5 Steps To Develop Real Coaching Philosophy

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .31 Aug 2023
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5 Steps To Develop Real Coaching Philosophy

Coaching has become increasingly popular nowadays, but to be successful, you need to develop a real coaching philosophy.    

Throughout this article, we will get acquainted with the concept of coaching philosophy, examples, main components, and most importantly, the Top 5 Steps to take that will help you to develop a real coaching philosophy.    

So, if you are ready, let’s start!    

What is coaching philosophy?

Coaching philosophy is a guide for coaches. It is like a mindset that coaches adopt, which also clarifies the whole purpose of being a coach, and teaches them how to guide others ethically; even ICF has a code of ethics for coaches.   

Coaching is not just a scalable profession. It has a deep-rooted philosophy and beliefs underneath. Coaching contributes to the well-being of others, guiding them towards the achievement of personal growth and self-fulfillment. It is one of the most necessary professions nowadays that brings out good in people and good to the world and universe.   

If you choose to coach as your profession, you have to be well aware of its philosophy, and it has to be close to you as a person because not everyone can be a coach. However, if you feel that guiding others towards success and growth is something you are good at or it brings you satisfaction, then coaching is a new area you have to step in. Everyone can become a great coach as long as they adopt the philosophy. 

Two examples of coaching philosophy

Let’s take a look at the 2 examples of coaching philosophy in various niches. 

Example 1 

The first example is related to sports coaching. Many sports coaches who conduct triathlon training adopt the philosophy and objective of building a successful team that is ready to win. The whole training program, including the pep talks, is built around the achievement of this objective. So, basically, the training program is designed around the philosophy or so-called mission statement. 

Example 2 

Another example of coaching philosophy is related to executive or business coaching. Philosophy could be to treat coachees as equals and work with them to help them clear their vision towards now and the future to ease up the goal achievement process.    

Part of the philosophy can be to guide the client towards the achievement of their professional goals. So, if you adopt this kind of philosophy, everything, including the coaching style you use, should be built and revolve around it.    

You can easily build your own coaching philosophy and adopt your methodologies to it. 


Woman business coach in her coaching session

Top 4 Main principles in the Development of Successful Coaching Philosophy 

In order to develop a coaching philosophy, first of all, it is vital to understand the main components and principles of one. Those are:   

  • Be yourself. In the process of guiding others, do not lose yourself; remember that you are teaching people how to improve and be at peace with themselves. In order to perform the earlier mentioned task, you first of all need to be in peace with yourself and do not fake anything clients can sense.
  • Identify your own coaching objectives. Generally, be clear on why you are doing something and what results it will bring, what the objectives of you being a coach where you see yourself in 5 years.
  • Stay organized and consistent as your client base is going to grow. Therefore, more responsibility will come along. 
  • Focus on the big picture and the final result as far as you are teaching people to focus on now and the big picture, do not hesitate to do it yourself. 

How to write and develop a coaching philosophy

Now, it is time to take a look at the main steps that will help you to write and develop your coaching philosophy. 

Step 1 - Who are You?

First and foremost, if you want to establish a working coaching philosophy, you need to understand yourself and your values. Basically, determine what matters to you and what core values you would like to implement into your philosophy. It can be, for example, your wish to help and assist others to grow. 

Step 2 - Establish Objectives

After you have identified and understood your core values of yours, it is vital to transition them into objectives, which will help you practically implement those throughout coaching practice. Various experienced coaches suggest balancing and setting goals for three main aspects, including development, experience, and performance.   

When you have set specific objectives for yourself as a coach that serve your values, it is time to develop a written mission statement. 

Step 3 - Philosophy 

Now you are clear on who you are, where you see yourself, and what you want, also about values & objectives, so connect all of these into a big idea like a mission statement for your brand. Afterward, write it down. 

Step 4 - Link it to Your Coaching Style

Finally, when you have a mission to follow, it is time to link your coaching style and various activities to that statement to fulfill it. If your philosophy includes giving clients space and allowing them to grow self-paces, then the Democratic style is what you should adopt. If your mission is connected to bringing clients results fast and efficiently, then you should consider an autocratic or holistic manner. 


Woman does a research and write her coaching philosophy

Use your philosophy in your online coaching

If you are a beginner who feels close to the whole concept of coaching or an experienced coach who has adopted to coaching philosophy, I suggest you step to the next level. Coaching is an amazing profession that can also become your income source. So, you will be able to do something that helps others, makes you feel satisfied and at the same time brings income to you and your family.    

Online coaching is a highly scalable and extremely prosperous profession. With online coaching, you get access to international audiences, and no location barriers can stop you.    

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