Tips on how to Market Online Courses You Should Never Miss out

Tips on how to Market Online Courses You Should Never Miss out


Internet is beneficial and cost-effective in many aspects. This is the answer to the question each of us has at some point in our lives "how to market online?"

Have you ever thought about how to market online courses? A decade ago, we needed to spend money on marketing as we need to print pamphlets, banners, and many more things.

But now, all we need is a single click, and we can promote everything very efficiently and cost-efficiently.

We are not saying that you don't need to spend even a single penny, but it can reduce promoting anything.

When it comes to the promotion of online courses, you can do it by using social media.

But there are still some steps that are needed to focus on while marketing an online course, and we are going to discuss these steps below.


1․ Define the outline


First of all, you need to make a strong outline of your course because it can attract the readers and helps them to decide either to enroll or not.

Reviewing all the courses and preparing an outline can be difficult; you can use a summary generator that can help in highlighting all the essential points.

All you need to do is, mention these essential points in your outline, and in this way, you can create a solid and attractive outline.

After defining the outline, you must mention your concern about offering this course and what your audience will receive after finishing this course.


2․ Choose a platform 


How to market online courses? We have many platforms available to promote the online courses, but we need to understand which can be more suitable. Marketing courses online is not easy but still, you can succeed if you offer something really valuable.

The most suitable platforms are social media platforms in which Facebook and Instagram are included.

Facebook can be the most significant source of promotion because it occupies a considerable amount of audience.

It is not wrong to say that your social media presence must be powerful if you want to promote anything on the internet.

Many groups and pages can be related to the online courses, and we can surely share the promotional posts on that pages and groups.


3․ Create an attractive course title


Your course title may provide a great course sale. It should be very attractive as they can gather many audiences if you’re using an attractive course title. 

The best way to make a course title is to make it clear and visible as anyone can easily understand what this course is about.

We cannot catch the audience with a dumb title so, making the title strong can be a compulsory option.

There is no difficulty in writing a catchy title, all you need is creativity and search, search in a sense that you can see some titles available on the internet.

You can modify those titles and create them as your own so, it is that simple.


4․ Optimize social media profiles


Optimizing social media profiles can be very important but some people may be confused over what is optimization in actuality.

So, optimization is a process of making something better and more attractive but it is not that simple.

There are many steps that are needed to follow if you want to optimize the social media profile accurately.

But optimization is not the only thing that is needed to market the online courses, we need to follow some more strategies.


5․ Make your social media profile very strong


Making the social media profile strong is needed because it is something that can convince your audience.

But if you don't have an attractive profile, it can’t be easy to gain the audience's trust.

You can share some relevant posts, and your sharing must be frequent like your viewer can feel that you are very active on social media.

According to research, active profiles can gain more followers and gain the trust of their followers.


6․ Create a short and free course


We recommend you create a short demo course for free and you should prepare in a way that your audience will get the point you are going to explain in the course.  

If the demo course will be imperative, it can be easy to sell the full course so, we need to make it attractive and informative as well.

The most important thing is pricing strategy as we recommend you to keep this demo course free of cost because no one going to buy a paid demo course.

This demo course can be in a form of notes or in the form of a video that can be downloadable and shared with others.


7․ Use Facebook live


It is important to share posts on Facebook, but we need to go one step higher to gain more followers and successfully promote the online courses.

A few years back, people were unaware of these live sessions, but now, it is one of the successful sources of promoting anything.

We need to try it because your post can reach a massive audience if you use Facebook live.

It can also be helpful to share live Q & A sessions live, which is also one of the most significant sources of promotion.


8․ Make a YouTube video


YouTube is the most significant source of entertainment nowadays, but we can say that YouTube is playing a vital role in promotional activities.

You can make a YouTube video in which everything must be cleared and discussed in detail.

The good thing is, you can make a video for free, and you don't need to pay a single penny for it. Some institutions are giving their lectures using YouTube videos.

That's why it has become one of the most reliable sources for educational and entertainment purposes.

We can use other platforms with a big audience and support videos, and fortunately, we have many more platforms available on the internet.


9․ Setup a weekly webinar


Seminars are the most significant source of promotional activities and to educate people about a new product or something.

But the question is, what is a webinar?

The most straightforward concept is that a seminar held over the internet can be termed a webinar, and we find webinars beneficial for educating people about anything new.

We can arrange webinars using Facebook or some other social media platforms because we have many choices now.

But keep the time management in your mind like it is not that long that your audience gets bored and not that short that your point may not be cleared.


10․ Record the webinar


Recording the webinar can help you in promoting your course as you can easily share this recording in groups and on different pages.

The best way to utilize this recording is to upload it to your official site and make it downloadable and anyone can share this video.

The more shares we have, the more we can promote our course so, recording the webinar can be a good option.


11․ Pay for ads


It is not wrong to say that sometimes, you need to pay money to make money, but we need to pay for something beneficial.

Many scammers claim to give you a good number of followers, and most of them are fake.

So, the best approach is to pay for ads, and it will surely increase the number of followers and make your page more worthy.

These ads depend on your budget, but you can start from just 10$ for a Facebook post.

You can gradually increase the investment amount when you start getting benefits. You can get your results faster using this approach.


12․ Create a teaser


We can say that some things need some effort, but they will surely pay you back, and making a teaser is one of them.

There is some software that can make short intros and teasers, and you can use this software and create an intense teaser.

A teaser can help the audience understand what they will receive by having this online course.

It is not wrong to say that a viewer can decide either to take this course or not after seeing the teaser, and that's why the teaser must be robust and attractive.


Digital marketing VS. Traditional marketing


If your preference is to save money and time then you can go for digital marketing.

As we are living in a modern era and we need to adapt some advanced technologies and techniques and digital marketing is one of them.

We cannot say that traditional marketing is not good but it can be a hectic job and some people found it really difficult.

When it comes to digital marketing, your reputation, your words, and your position are at your single click. 

But you need to know about many things if you are willing to do digital marketing as it is something new and advanced.


Bottom line


Preparing an online course is easy, but making it approachable for the audience can be difficult if you choose the wrong direction.

But if you are clear about what you need to do, then it is not difficult anymore.

There are many steps to follow if you want to promote your online course successfully and following these steps is not difficult.

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 17 Sep 2021