How to create and manage topics in your community

Engaging with your community on Uteach involves creating and managing topics for discussion.

 Here's how to start:

  1. Starting a New Topic: To kick off a new thread of conversation, navigate to the 'Create a new topic' button in your community's sidebar. This is where you'll begin crafting the subjects for discussion that will encourage community interaction.
  2. Entering Topic Details: A new window will pop up, prompting you to enter the title of your topic. Make sure it's specific and clear so members know exactly what the discussion will be about.

After typing in your topic title, you'll have the option to save. Click 'Save' to add the new topic to your community. It will now be visible to all community members. Once your topic is posted, members can start posting within it. As an admin, you'll be able to moderate these discussions, ensuring they stay productive and relevant.

 3.Editing or Deleting Topics: If you need to make changes to a topic or remove it, you'll find 'Edit topic' and 'Delete topic' options beside the topic name. Use these to maintain the structure and content of your community's discussions.

Should you require assistance or have inquiries, feel free to reach out via email at [email protected], or for immediate support,click the blue icon below to chat ․