What is Digital Coaching and How To Become Digital Coach

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Article by Nelli Gevorgyan

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Published 09 Aug 2022
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What is Digital Coaching and How To Become Digital Coach

Digital Coaching has become increasingly popular nowadays. It is available, ruins the location limits, and, most importantly, is as effective as a traditional one.     

What is digital coaching, and what are its main benefits? If you are interested in finding out the answers to all these questions, you might as well read till the end to find out the Top 10 Tips to Make Your Coaching More Efficient.     

So, if you are ready, let’s start!      

What is digital coaching?

Digital Coaching is simply an online technology-based form of coaching. Coaching is a process of guiding the coachee towards achieving personal/professional goals and helping them use their full potential to achieve new levels of self-fulfillment. Basically, the process aims to transform people’s mindset and their lives.      

All of that is simply done through the use of platforms and various digital tools to overcome the limitations such as location and be able to reach an international audience. 

What isn’t digital coaching?

It is worth mentioning that not everything is digital coaching. For example, you can educate your students online through various webinars and live sessions, but that does not make it coaching. Or you can publish pre-recorded courses that are once again not coaching but rather an online course creation     

Even if you host a whole live training program to improve the people’s skills in sales, that is not coaching unless you implement coaching methodologies. 

The main benefits of digital coaching

It is time to review the main benefits of digital coaching. Because we live in the era of digitalization, digital coaching itself provides us with an incredible amount and quality of benefits. Indeed, it allows you to have unlimited opportunities for personal growth and your online coaching business expansion.     

So, the main benefits of digital coaching are:     

  • According to statistics, digital coaching is extremely efficient, and it shows 90% of improvement in well-being and 90% success in goal-achievement rate. Almost every goal is achieved after coaching sessions. 
  • The profession of growth also provides you with growth opportunities. As a digital coach, you are going to work with lots of people and help them grow and evolve. At some point will realize how satisfactory it is to see coachees grow and that you as a coach grow alongside them.
  • On-demand profession. If you want to get rid of 9 to 5 jobs and establish your own business, the products & services of which will also be on-demand, digital coaching is the way to go. Make sure you truly love & enjoy your profession to be able to succeed. 
  • Digital coaching is more scalable than traditional coaching. Why? Because digital coaching has no audience limits, access to the international market and, in turn, leads to prospects. 
  • Incredibly large marketing opportunities start with landing pages ending with social media challenges & campaigns.      

If you want to become a coach on demand, you need to differentiate from the rest. Coaching is about growth, and you as a coach must always be ready to invest in yourself to grow. First of all, invest in your education as a coach. Then, with the certification and theoretical and practical knowledge, enter the market, come up with your USP and start scaling. 


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Digital coaching vs. traditional coaching

Surely, you already grabbed an idea about digital coaching. Basically, it is the same as traditional however is held online. The main difference, though, is that digital coaching is more scalable, and even though it serves the same purpose can be a lot more efficient. 

Digital Coaching is More Efficient 

Why is digital coaching more efficient? Well, for once, you can provide pre-recorded audio of lectures and, simultaneously, have live sessions with your coachees and interact, giving them feedback and explaining activities that must be completed.      

You can host only live-session training and provide them with additional materials; all works well when the coachee is comfortable with your coaching style. Plus, it is easier to design and schedule digital coaching sessions rather than traditional ones.      

By the way, you have to acquire certain skill sets to build trust and different coaching styles to provide your coachees with an individual-centric approach. What works for one may not work for another. 


We have already mentioned this point; however, let’s once again take a look at the numbers. If you are a traditional coach, most likely, you will need to rent a place to host the coaching sessions, right? Besides, there are costs such as transportation that can be quite expensive in big cities. Also, you will spend more time with the coachees due to someone being late, etc.     

So, instead of spending all your time and money on that, simply host online coaching sessions from home. This will allow you to host two sessions in a matter of 3 hours rather than one as in traditional coaching. So, technically you make twice as much money.      

Another aspect that proves the efficiency of digital coaching over a traditional one is that digital coaching requires low capital investments to start out with. Renting a place? Doubt you will find anything cheaper than $1500 a month, but paying for a platform subscription to host your business online? The best plans cost less than $100. So, think which one is the best?

Unlimited Growth Opportunities 

It is a fact that you have unlimited access to an international audience and digital marketing. You, therefore, also gain unlimited growth opportunities.      

Finally, we are in an era where you are not limited and tied up to one place. So, use this to your benefit and make a name worldwide! 

