Build A Seller Landing Page For Your Online Course Website

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .04 Jun 2024
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Build A Seller Landing Page For Your Online Course Website

Most of us tend to underestimate or even ignore the power of landing pages. However, did you know that Landing pages for the product will boost interest rates and increase your sales by 11%?

Moreover, if you include a video on a landing page, your conversion rates will be increased by 86%. So, convinced so far? If you want a bit more publicity, sales, and, of course, profits, then keep on reading.       

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page of your website dedicated usually to a specific product or service that you offer. It is a page on which users get from a specific paid ad or email campaign. However, you can construct a landing page with good SEO optimization to generate organic search traffic instead of using paid advertisement.       

Basically, it is a digital marketing letter that focuses on a specific result. The aim of a landing page usually is to increase awareness of the brand, product/service and generate leads, build up an email list, also to drive sales through it. The basic concept is a connection with the user and CTA in order to motivate them to take action. 

How can users find your Landing Page?

In order to better understand the concept, let’s dive into more details. Users can find your landing page from organic search or a good marketing campaign. Organic search is when someone finds you through a SERP listing. To drive organic traffic, pay attention to the SEO element of the landing page.       

On the other hand, users who find you through paid advertisements are still potential customers. However, here do careful market research in order to target the right audience and get a return on investment. 

What are the main components of a landing page?

As far as we are clear on the concept of landing pages, another important aspect to comprehend is the components of landing pages that are aimed to serve their main purpose. So, here they are:

  • Unique proposition. Basically, this point is all about your unique selling point. On the landing page of your product or service, you have to catch users' attention quickly as possible and convince them that they need your product. If you know your target audience, this will be easier to do. In order to find your USP consider competitors, what differentiates you from them, what are the needs & wants of your target audience and what are their pain points.     
  • Call-to-action. The main purpose of a landing page is to showcase your product in order to increase sales. Therefore, do not forget to include call-to-action buttons. By the way, personalized call-to-actions work 202% better than normal ones.     
  • Benefits instead of features. When you are aware of your audience's pain points next step will be to offer solutions for those. Instead of listing features of the product endlessly in hopes that customers are going to comprehend all technical terminology, list the main features and provide the benefit of it next to it. A piece of advice for you - leave the technical part for documentation. For example, if you wrote drag & drop builder as a feature, do not forget to explain that it saves their time, and customers can use it without any knowledge of coding.     
  • Include client testimonials or other forms of social proof. When you include clients' testimonials, or general statistics of happy users, the number of your customers, etc., it automatically positively contributes to the new client's trust factor towards you and increases conversion rates.       

So, those were the four main elements of a landing page that you should pay extra attention to in order for your page to be efficient. 

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Structure components

Why do online creators need a landing page?

There are multiple reasons why would you need a landing page, and some of the major benefits are:      

  • Motivates customers to take action and interact with your website. This means that your traffic rates will improve alongside the DA; potential clients may not purchase the product but may share it on social media or with colleagues that are interested in the purchase.       
  • Lead generation. Even if users don't purchase a service course right away, most of them will fill out the required form of email and name, and you will gain leads for your email list. Afterward, you can work on email campaign strategies on how to turn leads to a real-time-customers.     
  • Increased sales. If you build a successful landing page by paying attention to all the key aspects, including social proof, then it will definitely improve your sales rate and profit margins.      
  • Easy testing. At the end of the day, even if the goal is not fulfilled, you will comprehend the weak spots and test out a different strategy next time. Landing pages are the most cost-effective ways to understand a business's weak spots and build up a working marketing strategy.     

Things you need to consider

Before launching a landing page, you have to take into consideration:      

  • The efficiency of call-to-action. This is one of the most important aspects that directly impact conversion rates. Let's say you designed a perfect page and got good results in terms of traffic. However inefficiency of call-to-action will confuse users, and they won't know what to do next; therefore, you will not have the expected amount of conversion rates.       
  • Attention-grabbing headlines will assist you in boosting the level of CTR. To write an attention-grabbing headline, one needs to know the audience. Some general tip is to use power and emotional words, showcasing target keyphrases. Also, you can use Headline Analyzer, which is a free tool that analyzes the headline giving SEO and headline score, alongside suggestions for improvements.     
  • Good offer. You have to offer something truly valuable that will be worth customers' time, attention, and money. The course you offer has to be displayed in a manner that persuades customers that one of their pain points will be resolved.       
  • Include trust signals. Those can be your logo, clients' testimonials, general statistics, ratings, and certifications that showcase your professionalism in a certain area of expertise.     
  • Measurements & analytics. Also, it is vital to understand that some landing pages and courses will succeed meanwhile others won't. In order to make sure to avoid past mistakes, always measure the overall performance, analyze past results and build the best working strategy for the future.       
  • Branding. Ensure that the design, color palette, and even typography communicate the message of your brand.     

