analytics, Sumo, Segment, Zapier, ConvertKit, Triggers, etc.
  • Subscriptions and bundle offerings to generate recurring revenue
  • Opportunities to create lead magnets and digital downloads
  • Marketing tools, including but not limited to tracking pixels, affiliate marketing, coupons, upsells, student referrals
  • Payment processing. You are paying Teachable for providing the services; the salary is provided by a secure connection to their Teachable design.
  • Taxes. Teachable handles all your taxes, so you don't have to.
  • Analytics and reporting to see course reports, sales, and student progress reports 
  • Membership websites. Membership websites are the most vital feature of Teachable.    

White-labeling functionalities on Teachable

Teachable logo and branding will be available on your website unless you want so. You can remove the Teachable logo and branding from your dashboard and replace them with your own. The domain name is also customizable and can be changed.  This function is available for all paid plans. 

You can also add your school thumbnail favicon and change fonts. To be able to remove teachable branding from your school website, emails, and all products, you should be subscribed to at least their Professional plan. 

Having prior experience with Teachable, Kajabi, and LearnWorlds, online course creator Auret Esselen mentions,

 “Teachable is super limited with customization”. 


Auret Esselen 

Online educator, Co-founder of Essetino Media

On her YouTube channel Essetino Media, Auret and friend Jewel, teach how to create profitable content, specifically how you can turn your passion/knowledge into wealth-building digital assets. On their channel you can find tips and tools, including online course platform reviews to grow your business as a course creator. 


So how much exactly does Teachable cost? You can get:

  • Free with $0
  • Basic for $39/mo
  • Pro for $119/mo
  • Pro+ for $199/mo
  • And Business for $499/mo 


  • Lots of integrations, including third-party integrations, Zapier integrations, Webhooks, and API 
  • Easy to create courses and upload content according to the users
  • Great customer support and rich knowledge base reported by users


  • Keeps transaction fees (5% and 10%) 
  • Is more expensive than other platforms with more features
  • Basic opportunities for email marketing  

#4 Mighty Networks 

Mighty Networks is a platform where you can create your own branded communities. It offers an excellent opportunity for people to connect and collaborate around a common goal. As a creator, you can design your community, organize discussions and events, and offer online courses.

Some Mighty Networks features you will find exciting include the following: 

  • Engaging cohort communities for you to post, chat, organize events, add assignments, etc. 
  • Opportunities to engage your students with icebreakers, polls, and questions
  • Opportunities to create challenges, run a coaching program and online courses
  • Tools to create and organize communities around chats
  • Livestreams build around the chats and communities
  • Bundling courses and charging one-time fees or subscription fees for them
  • Insights and reports about your community and the Spaces you created
  • Automated emails and CRM integrations
  • Integrations with ConvertKit, Zoom, ClickFunnels, Instapage, Unbounce, Zapier integrations and more

White-labeling opportunities on Mighty Networks

Mighty Pro plan gives you a chance to use white-labeled and self-branded apps, so your community members and students, on the whole, would not be able to tell if you are using Mighty Networks. 

You can completely remove their branding elements from your website and create your own branded community. There is an opportunity to customize your website fonts, add your logo and brand colors, custom domain and subdomain, send branded notifications, and add custom graphics and images for Spaces, Events, Articles, etc. 

You can also get a branded mobile app for iOS and Android devices with the Mighty Pro plan.    

MightyNetworks Pricing 

Mighty Networks offers four main plans, including

  • Community for $49/billed monthly
  • Courses for $119/billed monthly
  • Business for $219/billed monthly
  • Mighty Pro- you will need to contact them for the price.

Mighty Networks also offers a 14-day free trial for your start. 


  • Excellent community-creating tools for those who like having communities
  • Opportunity to have a branded mobile app
  • Supports different types of content (polls, live videos, online courses, etc.)


  • Offers limited website templates for your website
  • Does not allow the creation of affiliate programs for your products
  • Limited website-builder options
  • Few interactions for high prices

#5 Thinkific

Thinkific is designed to contain your online tutoring content and to make some profit based on your knowledge and skills with the help of advanced features. The platform is highly customizable, meaning you can easily customize the look and feel of your website. It lets you build a perfect environment for your students — a community.  

