Teaching Methods and Teacher Tools Online

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Teaching Methods and Teacher Tools Online


Teaching is not as easy as ABC. This is a very serious process that requires a high level of responsibility and devotion. If you do not like what you do, the results will not be the best possible. To work for the preferable results, you need to be aware of teaching methods to choose the best one possible and go forward in this industry.

The term “teaching methods” is all about the principles, rules, and overall management of the education sharing processes. Of course, different specialists tend to have different preferences in this regard, taking into account their career goals as well as the demands in the market. The theory of teaching mainly depends on two approaches of role prioritization. I speak about learner-centric or teacher-centric approaches. On the other hand, you may experience a high-tech or a low-tech approach to the teaching process. Let’s discuss the points together.


Teacher-Centric Teaching


The education provider is the main figure in the teacher-centric approach. This may be about lessons during which the professors read lectures and there is not any discussion and conversation. Learners do not have any role during such classes but to hear or write down, make some notes of the lecture, having the final goal to get good test results in the end.

In this approach, teaching and assessment are viewed as two separate elements. The knowledge student acquired is measured through objectively scored tests and assessments. Such an approach is a relatively old-fashioned one as these days learners are more likely to take part in the lesson. And here is where the next approach comes.


Student-Centric Teaching


Although teachers are still considered to be the authoritative figures in student-centric teaching, in this approach, both teachers and students have equally active roles. The importance of the teachers’ role is mainly in coaching the learners and guiding them into the field they are beginners in.




Making the process of learning easier for the students, trainers follow different methods and methodologies as well as make use of various teacher tools online to measure the teaching objectives as well as the students’ learning through different formats։ formal or informal.


High Tech Approach to the Teaching Process


Some years ago, technology had nothing to do with the educational industry. Today it is an inevitable element all of us rely on to make the teaching process easier, more interesting, and effective. The growing improvement in technology has driven the education sector forward especially, in the last few decades. As we may guess from its name, the high-tech approach to learning relies on different technology to support the learners in their classroom activities. Some education providers use computer devices or tablets in the classroom, while others use the internet connection to assign homework tasks. The internet is also used in classroom settings as it provides access to unlimited resources. Some trainers also use the internet to establish connections and get in touch with their students. Find some tech tools that are used in classrooms today and provide efficiency:

  • G Suite (this tool includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Classroom, Drive, and Calendar)
  • Tech devices (Tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.)
  • Gamification software and tools
  • Online platforms that are focused on education (such as Uteach, Udemy, etc.)
  • Accessible technology to make learning available for students with disabilities

In the traditional teaching environment, there is no place for technology. Everything is implemented in place - in a physical location (be it a school, or any kind of educational institution). This is all about the low-tech approach to the teaching process. However, along with time, technologies arrive in different aspects of our life. One of the most effective experiences of digitalization was in the educational industry. E-learning became the future of education and gradually, automation is becoming the focus of e-learning.


Top 6 Types of Teacher Tools


Now let’s discuss some types of tech tools that bring the educational niche to new heights. Here we are. Let’s dive deeper.


#1 Planning Tools


To make your services better and more effective you need to prioritize the role of planning in advance.




Managing your work schedule is even more essential when you do it from home. A solid routine tends to help to maximize the use of your time. You can use time management and scheduling apps like Google Calendar or Calendly to streamline, creating:

  • schedules that you use in  your online classes;
  • schedules of your online classes and notification system to keep everyone aware of dates and times;
  • lesson plans and sharing them with students, administrators, and colleagues. 

If you choose to work with Uteach, you will get the opportunity to schedule live lessons as well as online webinars. For instance, you may start training that lasts 2 months, 3 days every week. You can create a lesson plan and schedule the lesson according to the dates and times. Learners will be notified about the upcoming lesson through email. The scheduled lessons also take place on the same platform.


#2 Social Media Channels


The role of social media is significant to support the educational process. Social media channels are considered to be a great resource for teachers, students, and parents to stay connected. Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. allow the creation of exclusive communities or groups that teachers can leverage on to  

  • Communicate and maintain presence after online class hours  
  • Share and store important information, presentations, and resources related to lessons 
  • Conduct Q&A sessions 
  • Encourage students to maintain communication among themselves and engage with each other while studying or doing homework  
  • Conduct live events such as webinars (with Facebook or Instagram Live)




You may also share your courses, upcoming material, special offers, and more on your social media channels are they are proved to be good options to reach the target market.


#3 Online Meeting Tools


With the COVID-19 spreading all over the world, Zoom became very popular among people who have to conduct live meetings because of the lockdown. However, this is not the only tool in the sphere. If you are experienced in online teaching you may have a platform that gives you the opportunity to manage the overall process, including live lessons, webinars, and online meetings. Uteach gives that opportunity to the users.


#4 Video Course Management Tools


If you are an online teacher, you should have already thought about creating and selling online courses. When they say video, many people imagine YouTube. It has become a useful channel for online courses as well. However, there is a better option to:

  • publish online courses
  • make them available for sale
  • offer online paying system
  • have the amount of money added to your account


#5 Online Quiz Building Tools


When teaching, you create different formats of tests to check the learners’ acquired knowledge. Online quiz builders are considered to be a great option to do this with high quality. Such test builders give an opportunity to automate the checking process. When creating the test, you highlight the right options and the system automatically considers the accuracy of the answers and estimates the results, providing marks. Test automation has great power in the educational industry. It helps to save time, energy, and effort that were spent on mechanical work.




Everybody will agree that quizzes are a great way to check the learners’ performance.  Online quiz builders make it easier to:

  • create, format, and share assessments online
  • form the answer sheets that help you to track and score each student’s answers easily


#6 Certificate Generator Tool


Learners who pass online courses or take part in different pieces of training, highlight the importance of certification. It is very good for you to give this opportunity to your students. They know that by taking part in your educational training they will get certificates as proof of their acquired knowledge.

Here at Uteach, we have thought about providing our users with this tool. Education providers who choose to create e-learning websites through Uteach get an opportunity to provide certificates to the students. And the greatest thing is that the trainer may even be unaware of who gets the certificates. The system that checks the test results automatically generates certificates for all the learners who pass the test and gain high (positive) marks. So, why not try and save your precious time.

Learn more about the importance of certification in education.


In the End


Teaching methods, as well as teachers tools online, grow at a high speed. Everything is done to improve the quality of knowledge, automating the possible activities and avoiding mechanical work. What is more important than your time and energy? Follow the teaching methods, try the modern tools, and stand out in the pool of your competitors. You are worthy to make use of the most effective tools, and use your potential to reach your dream success.

Good Luck!

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