Better In-Class Learning Experience

Technically both types of coaching sessions are on the same level of efficiency.  However, some people may highly prefer Traditional Coaching due to better in-class experience and one-on-one interaction. Meanwhile, I recommend you start working on making the online in-class experiences as valuable as the offline ones. So, you can break the stereotype that traditional coaching provides a better experience than one-on-one interaction.      

More and more people prefer any type of online education over offline one, and that includes coaching. Yes, there are people who need offline interaction in coaching sessions, but remember that you can always provide mixed sessions as well. However, if there is a voice between traditional and digital coaching, we will recommend you to pick the digital one. 


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What qualifications and skills need a digital coach?

Well, all is too well. The profession is on-demand, and the market prices, even for beginners, are incredibly delicious, but at the end of the day, you have to be a good professional to make money. So, let’s take a look at the skills that you need to have as a digital coach. 

Skill 1 - Active Listening

A good coach must be able to listen. By listening, you will be able to find out and be aware of the exact nature of the client’s problem. Without awareness, you won’t be able to guide and help them. Basically, listening will allow you to see the core of the issue and start resolving and working with the client form in-depth. 


Listening, though, is not as easy as it sounds, so here are some tips that will help you to become a better listener as a digital coach:     

  • Take Notes 
  • Practice active curiosity 
  • Until the client is finished talking, do not think or jump to conclusions
  • Practice with friends 

Skill 2 - Asking Effective Questions

Questioning is an art; any detective would tell so as well. In coaching, Effective Questioning is as vital as Active Listening. 

How to ask Powerful Questions?

  • Ask your coachees Open-end Questions.
  • Avoid leading Questions and questions that can be answered as yes or no
  • Ask questions that have a meaning behind them and will make people think about it     

For example, you can ask them:     

  • What is your first of accomplishing the goal in your imagination? 
  • What will make you happy?
  • Will the accomplishment of X’s goal bring your happiness, joy, and satisfaction? 
  • What are the main challenges that stop you from accomplishing what you want?
  • Are there people who try to limit you? (following with an explanation that we are creators of our lives, and unless we allow it, no one can limit us)     

Well, I think you grabbed an overall idea about the types of questions to ask your coachees. 

Skill 3 - Guide do not Teach 

First of all, keep in mind that you are a coach, not an advisor. Coach aims for long-term behavior change, not short-term advice following. There is a popular saying about coaching:

Teach them to fish, do not give them the fish.      

When people come to you, they want transformation, which first of all has to be the transformation of the mind that will lead to the ability to transform reality. You need to guide them on their way and help them come up with answers and solutions on their own. So that they transform their minds as a result of which their lives will forever change and become better. Simple advice on how to overcome certain “obstacles” without triggering their mind and subconscious will bring short-term results. 

Skill 4 - Building Trust 

As a coach building a long-lasting and trustful relationship with your clients is crucial. You work with them during a specific period of time but change their lives forever. When they trust you, they will share with you more, which will provide you with powerful insight into their mind and allow you to work more efficiently with them.     

Also, a long-lasting relationship means that they may return to improve some other aspect of life, as the previous sessions bought results expected. Plus, it is incredibly motivating and energizing when your clients simply keep you posted on their new achievements. 

Skill 5 - Technology 

As a digital coach, to avoid issues and host successful sessions, you must be well aware of the technology you use, E.g., how to set up and adjust microphones & cameras.      

Also, you have to know what kind of software you use and how it works. As well as in case of emergency, what is your plan B? Of course, it is very uncommon to face issues with software that has been and continuously is being tested to find and fix bugs. But it is good to have a plan B to ensure a high-quality experience for the client. 

Skill 6 - Emotional Intelligence

If you want to be a successful digital coach, then anger issues and toxicity are not going to help. As a coach, you instead need to help people get rid of those qualities. Basically, you need to have high emotional Intelligence that includes elements such as self-awareness, self-control, empathy, motivation, and social skills.      

PRO TIP: Whether you are a beginner or someone with experience, certain internationally accredited coaching certifications will help you position yourself as someone with more reliable expertise. So, take some courses and display those certificates gained on your website.      

Besides, make sure to invest in your continuous learning because there are always new, more efficient methodologies than previous ones, and you have to stay up-to-date. 


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How to become a digital coach with 5 steps?

So, let’s take a look at how you can become a Great & Successful Digital Coach in 5 Simple Steps. 

Step 1 - Choose a Niche

Okay, if you want to become a digital coach, what niche are you choosing? There are so many niches out there, and each is unique and catching in its own way.      

There are niches such as life, career, dating, sales, health, fitness, finance, leadership, etc. But, you have to choose your main focus to become a good professional in it.      

