How Custom Decorators organize employee onboarding and Development with Uteach

The company educates designers and other professionals through online courses, helping them to become more competitive.

Coaching as a source of motivation

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Rick Sheninger manages the onboarding process for new US and California designers.

Helping people break the record in their professional lives inspired Rick to take up coaching.

The training is a mixture of video tutorials, live meetings, and webinars. He was looking for a simple and user-friendly LMS (Learning Management System) to implement this process and found Uteach.

Uteach provides great value for the money, features, and integration that work for how I use the platform at a reasonable price.

Rick SheningerSkills Enrichment Supervisor

Challenges of  Custom Decorators

Solutions of Uteach

More costs due to using WordPress and LMS at the same time

Huge money savings thanks to the use of an all-in-one platform

Massive waste of time as a result of using multiple tools

Up to 90% time savings with an all-in-one platform with automated tools

If you are looking for a quality platform that offers great value for the money, Uteach is the way to go. You can find everything you need to launch your course right inside the platform, including CRM and email, so that you can launch with just Uteach. As you grow, Uteach integrates, so you can link other platforms either directly or through Zapier, to customize the experience for your students.

Rick SheningerSkills Enrichment Supervisor

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