Top 5 Tools & Best 7 Platforms For Online Coaching in 2023

Top 5 Tools & Best 7 Platforms For Online Coaching in 2023

Online coaching is extremely on demand, and you can definitely find your audience and start your career path in coaching. But what will make that path easier? - The Right Platform.

There are many platforms available out there on the market. Remember that the right platform will significantly help you in business expansion processes. Therefore, we will figure out what coaching platforms are, why you would need them, and the best ones.

So, if you are ready, let’s start!

What are online coaching platforms?

First and foremost, let’s understand what online coaching platforms even are. Online coaching platforms allow coaches to host online sessions and manage clients, and some even offer all-in-one payment management & marketing features.

So, simply put, these platforms come in handy with many useful integrations, tools & features that help you manage your online business.

Why do you need online coaching platforms and tools?

You would need an online coaching platform and tools for many reasons. The first reason being it will ease up your life and management processes. Of course, there are multiple other reasons why, so let’s take a look at them as well:

What types of tools do online coaches need?

Before diving into the best tools and platforms, let’s understand what tools online coaches need throughout the working process.

  • CRM tools. Managing CRM is very vital for successful business expansion and good client relationship management that will lead to positive publicity.
  • Calendars & Assessments. Your coachees came to you to make progress a transform their lives. Therefore the platform of your choice should offer simple tools such as a calendar, quiz builder & even certification builder.
  • Course Builder. You are a coach, but maybe you decide to publish pre-recorded sessions as well to automize the processes even more; then, the platform of your choice should definitely have a powerful course builder with all the SEO-optimization tools.
  • Website Builder. As a coach who wants to expand their business and stand out from the rest, you must look for a platform that offers a website builder in which you can easily build & customize your business online coaching website without any coding skills.
  • Live Sessions. As an online coach, you will host lots of one-on-one or group coaching live lessons, so the live sessions feature/tool is a must for you.
  • Email marketing & marketing tools. Also, a platform of your choice should offer marketing tools, including SEO optimization & email marketing, to allow you to take control over this aspect of your business from the back end of your business website. Or that it offers integration responsible for this aspect of your business.
  • Integrations. Without necessary integrations, the platforms may lack wide functionality, but integrations such as Zoom, Zapier, etc., will widen the features and user experience both for you and your client. So, make sure the platform of your choice comes in handy with lots of USEFUL integrations.
  • Design Tools. You will definitely need a few design tools for pre-recorded sessions or maybe other digital materials you would like to sell.

If the platform of your choice offers all of the necessary features and tools (even with the integrations) mentioned above, then you can be confident that your choice is reliable.

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5 best tools for creating and hosting a coaching program

It is time to dive into the tools. All the tools mentioned in this section of the article aim to help you design perfect coaching sessions and maintain quality. So, let’s start!


The first tool we would like to mention is Canva; one of the Pro version plans you can purchase as a coach is Canva for Education. Now, let’s take a look at the main features of the Canva platform.

Main Features

  • Images to Video
  • Remove audio from the video, combine images, and add music to the video
  • Mirror Images
  • Ready to use templates
  • Creation of presentations, flyers, posters, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media posts from scratch or customizing pre-made templates
  • Ready to use elements both free & for the Pro users


Zoom is one of the mainstream platforms for hosting online meetings or for online video calls. It is the most used platform in the professional industry. For a coach, it is perfect for long lessons that can also be recorded and accessed later.

Main Features

  • Webinars. Create webinars with HD video and audio, and host private and group video calls.
  • Recordings. Video calls can be recorded and shared.
  • Events. Schedule events, invite only those you want, and share the video room via a link or password.
  • Register.Register in one click with your Gmail.
  • Chat. Chat with your team during or after the video call.
  • Screen recording. Apart from your web-camera recording, you can display the recording on your screen.
  • Responsive. Use the Zoom app for mobile phones, tablets, and computers, or use Zoom Web.

However, it is also worth mentioning that Zoom as a stand-alone won’t work out quite well for your coaching business expansion, so a better choice would be to choose a platform that offers everything; plus, Zoom as an integration.


