How the website 'Your TIKTOK Guide' gained professional worldwide presence within a week.

'Your TikTik Guide' is the course by Evelina Khanoyan, which helps various professionals, businesses, bloggers and just industry lovers achieve their dream results, acquire new subscribers, customers and increase income.

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The Doctor behind the TikTok Online Course

Evelina is a doctor by profession and has been blogging since 2021. 2022 started her own courses in April, where she shares her knowledge, helps people present high-quality content, and achieves real results.

In the first year, there were only 8 participants, but now there are many of them, and sometimes she has to close the registration.

The entire course delivery process takes place on a professional website created by Uteach, which is simple and easy to use for both Evelina and participants.

From Telegram to Uteach

Before Uteach, Evelina organized courses via Telegram, which made the process time-consuming, inconvenient, expensive, and sometimes confusing.

The interested participant had to transfer money to the account number, take a photo of the receipt and send it to Evelina. After verification and confirmation, the participant was added to a private Telegram group. Then each course was manually added to the group on different days so that participants could watch the videos.

Courses are now hosted on a professional website created by Uteach, where online payment is made and courses are automatically available on pre-scheduled days and hours.

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When we switched from Telegram to Uteach, we immediately laid off 2 employees because almost all technical and organizational issues became irrelevant 😀. In other words, it became more profitable for me financially.

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Evelina's Challenges

Uteach Solutions

Checking payment receipts manually and wasting a lot of time by a Telegram channel. 100% time savings due to the organization of payment through the site and automatic access to the course
Several employees for the correct and timely organization of the entire process Cost savings due to the organization of the process using automated tools and no need for additional employees
Problem with accepting payments outside of Armenia Ability to accept payments from all over the world
Sending materials to students manually on different dates that takes a lot of time and energy. 100% time savings thanks to the drip content feature, which unlocks courses automatically on pre-scheduled dates.

I really like the Uteach team, they ALWAYS respond very quickly. My site is very presentable, convenient, and the payment system for foreign registrations is just a lifesaver. I advise everyone to trust the professionalism of the team and the convenience and rich tools of the site. Evelina Khanoyan

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