Other features include:  

  • Ready-made and customizable themes to build your website
  • Live lessons, multimedia lessons, and coaching sessions for higher engagement
  • Memberships and subscriptions to generate steady income. Thinkific allows you to create different kinds of subscriptions to courses that you can arrange in other thematically connected groups.  
  • Interactive learner community, where you can deliver blended learning experiences
  • Assessment options. Thinkific provides you with quizzes, exams, certificates, and coupons that will allow you to a) check the knowledge of your students, b) reward your students, and c) make your business be perceived as more accessible.   
  • Content variety. You can upload all kinds of content on your Thinkific-powered website, including videos, images, PDFs, and more.  
  • White-label mobile app for your online courses and communities
  • TCommerce to manage sales, taxes, and payments
  • Thinkific App Store with more than 80 apps and integrations

White-labeling functionality on Thinkific

Thinkific branding appears on your website footer, the course player section, and in your emails.

White labeling here is not as good as we would like, but it's not so bad. You can eliminate Thinkific's brand name from the footer of your website landing page, the course player, and emails. You can also customize the domain name.   

The platform helps you to establish a recognizable brand identity by allowing you to incorporate your brand colors, logo, and visual elements. 

You can get your Thinkific branded app, as it is available for both iOS and Android devices.  White labeling features are available only for the Grow and Thinkific+ plans, and they are missing when it comes to the first three plans. For example, you can send branded emails only if you use their highest plan - Thinkific+.  Unlike Thinkific, Uteach and LearnWorlds include some white-labeling functionalities in cheaper plans as well. 

Thinkific pricing 

The subscription options are the following: 

  • Free plan with $0, including 1 course and 1 community
  • Basic plan for $49/mo and $36/yearly
  • Start $99/mo and $74/yearly
  • Grow for $199/mo and $149/yearly 
  • Thinkific+, you will need to contact their team to get the price


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop editor
  • Offers a free plan to start 
  • Does not include transactions and hidden costs
  • Opportunities for Voice-over presentations


  • No email marketing tools available
  • Many essential features become available only with higher-priced plans
  • No chat support is available 
Thinkific homepage

#6 Ruzuku 

Ruzuku is another great platform you can consider when you are looking for white-label course creation platforms. It gives you opportunities to create your online educational content,  promote your online courses, sell them easily, and engage your students. 

 Its main functionalities include:

  • Ready-made templates you can use to create your first online courses
  • Diverse payment gateways to access payments, including but not limited to Stripe, PayPal, and your own payment system
  • Opportunities to create self-directed, evergreen, drip, and free courses
  • Opportunities to host and stream audio and video content, teleconferences, broadcasts with slides, etc
  • Community of students with their social profiles
  • Opportunities for students to track their own learning and progress
  • Course health features for you to track student activity rates

White-labeling opportunities on Ruzuku 

Ruzuku has entirely customizable white-label options. 

You can remove all the branding from the platform and add your own branding elements. You will be able to customize lots of aspects of your website, such as logos and colors, and select a custom domain instead of acting as one of their subdomains.  All the options Ruzuku offers will help to create a more personalized and branded course

Ruzuku pricing

Ruzuku offers the following pricing plans:

  • Free $0 per month
  • Core $99 per month
  • Pro $199 per month 

You can also start with a 14-day free trial. 

As you can see, it is not super-pricey. 


  • It is fully white-label
  • Offers a free plan you can start creating with
  • Diverse student engagement features, including webinars and teleconferences
  • Supports various content types (video, audio files, texts, etc.)


  • Limited marketing tools and options as compared to other white-label online course platforms
  • The number of students for teleconferences and webinars is limited  

#7 Kajabi

Kajabi allows you to create online teaching content and monetize it. Its distinctive feature is Kajabi University — an online learning platform designed for teachers and coaches. It teaches Kajabi users how to employ all the platform's tools best and develop new skills to increase the quality of their business.   

The main features include

  • Sales emails. You can create marketing email campaigns via Kajabi to promote your course further.
  • AI hub to help you create courses easily (including generating an outline, writing the content, making video scripts, etc.)
  • Diversity in the content you can offer, including live sessions, online courses, online coaching, podcasts, etc. 
  • Membership management automation to manage your membership website
  • Products. Upload any product to your Kajabi-based course.
  • Code Editor. If you have some knowledge and skills in programming, you can further customize your Kajabi website.
  • Kajabi University. Watch over 360 videos and learn more about the world of online business.  
  • A mobile application. Kajabi offers a branded mobile app for you to establish a consistent branded experience.