MailerLite specializes in creating automated email campaigns and selling digital products. For you, as an online coach, it is a perfect opportunity to market your brand.

Main Features

  • Email campaigns. Create email campaigns with the intuitive drag & drop builder.
  • Automations. Schedule and personalize the emails you send.
  • Digital products. Create and sell digital products.
  • Analytics. Track your progress to develop your business.
  • Websites. Create your own websites.
  • Sign up. With signup forms, you can effectively build your audience.


Hootsuite is one of the most useful tools for marketing your brand on social media. It allows you to plan and schedule posts and manage your business marketing on multiple social media.

Main Features

  • Publish. Schedule and publish your content on different social media with Hootsuite’s simplified process.
  • Engage. View all reactions you get on social media and engage with the feedback.
  • Monitor. You can view your gains and losses with analytics and reports and create a new path for progress.
  • Advertise. Hootsuite provides you with different tools to advertise your content easily and without much time loss.


Notion is the best platform that comes in with an app for planning, writing, and even teamwork. As a coach, you will definitely need it. For example, did you know that with Notion templates, you can create a personalized dashboard with multiple pages related to goals, daily affirmations, budgets, etc.?

Well, you definitely can! Although Notion can also be silently installed on macOS devices, another app explicitly created for MacOs and worked like Notion is called - Craft. However, Notion wins in Free criteria as you can make everything you want for free on Notion (unless you decide to purchase paid templates), but in Craft, if you reach a specific block limitation, you will have to pay for further usage. You'll also find different Notion replacements that offer note-taking, project management, team communication, and even CRM capabilities.

Let’s get back on track and review the Main features of Notion!

Main Features

  • Table Database Block
  • Text Editor
  • Lots of Columns & Blocks
  • Ready to use Templates
  • Public Pages
  • Customization Options

Factors to consider when choosing an online coaching platform

As far as we are clear on the toolset front, it is time to get onto the platforms. And before listing the best in the market, let’s understand what you should look for in a good online platform. So, here are the main factors to consider:

  • Good User Interface․ If you want to enjoy the platform of your choice, then it must have good UI and be beginner friendly.
  • Customization. Also, a good platform won’t lack customization options available, e.g., some may offer a full course and website builders.
  • Integrations. As a coach, your platform of choice should also offer integrations with various third-party tools that can be useful throughout training.

There are many other factors to consider, but those are the Must-have ones. Now let’s dive into the next point.

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7 best platforms for online coaching

Finally, it is time to review the top 7 Best Platforms for online coaching available nowadays. All of these platforms are unique and sufficient in multiple ways; you just have to choose the one that will work best for you.

#1 Uteach

Uteach is in the first place of our listing as it completely deserves the earned 5 out of 5-star reputation.

Uteach is one of the rare platforms that offers each and every tool necessary to build and expand a powerful online coaching business. It is great not only for coaches but also for educators and online course creators in general.

With Uteach, you will be able to build a website, sell both digital & physical products, host webinars, and much more. So, let’s simply take a look at the main features of this platform.

Main Features

  • Website Builder. Uteach offers a powerful yet simple usage drag & drop visual website builder. With this tool, you can build your website in a few minutes and customize it anyhow you would like.
  • Course Builder tool that Uteach offers also comes in with SEO-optimization features to ensure that the course will rank higher in SERPs.
  • Uteach is one of the first platforms in the online education market that offers end-to-end Live Lessons, plus lots of useful integrations for hosting ones, including Zoom & InSpace.
  • Integrations. Uteach does not lack integrations and offers everything you need to enhance the user experience. You can learn more about the integrations in the “Integrate Third-party Tools To Your Online Teaching Website” article.
  • Assessments. Uteach realized the vitality of tracking students’ or coachees’ progress and offered a quiz builder tool alongside the certificate builder.
  • Automation of teaching processes, including messaging, notifications, attendance checking, homework assignments & calendars


Uteach offers three pricing plans with a 14-day free trial run period for each.

