Boost Online Course Sales Using The Right Call-To-Actions

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Published 21 Jun 2022
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Boost Online Course Sales Using The Right Call-To-Actions

Call-to-action buttons are crucial and can significantly improve your sales if you use the right method. 

In this article, we are going to review everything from start to finish related to call-to-actions, including providing you with practical tips to write the best ones.  

So, if you are ready, let’s start!  

What are call-to-actions?

First things first, let’s start with the definition. Basically, call-to-action is a marketing term that refers to a Call that aims to cause an immediate reaction and action. CTAs are mostly used with sales scripts, on the landing pages, and on the about us page. 

The importance of the right CTAs in online course business

As far as we are clear on the definition, let’s take a look at a few reasons why CTAs are extremely important: 

  • Motivate Sales Funnel. One of the biggest reasons why CTAs are important is that really good ones motivate your sales funnel. CTAs work as a guide for the prospect on what to do next. Let’s say you have an amazing sales script and beautifully designed responsive landing page, but if your call-to-action is unclear or absent, your sales potential will decrease, as users won’t know what to do next. Meanwhile, if you provide clear CTA alongside a good user interface and the script, then your sales potential increases. Basically, CTAs encourage customers to take immediate action and contribute to higher sales which results in higher profit margins.  
  • Customers expect those. Yes, you have read that right; customers want to see the CTA button at the end to be aware of what to do next. Imagine you gradually increased their interest throughout the whole landing page and forgot to give them a key to the solution they expected to get. The key, in this case, is the CTA button.  
  • Successful campaigns. The main aims of digital marketing are to generate sales and create a buzz around the product or service, basically hype it up. The call-to-action is the focus point of the successful advertising copy. Once again, if you miss it, then you miss out on a potential sale. Therefore, make sure to have an efficient CTA in your ad copy, whether it is on a landing page, regular page, blog post, or social media post.  

By the way, while adding a CTA keep in mind that it should be placed right, and of course, it should not just say “Subscribe,” “Download,” or something dull from this category. Instead, you can use phrases such as “Get it now,” “Follow for more Tips”, etc.  

Important points

5 tips to make online course CTAs efficient and conversational

Now, I suggest that we take a look at the Top 5 Tips that will 

Tip 1 - Make it Stand out 

Before even writing the CTA, make sure you place it so that it stands out. For example, a nice choice would be to choose a colorful button that stands out on the white background with black text. It all depends on the overall colors of the page you want to place it in. However, make sure that it is noticeable and clear. Also, choose a solid font, even a bold version of it, to make the CTA easily readable.  You can also use QR Codes as CTAs to stand out. QR Codes develop curiosity among users and is an excellent choice for enabling customers to take action. For example, you can create QR Codes with your logo and make it your CTA to redirect users to your landing page.

Tip 2 - Create Urgency 

This is one of the most efficient ways to hurry users into taking action. It is proven by years of expertise and implementation of various marketing strategies that unless customers fear missing out, they won’t take action as much as they do when they are afraid to miss out on a good offer. Therefore, design your ad copy and even the page in a manner that pushes them to respond now. E.g., you can set a timer of 24 hours, for a good discount. Also, some CTAs that communicate urgency is “Get started Now,” “Set up in a few seconds,” “Get this course NOW,” etc.  

Online course creators can easily create a sense of urgency, pressing on changing tendencies and dynamic industry, and persuading students that they need this skill right away.

Tip 3 - Keep it Short 

Avoid CTAs with more than three or a maximum of 4 words at all costs. Customers hate it! Your CTA should not be the part of the long text; it is a separate element that, within one single phrase, tells the prospect what to do next. Basically, leave all the long explanations for the ad copy.  

E.g., If you have a good series and, of course, SEO optimized description for the course, which also is positioned as a marketing copy to attract more students, your call to action should be as simple as “Get it now,” “Get this course now,” “Learn and Grow,” etc. 

Tip 4 - Make it Clear 

While writing or creating a CTA, make sure it communicates the message of action and is precise. A clear CTA can increase conversion rates multiple times. Therefore, proofread the overall ad copy and add a good one.  

Besides making it clear, you can also add an emoji or a gif or make the button animated to retain the customer’s attention. 

Tip 5 - Keep it Conversational

Make sure that your CTAs are conversational enough. The reason is due to the world being rather digitalized nowadays, and customers want to receive a humane connection instead of a bot-like response. Therefore, use generally conversational language while wiring ad copies, and include a conversational CTA as well.  



4 locations where you need to add CTAs

Now, another vital aspect you should take into account is the vitality of the right placements of CTAs. 

Top of the Page 

The top of the page, which is always visible whether users scroll the website down or up, is one of the best places to place the CTA. Mainly, that works well if it is visible on almost every page of your website, including the About Us section.  

