Top 9 Types of Online Personal Training: Explore & Start

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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Top 9 Types of Online Personal Training: Explore & Start

With the growing popularity of online training & high demand, more and more people are interested in starting a training business. 

To be successful in any industry, you must be educated and well aware of it. Thus, in today’s article, we will continue exploring aspects of online training, particularly the top 9 types of online personal training. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

Online Training

Online training is very similar to offline, in-person training with one significant difference. It takes place in a virtual environment.

The personal training business is a scalable industry you can consider entering into. As an online trainer, you will be able to offer various types of training, including online coaching.

No matter you are a fitness professional or sales trainer, you will be able to find your target audience and make sales. The vital aspect here is knowing how to train clients properly to give them results.

That is why it is important to be educated in various aspects of training to become a successful online personal trainer.

Training a classroom via online session

Live video training

The first type of online personal training is live video training. As the name suggests, it takes place live. 

For that, you can utilize various video conferencing apps such as Zoom.

Many students prefer this online personal training format as they can get direct feedback from the instructor. Plus, they can get immediate answers to their questions. 

On-demand video training

On-demand video training is another type of training you can greatly benefit from the offering. It is like pre-recorded courses

You need to record the session, edit the video and put it together. Afterward, you can design the complete training with a course builder. Supply materials under each recorded lesson alongside the assignments. 

This type of training is on-demand as it offers time flexibility for both students and instructors. 

Email or messaging-based training

Another type of online training is email or messaging-based personal training. 

Many students dislike video-based training or live sessions; thus, this type is preferable for them. 

You can prepare text-based materials, audio materials & e-books. Afterward, design a perfect program that will be email or messaging-based. This type of training also allows for maintaining good contact with students. 

App-based training

Next type of training is app-based learning. 

You can sell pre-recorded training in an app offering mobile learning experiences for your students. Mobile Learning makes learning even further accessible for everyone. 

Mobile online training platform

Not to create training from scratch for this type, you can choose a platform that also offers an app. For instance, Uteach also comes in handy with a mobile app making all your courses available for students from mobile. 

Virtual reality training

Another training type that started to gain popularity is VR training. Virtual Reality training provides an immense experience for the learners, taking the learning process to a whole new level. 

Through the creation of such experiences, VR training allows students to experience the classroom setting entirely and put their knowledge into practice more efficiently. It also proved to increase engagement and interaction levels among students. 

Group training

Besides 1:1 training, you can offer group training. Moreover, group training is more scalable. 

For instance, by offering group sessions, you can make more money spending the same amount of time working. Group sessions cost 30% less than individual ones, providing more money-making opportunities. 

Classroom training in a group

Audio-based training

Also, you can offer audio-based training. 

Record the materials you want your students to learn about. The same as with the video, with one difference you explain the material in an audio format. 

This format is easier for editing and putting a program together, yet visual material works better. So, consider that if you want to decide between video and audio content. 

Interactive PDF-based training

You can offer PDF-based training with lots of interactive elements to keep learners engaged

For instance, each session can be in the format of a presentation. In the presentation, you may place links for games and completion of various assignments, articles, etc. 

Hybrid training

Hybrid training is the incorporation of two different training methods into one training.

Offering a hybrid experience for learners allows you and them to gain benefits of both worlds or different formats of training. 

One instance of hybrid learning is the combination of online & offline learning. Online training offers flexibility & is more time-saving. Meanwhile, offline training allows for better communication and relationship building. 

Structuring an online training

Another instance of hybrid training, if you are a fitness coach, can be to offer training that incorporates both resistance and cycling.

Thus, you can offer Hybrid training experiences. 

Start online training with Uteach

No matter which one of these types you will choose at the end of the day, you can always start your training with Uteach. 

Uteach is an LMS platform with powerful automation features. It will allow you to start and further successfully expand your online training business. 

It equips you with lots of useful features. For instance, a website builder with pre-made templates, a drag & drop editor, as well as various themes you can choose and customize. You can utilize the power of a course builder and SEO-friendliness to design powerful programs & make sales. 

Also, Utecah gives you control over every aspect of your online training business from one single place, saving you a great deal of time. 

Stop hesitating and start an online training business to scale and profit.

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