Web-based Learning: Does It Contribute To Better Training?

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .06 Jun 2024
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Web-based Learning: Does It Contribute To Better Training?

Web-based learning, otherwise referred to as online learning, is widely gaining popularity nowadays. It includes online courses, instructor-led live sessions, and many other forms of online learning. 

In this article, we will dive deeper into the concept of web-based learning and review everything related to it. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start!

Web-based learning as a type of eLearning

WBD, in most cases, is an instructor-led training that can be both held live or with pre-recorded lessons. 

Web-based learning is a type of e-learning where all the learning materials and tools are web-based. For instance, various communication tools are used for Q&As or group projects. Design tools are used for slides, and video conferencing tools are for live training sessions. 

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Advantages of web-based learning 

Now, it is time to review the advantages of web-based learning. 

Web-based learning comes in handy with lots of advantages. Some of them are presented down below.


Web-based learning is extremely flexible. You can work whenever you want and create schedules that suit you best. This will allow you to stay motivated and productive. 

Saves Time 

Web-based learning allows you to save a great deal of time. Time is the most important resource we have nowadays, so why should we spend it on setting up traditional space for the class or transportation?

Instead, we can save that time and invest it more wisely. Web learning allows you to save time on transportation, and it also allows you to save it on various education-related processes. 

Saves Resources 

Besides saving time, web learning can also save lots of financial resources provided you get your platform build by a reliable web3 e-learning platform development company. You will be able to save on renting a space. Also, spend money on transportation, gas, and other costs that come in handy with offline business maintenance


Self-paced learning is a great opportunity for students to enjoy learning and acquire the material better. They can pause the pre-recorded course at any time. While they pause, they can take notes, browse the web to find more information, or visit additional materials linked to the course. 

This will enrich the student learning experience. Yet, it won't pressure them into strict deadlines or time frames. Due to the learning experience being self-paced, it will also develop time-management and self-motivation skills in students. These will help them to develop a sense of responsibility & accountability for their own learning processes. 

Young woman learns with opened laptop

Access to Unlimited Web-based Tools

Through web learning, both you and your students have unlimited access to hundreds of web tools. These can greatly enhance the learning experience. 

For instance, they can use various internet resources, forums, and other communication tools. They can use design tools to create infographics or other materials for group or individual projects. 

This access will enhance the learning experience. It will help students become much better acquainted with the digital world. 

An Efficient way of delivery of course materials

In web-based learning, you can provide full course material. E.g., outline, goals and tools, and link to many other resources that will improve the student learning experience. 

Improves Technical Skills

Web-based learning dramatically contributes to the improvement of technical skills. 

In this era of digitization, it is vital that we are aware of various online tools and the techniques for using them properly and efficiently. These online automation tools are meant to save time, so we might as well commit to learning how to use them. 

Web-based learning limitations

Of course, as with everything else, web-based learning has certain disadvantages. So, let’s take a look at the limitations of web-based learning. 

Limits face-to-face communication in traditional settings 

If the whole learning experience is online, no matter how much you see each other’s faces while video conferencing, it still limits real communication. Also, it can be harder for students to socialize or gain new friends. 

Technical Issues

You may lose access to the internet, or your students may do so and not be able to join the live class. But, if we are being realistic, this is easily fixable. You can just use your mobile internet.

In any case, there is some other technical issue, but most of the time, those are easily and quickly fixable. In any case, you can let students know that the live class will be rescheduled. 

This is avoidable if you create a friendly atmosphere where students are allowed to express themselves. Yet encourage them to be respectful toward others and provide communication forums for them. 

Technology may not work properly

If it is a live session and something breaks down, then there might be a need to change the date. However, this is also avoidable as most issues are fixed easily, plus you can host the e-session through mobile. Or if it’s an internet issue, just use your mobile internet to connect your laptop to it. 

Requires strong self-motivation 

In order for students to be motivated to finish the course or training, they must be very good at self-motivation. This especially applies to cases when learning is self-paced. 

You are responsible for creating engaging material as an instructor or course creator

Material aimed to increase the number of students who finish your course. Because if many buy but do not finish, it can affect your reputation. 

Yet, if we are real, most of those technical issues are easily fixable and do not really take that much time. Risks & challenges, including bad reviews, can be avoided. Simply clarify expectations and present a course outline. Plus, you can implement many engagement tools and group projects to encourage student communication. 

Self-motivated young woman

eLearning and Web-based learning

Many people refer to eLearning and web-based learning as interchangeable terms. However, they have a few minor differences. 

