How to change the super admin email address


Every time when creating an account, you are required to fill in your email address information. And Uteach is not an exception. But why do many websites ask for it?

 An email usually serves to verify a user’s identity. It also helps to help prevent spam and bot activity.  

Steps to do 

You can modify the Admin email address by following the instructions.

  1. Proceed to the Profile section by clicking on your avatar.
accessing the profile section from your Uteach website.



Now you are granted access to the Profile information section where the name and email address are changed. 


Accessing the Profile information section to change the Name and the Email address for the Uteach website.


2. Modify the email address in the corresponding field

3. Click on the Save button below for changes to appear.


Everything’s set! Go back to your website to see the results.


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