Top NOs & Mistakes to avoid 

Before we start the revision of steps and useful tips & tricks to build a working landing page, first of all, let’s review some stuff you should certainly avoid. And here they are:

  • Multiple call-to-action. CTA’s are important, but that does not mean you should include them every step of the way. The whole purpose of a landing page is to contribute to sales and conversion and still be short to the point. Decide on your main goal and offer CTA for that.     
  • Poor copy. If your selling copy is purely written, it won’t work even if you have good headings and CTA’s. When writing a sales copy, use power and emotional word, focus on the main goal of the copy, and of course, break it down into small, easily readable paragraphs.       
  • Bad typography: Curvy letters may look beautiful in some cases, but for the landing page, it is a huge NO. To make sure you get the right font, use a font generator to see what works best.    
  • No images or low-quality images. Low-quality images will communicate the low-quality product message to the potential customer and drive them away. Meanwhile, the absence of images will significantly decrease conversion rates because visual communication is one of the most critical aspects of marketing nowadays.      
  • Long lead capture form: Focus on the main aspects. If your target goal is to generate leads, then get their name, phone numbers, and email. Noone in this dynamic world is going to fill out lengthy forms about their hobbies, love life, financial status, etc. There are other methods to measure such data related to demographics.    
  • Not mobile-friendly: responsiveness of your website and landing page to different screen sizes is extremely important; keep in mind that users are going to access it from different devices. So if your page is not mobile-friendly, it will decrease conversion rates. Mobile-friendly website development is essential for you. 
  • Slow loading speed - will decrease conversion rates, as loading speed directly affects it.     
Do not do these

How to build a landing page?

Let’s take a look at how to build a successful landing page. 

General Steps you need to complete to create a powerful Landing Page

Steps are:      

  • Choose a ready-to-use landing page template 
  • Customize the template 
  • Choose fonts & colors that communicate the message of your brand 
  • Include catching heading and subheading 
  • Choose striking images 
  • Design the page in a way that communicates the message of your brand
  • Add the main features & other text content 
  • Add the video 
  • Call-to-action button
  • Write a meta description 
  • Publish 

Now let’s take a look at the Top 5 tips & tricks on how to build successful landing pages that will perform their main purpose efficiently. 

Tip 1 - Choose the right platform 

Choosing the right platform is extremely important because it can:

  • Save your time 
  • Make everything easier 
  • Won’t require a coding knowledge 

So, which platform should you choose? I would recommend Uteach. With uteach, you can create a full-featured e-learning business platform available for students worldwide. Also, one of the main benefits of Uteach automation is that it allows you to create unlimited landing pages. So, if you have several courses that you want to promote, you can confidently choose this platform.

With the drag & drop builder of Uteach, you will be able to build as many pages or landing pages as you want with ease. By the way, you can design and customize it anyhow you want without coding knowledge.     

Besides, a few other reasons to choose Uteach are:      

  • Easy user interface - drag & drop page builder 
  • Allows you to create a website in under 2 minutes 
  • Publish and SEO optimization of courses 
  • The flexibility of digital and physical products you can sell (courses, online/offline webinars, e-books, hardcover books, etc.) 
  • Blog - you can build a strategy of gaining organic traffic by having a blog on your website and optimizing posts in a way that will generate new leads. Besides, Uteach gives you the opportunity for meta descriptions, titles, and other SEO-optimization fields to rank higher. 

Tip 2 - Use video materials

As I have mentioned at the very beginning of this article, according to statistics landing pages with videos have 86% more conversion rates than those without. So, make sure to create a good seller video to include on your page. How to do that? 

  • Make sure it is short and to the point 
  • Describe the product in a few words 
  • List the benefits clients will gain 
  • Use Animations in the video or make it fully animated 
  • Make it personal 

Also, ensure that the video is no longer than 2 minutes because no one in this fast-paced world is going to spend their time on a long material. People need to be convinced that they need something as soon as possible.     

Recording video for landing page

Tip 3 - Use right fonts & colors 

Cursive fonts and colors that do not look good may drive potential leads and clients away. Colors on your landing page should communicate the message of our brand. If your website is in vivid, contrasting colors, use them for the landing page as well. If it is in minimalistic light and modern colors, then use those. Make sure that the color palette is related to your overall branding strategy.       

Typography is another crucial element of landing pages. If the font is hard to read, no one will, and that can even make viewers annoyed. Choose easy-to-read, comprehensive fonts over fancy cursive ones. 

