Virtual Training vs. In-Person: Which Is More Effective?

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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Virtual Training vs. In-Person: Which Is More Effective?

Virtual training offers a whole new learning experience and keeps gaining popularity. 

Why demand for virtual training keeps rising? Well, in this article, we will compare virtual Vs. In-person training to understand which one is more effective. Also, to understand the current demand for virtual training and whether or not it will last. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

Virtual training is here to stay 

Virtual training is a more cost-effective way of training employees. It is also more flexible and can be done on the go.

In-person training is more effective for the long-term retention of skills. It also provides a sense of community that can be hard to replicate in virtual settings. So, face-to-face training for a long time was considered a way to go. Yet, in today's world, the “hard” part nowadays is possible by using the right tools and platforms. 

Virtual learning offers a whole new and different experience than just video conferencing through zoom. With the immense amount of tools available, you can create communities, discussion forums, and off-the-shelve content and incorporate various learning formats such as mLearning,  Coaching, or training. 

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Virtual training allows for more convenient learning and keeps gaining popularity among modern-age learners. 

Top 5 reasons why virtual training is more effective 

Let’s look at practical reasons why virtual training is more effective. 

Reason 1 - Location Freedom

In comparison with in-person and offline training, virtual training allows for location freedom. It provides you with one of the best benefits of digital learning, a hands-on approach. You can host the training from any part of the world or any part of your city. Just make sure the environment is not noisy and allows learners to concentrate. 

Reason 2 - Time Flexibility 

Another huge benefit of virtual training is time flexibility. You get the freedom to build your working schedule. This will allow you to work and develop at your own pace, whether you are a morning or a night person. So, say no to 9 to 5 and start enjoying your life on your terms. 

Reason 3 - Higher knowledge retention rates 

While being told otherwise, statistics show that online learning provides high knowledge retention rates than in a classroom setting. Through eLearning, it is possible to incorporate various interactive elements that contribute to the better acquisition of the material. 

Reason 4 - Less time-consuming

The creation of online training is less time-consuming than hosting face-to-face learning. In-person classes require more time to prepare in advance. Even though both are instructor-led training, they truly differ in the time spent preparing and hosting. 

Besides, an online training program is a more convenient way of learning and less time-consuming for students.

Virtual training allows high-quality online training that engages students and provides value while saving time. 

Reason 5 - Immediate evaluation 

Whether students are taking a quiz with automatic results or asking you a question within the training, they get immediate access to the evaluation. Whether an online course or live training, it allows for more accessible learning and development. This will enable them to stay focused and keep learning. 

Pros and Cons 

Well, the benefits are apparent. Both in-person and online training come in handy with a certain list of pros and cons. So, let's also take a look at a more detailed list. 

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Pros and Cons of Virtual Training include the following: 


The main advantages of online learning:

  • Time & Location Freedom 
  • Convenience 
  • Cost-efficient and does not require huge start-up investments 
  • Improved technical knowledge 
  • Gives access to worldwide audiences 
  • Hands-on experience for participants 


The main drawback of online training is technical issues. Yet, these, in most cases, have easy & quick-fix solutions. 

While Pros and Cons of traditional classroom training (in-person course) include: 


The main benefits of in-person learning are: 

  • Face-to-face interaction 
  • Learning delivery & training experience are different and preferable as it is easier to maintain the participants' focus. 


Traditional in-person learning has lots of drawbacks & limitations to it, including 

  • Transportation expenses 
  • Does not allow for hands-on learning to take place, as materials cannot be accessed anytime 
  • Time-consuming & longer to schedule 
  • Lack of advanced technology incorporated into the training 

If there is a choice between online or in-person training, analyzing the potential benefits and drawbacks of both, the more apparent choice is digital training. 

However, you can also provide blended learning. This way, the differences between online and offline learning will play to your advantage. 

How to know if your training sessions are compelling? 

Well, you will indeed know if your training is good from various factors, including

  • Student Engagement. If students are engaged, are motivated to participate, and are rushing to answer the questions you have asked, then you can be sure that your sessions are compelling.  
  • Positive Reviews. This one is obvious, yet it is a good indicator that you provide value. If your training meets participants’ expectations, they will leave a good review about you as an instructor. 
  • Attentionfocus on your training, and minimum distractions. If students are focused on your training session means they are interested. 

All of the factors above indicate whether or not your training is compelling and efficient. Yet, it sounds easy but is harder to achieve in real life. Therefore, simply follow the tips in the next paragraph to get results. 

Tips to increase the effectiveness even more 

The real question is, how to make your training more compelling? Well, here are multiple ways you can do so. 

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Let’s take a look at the main tips & tricks. 

  • Stop being so serious and have fun. Enjoy your training sessions, use icebreakers, and create a healthy learning atmosphere where students are encouraged to talk, share and tell about their opinions. 
  • Encourage discussions, ask questions & incorporate collaborative learning activities into your training. 
  • Incorporate quizzestests to motivate students to study and help them check their progress.
  • Treat people like adults, not children, and ensure they understand their responsibilities. 
  • Smile more often and establish clear communication between you and your students 
  • Keep practicing

Providing a compelling & efficient experience for your students results in more sales & positive reviews for you. So, focus on the value you can give. 

Maximize training effectiveness with Uteach 

Taking into consideration the increasing demand & convenience of virtual learning over in-person training, it is apparent that virtual training is the best option. So, it is time to maximize the training effectiveness with Uteach. 

Uteach is potent automation that will allow you to maximize training effectiveness. With Uteach, you can create a website forms scratch using a powerful drag & drop website builder. It also offers course builder and end-to-end live functionality. Besides, you get the ability to sell both digital and physical products, which allows for the delivery of blended learning experiences as well. 

So, if you were looking for a simple-to-use yet feature-rich platform at an affordable price, then uteach is the way to go. It gives you every necessary tool for learning management, business creation, and further expansion.

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