E-learning does not refer to a full online-learning experience. Rather it refers to the implementation of modern-day technology into learning processes. Technology plays a key role in such types of learning, e.g., providing learning content or playing a key role in performing an activity.

Meanwhile, web-based learning is qualified as online learning and delivers learning materials in web format. These include web browsers, networks, etc. 

The learning content in web-based learning is web-based and oftentimes includes web browsing. 

Traditional learning vs Web-based learning

Traditional learning is familiar to us; it is a learning experience in a traditional offline classroom setting. Meanwhile, web-based learning is an online learning experience. 

Let’s compare these two to understand which one is better nowadays from a business perspective. 

Client Base

It is obvious that online learning is far more scalable and gives access to a wider range of client base than traditional learning. 

As an online course creator or virtual trainer, you can target people from different cultural backgrounds and locations worldwide. Meanwhile, as an offline educator, you are limited to a few neighborhoods if it is a big city or your city overall. 

Cost Effective 

Web-based learning is cost-effective both for you and your students. For you, it is cost-effective because, unlike in a traditional setting, you won’t have to pay rent for the space. Also, you won't have to spend money on learning equipment, transportation, etc.

For students, it is effective as they will not spend money on transportation. Plus, they will be able to get courses for a lot cheaper as when the costs are reduced, instructors are able to offer courses for a lesser price. 

Time Effective

Online learning also wins in time management as it saves time on many daily tasks, routines, and even transportation. 

Plus, it allows you to create schedules suitable for you instead of following strict school schedules or necessarily working from 9 to 5. 

So, as you can see in the significant areas, online learning is winning. Even though there is no real-time human interaction, students can still communicate via email. In the right setting established by the instructor, social connections will form as in an offline environment. 

Man saves time working from home

Tips for implementing Web-based learning in your training

Now, it is time to look at practical tips that will help you enhance your web-based training for your students. 

Set Learning Objectives

Tip number 1, which will greatly help you to enhance the learning process, is to set learning objectives. 

You should know what the training will give to students. This, first of all, will allow you to deliver structured and purposeful material that will be effective for the students. Secondly, it will allow you to measure their progress & results. Thus determining the program’s efficiency.

And finally, learning objectives are basic benefits of your course or training that you can use to market your product. 

Know who your client is

Knowing your clients will help you create a suitable web-learning experience for them. This will also help to create and implement working marketing strategies both for the short and long term. 

Choose your Software

The next tip to ease up your journey is to choose your software. Your chosen software will help you control everything related to your online business from one place. 

Good software must be a full-featured LMS (learning management system). It must come in handy with various tools for course publication, integrations, and availability to host live sessions. Famous software examples are Uteach, Thinkific, Mighty Networks, and Kajabi. 

Utilize the power of organic and paid marketing

If you want to generate sales, then you should have a marketing strategy to do so in this competitive market. 

Organic marketing includes tactics and strategies for long-term audience building. These strategies include social media unpaid posts according to the content plan and blog posts. 

Meanwhile, paid marketings are tactics and tool that one uses for short-term visibility boost and lead generation. These include landing pages, paid social media and google ads, and many more. 

So, make sure to take advantage of both of those and come up with a working strategy that will help you to get clients. 

Add Assessments 

To ensure a great learning experience, make sure to add quizzes.  Also, consider adding tests and polls to your course or training. 

These assessments will motivate students to learn. Besides, keep them engaged. Plus, help you to see whether or not the way of your delivery is efficient for student learning. 

Offer Certifications

If you want to keep students engaged, then offer them certifications. Certifications can be added when writing a resume or CV. Also, they can be used for applications to various educational facilities and serve as evidence of acquiring skills in a certain area. 

So they remain powerful motivators for the students. 

Young woman gets certificate

Is Web-based learning a game changer?

If web-based learning is a game changer or not, then the answer is that it is. Web-based learning has already fundamentally changed the learning industry and keeps transforming it. 

Many people and students from all over the world prefer a web-learning setting over a traditional one. Why? Because it offers more flexibility. Plus, it allows self-paced learning and saves lots of time & money.

So, if you want to become one of the people who changed the learning experience of millions of people across the world, then it is your sign to get started. The first step will be to choose a platform on which you will start. The platform should be good enough to expand your online learning business further. 

One of the best platforms that offers each feature to do so is Uteach. With Uteach, you can create a full-featured and white-labeled website for your brand. Also, you can sell both physical & digital learning products and even have a blog for organic marketing. 

So, this is your sign to get started. 

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