Dedicate time to test out and find the niche that you truly love and would like to work on. 

Step 2 - Get Educated

Get educated in terms of skills and certifications. It will bring you to the level of the competition. Most of the coaches have certifications needed that already indicate their reliability. So, don’t get lazy and get yours. Then you can come up with the USP that will help you to stand out from the rest and market your services

Step 3 - Collect Past Client Testimonials

If you already have an experience with a certain degree, then collect past clients’ testimonials and display them on your website. This will help you in building trust. If you do not have any reviews or feedback to display because you are a complete beginner, then display your certifications and degrees as validation and proof of expertise.

Step 4 - Choose a Platform 

There are multiple platforms available in the digital coaching market for digital coachees. It is actually quite vital to choose the platform that will work best for you. The platform of your choice should:     

  • Allow you to build a full-featured website easily 
  • Be all-in-one automation to automate and save your time on routine tasks
  • Allow you to collect payments, publish courses, and send quizzes, assessments, and certifications from one place 
  • Offer enough useful integrations
  • Give you an opportunity for white labeling
  • Be SEO-friendly 
  • Have a live-sessions functionality 
  • Allow you to add a separate BLOG page on your website to publish articles and drive more organic traffic.      

One of the platforms that offer everything listed above is - Uteach

Step 5 - Market Yourself

In this competitive industry, you will still be able to find many clients if you position yourself as needed. Tackle a marketing course, and make sure to be aware of all the industry trends. Digital Marketing is your best friend as a Digital Coach. Use social media, emails, google ads, and organic traffic opportunities to Raise Awareness about Your Brand. 


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5 tips to make your coaching more effective

Coaching has to bring results in order to be considered effective. In this competitive market, if you want to find clients, you have to offer quality, as no one wants to waste their time. No one even has time to waste. In order to stay on top of your industry or niche, you have to be aware of certain tips and tricks that will help you grow.      

Being a good professional who gives quality results will positively contribute to the public image and potentially increase sales. It is time to get to know the Top Tips that will boost your Digital Coaching sessions’ effectiveness. So, let’s start!

Tip 1 - Be positive 

Being optimistic is vital. Coachees came to you to improve, grow, and transform their lives, not to listen to curiosities. Provide them with constructive feedback based on positivity, and mention accomplishments as well. 


Free yourself from negativity and pessimistic thinking patterns; it will also transform your own life. 

Tip 2 - Develop a Strategy 

When you meet a client, get to know them, get acquainted with their obstacles, and build an optimal development strategy. It will be the overall development plan in order to ensure that work is done efficiently and not messy.     

Of course, some aspects can change throughout the training program, but you have to have a strategy for achieving the client’s final desired result. You have to know how to guide them towards it from the beginning. 

Tip 3 - Be supportive 

When clients share, they trust you, so maintain that trust through being supportive and judgment-free. They trust you with personal information in the hopes that you will help them to overcome certain struggles and obstacles, so make sure to be trustworthy.      

By maintaining supportive and full of trust relationships, you will be able to achieve the best results together. 

Tip 4 - Do not Rush

Don’t rush into giving feedback; stay in an active listening mode and let the client speak up about everything on their mind. Instead, take note to remember the points that your feedback will be based on. Ask them questions, also take notes, and provide feedback at the right moment. Emotional intelligence will help you to feel when is the right moment. 

Tip 5 - Believe in Yourself

Work on yourself, grow as a person and professional, and simply believe in yourself. We do create our own realities, and we can be successful in them if we only believe that we already are.      

Start by educating yourself as a coach. This will give you additional background and greatly improve your self-esteem as an expert. And continue by practicing and being committed to what you do. 


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Will you start your digital coaching now?

It is your time to start! As a coach, you have to transform the lives of others, so start by transforming yours. Get done with the dull office jobs and enter the exciting digital coaching market. 


Take courses, get certified, invest in yourself and your growth, and help others grow and reach self-fulfillment. Maybe coaching is what you are meant to do! If you like that profession so much, imagine how many lives you can transfer if you are well aware of the techniques!      

Uteach will help you to get started. With Uteach, you can create a full-featured website in less than a few minutes. It allows you to:


  • Use Website Builder tools to build a website in visual drag & drop editor with no coding skills requires 
  • Host end-to-end live sessions & enjoy various integrations
  • Automate routine tasks, including quizzes, assessments, messaging, emails, etc., to save your time 
  • Open a blog and drive organic traffic      

It offers tons of other useful features that will help you to expand your business in a short period of time, including SEO-optimization tools.


Start Now! Uteach is with you all the way toward success. 


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