It is also statistically proven that CTAs located on the top right corner of the page work best due to the Z reading pattern of many viewers. 

A call-to-action such as the one we just explained can be used by an online course creator to target students, e.g. discounted courses or coupons for discounts.

 Assuming that you offer multiple courses, it would not be well thought through to offer a call-to-action only for one course at the top of the main page. However, you can do that if it is a separate landing page designed for a specific course. 

Middle of the Page 

Users pass through several stages in order to become a real-time customer, the first one of which is they get to know the product, see the marketing ad copy, get the desire to purchase, and with the right call-to-action, make the purchase. Your website’s page can have multiple CTAs. CTAs can be primary and secondary. The primary CTA is aimed at motivating action and improving clickability. Meanwhile, the secondary CTAs can be aimed to persuade users more about the product’s reliability.  

An example of a secondary CTA could be: The main features described and a button “See more features” or “Test the Demo.” This can potentially increase the chances of customers being more interested in your product purchase, as they will see more persuasive features of it or get to test it as a demo version (if it is a digital product).  

For course creators, an example of a Middle Page CTA can be “Learn More,” clicking on which users will see the description or syllabus/course outline of a specific course they are interested in. It can also redirect them to the catalog of various courses you offer. 

Bottom of the Page

Another place where you can place the so-called “final” CTA is the bottom of the page. Usually, this is the same as the primary CTA of the page (on the top or in the middle). By the end, the ad copy, or marketing story usually comes to an end, and you do not want to leave users wondering or searching for the necessary buttons again. Therefore, most websites also place a call to action button at the bottom to ensure that conversion rates are going to be high.  

The rest is basically left to the page’s overall quality and content. 

After the Ad copy 

Let’s say you have a separate landing page with a CTA button, then the best place to put it would be, e.g., left side is the image, middle to the right is the text, and place the text that is aligned to the center can be the call-to-action button. Why? Because when users visit your landing page, they will immediately see the main visual, ad copy, and the CTA immediately after. 


Choosing locations for CTAs

5 examples of great online course CTAs

Finally, let’s take a look at the best call-to-action buttons for online courses that you cannot help but click. 

Example 1 - Offering Gated Content 

When you offer a free resource or gated content, you will have an incredible opportunity to generate first-hand user information and high-quality leads and encourage your users to take action. When they sign up on the form to get the free product, you can target them in the email campaign, offering them courses they might potentially be interested in with a call-to-action button of a purchase. So, offering free content is an excellent long-term plan to increase sales and boost your website’s downloads and traffic.  

So, basically, you can describe an e-book or an audiobook, maybe even a free online webinar you offer, and encourage them to download/sign-up. This will also introduce them to your style and further give you more prospects to work with.  

So,  Example One - Download, Get it for Free, See the Full Guide, etc. 

Example 2 - Motivate to Book a meeting 

Another working call-to-action for course creators can be to motivate students to book a meeting with you or to participate in a live class you offer. Also, you can just let them watch a few classes of the desired course for free in order to understand whether they want it or not.  

No matter which option you will choose, if you offer them this opportunity, you will automatically increase the trust factor towards you. Plus, the right call-to-action to book a meeting or participate in a webinar can convert a potential client into a real-time customer. 

Example 3 - Discounts 

As we have mentioned before, when you offer discounts and limit them, you create a fear of missing out. Therefore, you can use this to motivate potential students to make a purchase by using the right CTA.  

E.g., Get 20% off your purchase now - “Sign up and Save.” 

This would be especially helpful if you offer lifestyle courses, e.g., your course is about saving money, then this kind of call-to-action can have incredible potential.

Example 4 - Share buttons 

It is how sharing call-to-action buttons can help your business. Believe me; if you’re a valuable curator who provides high-quality content, then social share buttons will help you increase brand awareness and generate more clients. Therefore, make sure to have at least a few dedicated places where you remind your customers to share the course or a particular page of your website on their social media.  

Also, you can generally offer social share buttons for every page on your website so that users can share anything they would like.  

So, your call-to-action can be in the form of text - “invite a friend and get a discount” or “Share with the #mycourse hashtag,” and the button text can be just “Share.” 

Example 5 - Use Strong Wording 

 This majorly applies to ad copies than the CTA itself. So it is vital to keep that in mind. Make sure that you use emotional and powerful words to inspire the potential client to gain new knowledge. 


In this case, make sure you put a good amount of effort into the persuasive part of the inspirational text and include a simple and clear CTA.


Checking examples

Let’s Wrap it Up

Follow all the tips mentioned in this article to create an amazing and working Call-to-actions. Start your journey with all-in-one automation - Uteach. With Uteach, you will be able to create a website in less than 2 minutes, publish courses, and start sales right away!


Do not hesitate and stop waiting; it is your turn to succeed!  

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