6 Types of Virtual Training To Make You More Advanced Tutor

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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6 Types of Virtual Training To Make You More Advanced Tutor

Virtual Trainer needs constant improvement to deliver high-quality training and value in this competitive market. 

Therefore, this article will review the six types of virtual training that will allow you to level up as a tutor. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What does virtual training represent?

Before we move on to the main types of virtual training, let’s first have a quick overview of what virtual training is. 

Simply put, virtual training is a type of eLearning. Essentially, it is the same training held offline, with one difference it is held online. In virtual training, instead of physical equipment, you must choose online platforms, tools & software to utilize in order to provide a wholesome experience. Such tools include design tools, online whiteboards, presentations, etc. 

Pros & Cons of Virtual training 

Let’s also not forget about revising the ups and downs of virtual training. 

So, the main benefits are

  • Flexibility, both in terms of time & location 
  • Low start-up investments required. You can start an online training business with minimum investments. So, virtual training is a cost-efficient solution. 
  • Access to international audiences, say no to being limited to your city or neighborhood. 
  • More convenient and accessible form of learning in the 21st century. 
3d computer with tools

The drawbacks of virtual training are

  • Distractions. Due to the short attention span in this technology era and many distractions, students get distracted easily throughout online sessions. However, to avoid this, incorporate collaborative learning practices. 
  • Technical issues. Keep in mind that they have an easy fix in most cases, yet run through everything before your training to avoid them. 

6 types of virtual training

Well, now it is time to review the top 6 main types of virtual training. 

Web-based Learning

Web-based learning is a term that is indeed familiar to most of you. It is widely utilized in most modern institutions. Web-based learning allows for the delivery of blended or purely online learning. 

The main focus of web-based learning is using the internet and eLearning tools for learning material delivery. 

Webinars and Virtual Classrooms

Another type of virtual training is webinars and virtual classrooms. Those mostly include one-time sessions that are not a part of a bigger program. Sometimes they can be referred to a program that has 2-3 webinars in it. 

Webinars are great for hosting free sessions in order to generate new leads and potential customers. 

Video-based Learning

The next type of virtual training includes pre-recorded courses that are referred to as video-based learning. They can be part of microlearning or nano learning as well as more complex training programs delivered in the form of off-the-shelf course content. 

Video-based learning allows you to generate passive income, which is one of the main advantages of this form of online training. Simply put, you can create a wholesome course with additional materials and videos explaining key concepts.  

It will take a good amount of time to write scripts, record, and edit the videos than design a course, yet it will allow you to resell it and, with the right marketing efforts, make money while doing anything else you want. 

Mobile Learning

One more type of virtual training is mobile learning. It is best to deliver bite-sized training that students can access from mobile phones. 

Virtual training on tablet

This type of learning keeps gaining popularity. Why? Because it allows for learning on the go to take place. So, it makes learning even further accessible. 


Let’s not forget about microlearning as a whole, another type of learning. 

Microlearning is training each session which is about 3-15 minutes. It aims to deliver key concepts and focuses on one particular concept throughout the session. 

Microlearning is proven to be preferable by many, as it allows one to focus on one thing at a time. So, if you are good at designing courses and can organize a good one for delivering efficient microlearning, then this might be the perfect type for you. 

Collaborative Online Learning

The next type of virtual training is collaborative online learning.

You can incorporate various collaborative learning practices into the live online training taking it to a whole another level. If you choose this type, you can indeed expect high engagement levels. 

Plus, this is one of the most efficient types of virtual training that leads to better results and higher student knowledge retention rates. 

What type of virtual training is best for you?

It is time to figure out which type works best for you. 

First of all, keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to choose one single type and stick to it till the end of the day. Absolutely, no. Choose the type that best fits you or 2-3 types, and make sure to deliver high-quality training and, most importantly, value. 

Virtual training on laptop

Virtual trainers, no matter what type of virtual training you have chosen, must always be up-to-date about the latest industry trends, methodologies, and practices. 

Uteach as a platform for virtual training

As a virtual trainer, you must choose the right platform. The right platform can help you to improve the quality & delivery of the training programs greatly. This accordingly will lead to higher customer satisfaction rates, a positive brand image, and more profits. 

One of the best platforms for virtual trainers, no matter which type you choose, is Uteach. It offers all the necessary functionality to deliver a high-class learning experience. Yet, it remains simple to use & easy to create courses with. 

It comes in handy with a website & course builder, integrations, end-to-end live functionality, and marketing features.

If you are wondering where to get started with a virtual training business with further expansion opportunities, Uteach is for you.

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