Auret Esselen, who is also a Kajabi user, mentions that email marketing is “all in-house”.  Unlike other platforms, you will not have to use email marketing integrations, such as MailChimp and Active Campaign. What she likes about Kajabi is the funnel feature. 

I can see an overview of the funnel steps along with stats at each step”. 

White-labeling opportunities in Kajabi

There are several ways in which you can customize your Kajabi website. However, it does not offer as many white-labeling functionalities as other online course platforms listed above. You can still remove Kajabi branding from your website and emails. There is an opportunity to add a custom domain and set your branding with a logo and favicon

Your website on Kajabi can incorporate your online school brand colors. With the mobile app the platform offers, you can include your logo, icons, and accent colors. 

Kajabi pricing  

Kajabi is quite expensive. It does not have a single option below one hundred dollars. 

  • The Basic plan costs $149/mo ($119/mo with an annual discount)
  • Growth costs $199/mo ($159/mo with a yearly discount)
  • And Pro costs $399/mo ($319/mo with an annual discount)   

You can also start with a 14-day free trial. 


  • Automated email marketing processes to send emails or offer courses based on factors like completing a course or periods of inactivity.
  • Opportunities for automated sales funnels


  • Limited options when it comes to website design
  • The statistics the platform provides are not always accurate according to users
  • Expensive for the features it offers 

What is a white-label online course platform?

A white-label online course platform is a customizable e-learning solution that allows you to brand and customize the platform with your own logo, colors, and design. It enables your online course business to offer courses under your own identity without the platform's branding. 

White-label solutions offer a professional and cohesive learning experience for the students while also helping you maintain brand consistency. So, if you are looking to establish a personalized online presence for your courses, white-label solutions are what you need.

Why choose a white-label platform over custom? 

Choosing a white-label platform over a custom one offers several advantages. 

  • Firstly, white-label solutions are cost-effective and typically require less time for development and deployment compared to custom solutions. 
  • Secondly, white-label platforms come pre-built with essential features, saving resources on additional development.  
  • Thirdly, these platforms are user-friendly and require minimal technical expertise to set up and manage. 
  • Lastly, using a white-label platform allows you to focus on content creation and marketing rather than dealing with the complexities of building and maintaining a custom website with your own branding. 

What features to look for in a white-label platform 

There are several features you should look into if you want to get started with a white-label online course platform: 

  • Branding customization: Ensure the platform allows extensive branding customization, including logos, colors, a custom domain, to create a consistent brand experience.
  • Make sure you can remove the platform’s brand from your website, emails and other content. 
  • Look for platforms that provide detailed analytics and reporting features to track learner progress, engagement, and overall course performance.
  • Choose a platform that also offers a branded mobile app to reinforce your brand image. 

Your best white-label solution

Now that we have described all the platforms, you can be safer with your choice of a white-label platform.  As we have seen so far, there are two main aspects to consider when choosing a white-label platform for your courses. The first one is that it should be a 100% percent white label with lots of customizable features. 

And the second one is that the platform should not be too expensive for the features it offers. 

You will find Uteach the ultimate solution for your courses if you combine the two aspects mentioned above. You will be able to customize everything from button colors to removing the platform branding from the emails. Uteach will ensure every little corner of your website is designed according to your brand identity and preferences. 

Uteach is the most affordable and feature-rich white-label solution for you.

Create your white-label website now! Start with a 14-day free trial and get first-hand experience.

Uteach white-label course builder dashboard

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The best white-label online course-creating platforms include Uteach, Learnworlds, Teachable, Thinkific, Kajabi, Mighty Networks, and Ruzuku. They provide user-friendly interfaces, powerful course management tools, and flexible branding options for many online educators.

All the above-mentioned platforms come with different price ranges. When you compare the prices, you can see that the cheapest white-label online course platforms are Uteach and Ruzuku. However, this does not mean they lack rich features.

When you analyze advantages, white-labeling opportunities, and prices, you can see that one of them stands out. And the best white-label course platform is Uteach. You can have a website with your own branding elements at affordable prices.