Tip 4 - Have expectations and SMART goals

What for are you building a landing page? If you do not have a specific goal in mind, then most likely, you won’t be able to construct a page that fits its original purpose in the first place. Also, your goals should be SMART, meaning that they have to be specific (e.g., Reach this amount of people), measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-specific.     

When you have a clear goal, you are aware of the big picture and can construct working strategies for achieving that goal. Also, keep in mind that everything is connected. First of all, you should know your target market demographics, needs & wants, and pain points in order to establish clear and achievable goals. After you set the goals and launch the landing page, do not forget to check the overall performance and measure the results. Measurement of results and analytics is vital for further improvement in strategies, including design, targeting, and paid ads. 

Tip 5 -  Be specific and precise 

Keep in mind that you have a limited amount of time to convert a viewer to a lead or real-time client. So, make sure to use that time wisely. First of all, respect their time, present the information about the product in our case the course as precise as possible. Include only the main points and primary learning outcomes, ignoring secondary ones.     

Your goal with the text is to create a powerful sales copy. Also, instead of technical features listing benefits users will gain, this is one of the most powerful persuasion techniques.     

How to write a successful sales copy:

  • Use power words 
  • Make it personal by using “You”
  • Write short paragraphs
  • Structure the text well, and leave lots of white spaces to improve readability 
  • Avoid too technical or academic vocabulary 
  • List the learning outcomes/benefits      

Best examples of online course landing pages

Recently I understood how crucial it is to research the market, competitors, and colleagues and learn from the best. Therefore, I suggest that we take a look at the best examples of online course landing pages in order to have a better idea of how to create ours.     

Example 1 - Learn Web Development With Code Academy

This extremely good landing page from CodeAcademy is one of the best examples to learn from. First of all, we see a great color choice that is vivid, contrasting, and just in the palette of colors Code Academy uses for its branding. 

The texts and paragraphs are short and answer questions users are most interested in. It is clear that Code Academy knows its clients and their pain points and knows how to offer good solutions. 

It lists the course's main outcomes with benefits and gives examples of projects students will be able to build after the course and learning outcomes.     

In short, Code Academy created a landing page that answers all possible questions users might have related to the course. Also, the landing page is easy to navigate through and lists learning outcomes with real-life project examples. Make it as real and simple as possible, as Code Academy does. 

Example 2 - Power-Up Podcasting With Pat Flynn

One of the world's most renowned online entrepreneurs, Pat created a great landing page for the course "Power-up podcasting." What is so good about it? Well, first of all, there is a video. In the video, we can clearly notice the intonation and body language and have an overall idea of his teaching style.     

Therefore, users will easier understand whether you are the right coach for them or not. Also, during the short video (5 min long), he presents and summarizes the target aims, goals, and outcomes of the course, which is more than enough for users to realize do they need it or not. He speaks in quite a persuasive manner, so this landing page likely helped him generate not only a big list of leads but also real-time clients. In the video, he does not forget to mention the benefits of the course and past clients who remained very happy with it. 

Example 3 - ConvertKit

And the last example of a great landing page for today is created by ConvertKit. What is so good about it? Let’s see.     

First, what we can notice are good main and subheadings that catch users' attention. The text is written clearly in a simple language. Also, within the landing page, users can clearly understand what solutions COnvertKit can provide to them.     

All of the above is accompanied by powerful social proof in terms of successful examples that improve the trust factor. So, make sure to pay attention to all of this as well while creating your incredible landing page.     

Building landing page draft

Build your landing page now

Build your Landing pages right away with Uteach; alongside your full-featured e-learning website Uteach aims to provide everything for course creators and coaches to ensure their success. With Uteach, you will gain:

  • Control over every aspect of your website from one place - live lessons, blog posts, courses, financial data, marketing & email campaign, page builder, do everything from a simple and user-friendly dashboard of Uteach. 
  • Customization options - customize the overall look, appearance, colors, fonts, logos, headings, header and footer menus of your website, and everything else that is possible to customize.
  • Live Automation - Uteach is the first platform that offers end-to-end live automation with reports & analytics.
  • SEO settings - Uteach provides SEO settings for almost every area of your website to make sure it will help you to better optimize and rank higher in search engines.
  • Unlimited landing pages - build as many landing pages as you want, experiment, and understand which ones work best. Why is this good? Because according to statistics, companies that have more than ten landing pages have a 55% increase in sales. 
  • Affordable - Uteach offers three main pricing plans, and a custom plan. Also, it includes a free plan.   

With this platform, you will be able to build efficient websites, enhance students learning experiences, improve your marketing strategies and reach worldwide audiences.       

Start your journey right away! 

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