The Basic Plan comes in with all the Basic features to start off with and costs $39 off purchases on a monthly basis and $29 per month if purchased annually.

The Pro Plan costs $99 if purchased monthly and $79 annually, and it offers more advanced functionality sufficient for business expansion. It remains one of the most popular and feature-rich plans.

The Business Plan comes in handy with everything that the Pro offers, plus up to 20 admins, priority product support, and a personal manager. If you purchase it on a monthly basis, the price is $249; if annually, then the price per month will be discounted and cost only $199.


  • All-in-one platform - build a website, publish courses, host live coaching sessions, sell digital & physical products and control every aspect of your online coaching business, including marketing & payments, from one place.
  • Easy-to-use. User Interface of Uteach is incredibly beginner friendly, and you do not need any coding skills to use and build an online business with it.
  • Affordable. If we compare Uteach with its competitors in many areas, it offers more advanced functionality at the same time remaining even more affordable.
  • Automation that allows you to save time on routine tasks and focus on real coaching and task that will make your business even more scalable.

It simply offers all the necessary features & tools for establishing and expanding a successful & scalable Online Coaching Business.

Uteach homepage

#2 Mighty Networks

Mighty Network is an amazing platform for coaching since it provides you with a web version and an Android and iOS app.

Main Features

  • Community. Mighty Networks allows you to manage any number of members, whether it is about dozens or thousands.
  • Customize and individualize. Each member will see individualized content in their feed according to their settings.
  • Welcome & Discovery. New members can easily adjust to the app and the course flow with the Welcome & Discovery sections. And the older members of the community members are encouraged to help out new members.
  • Connect. Your community members can customize their profiles and chat with each other. They can match by category, location, and interest. There are options for group and private chats.
  • Branding. Mighty Networks provides you with functions of white labeling, including customization of your landing page and domain name.
  • Migration. With Mighty Networks, it’s super easy to migrate from one platform or another. It won't be a problem even if you have thousands of community members.
  • Course builder. The course builder in this platform is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Live lessons. Mighty Networks allows you to host live streams, which is one of the most important features for coaches.


The Community Plan will allow you to build your own website for $33/month yearly or $39/month if paid monthly.

The Business plan ($99/mo yearly and $119/mo monthly) is similar to the Community plan but includes a wider range of features, analytics, and certain third-party integrations.

Mighty Pro will provide you with your branded app in Google Play and App Store, alongside other amazing features. For Mighty Pro, you must negotiate the price with the providers.

#3 Noomi

Noomii is a popular network created for professional coaches. Unlike most of the platforms that generally concentrate on traditional education, this one is full of features for online coaching.

Main Features

  • Client leads. One way to get clients is through directory listing, where clients can find you and contact you based on the description of your profession (coaching niche) on Noomii.
  • Referral program. The referral program is when a client contacts Noomii for them to refer to a coach for a more specific type of coaching that will fulfill their needs.
  • U training. Apart from that, you can access all the courses on Noomii to grow as a professional.
  • Features. Every coach has a chance to be featured on Noomii’s homepage, which will increase traffic to your page, and most likely result in more clients.
  • Audio interview. One of Noomii’s HR members will host a 5-minute audio interview with you that will later be published on your page. You can show your personality and coaching methods to attract clients with that interview.


There is free Noomi that provides you with the coach directory and sales Academy, and there is Noomii pro that provides you with all the other features. The paid version costs $447 / year. If you don’t make any income to cover your subscription throughout the year, Noomii will refund 100% of the payment.

#4 Thinkific

Indeed, many of you have heard about Thinkific; it is also one of the best platforms out there for online course creators and coaches.

Main Features

  • Course Builder. With this tool, you can build and customize your courses.
  • Website Builder allows you to customize the appearance of your website.
  • Cohort Based Classes
  • Membership Site Builder feature to build and manage amazing membership sites


Thinkific comes in with four pricing plans.

The Free version offers all the basic functionality enough for course laceration and first sales.

The Basic plan is available for purchase for $49 a month if purchased on a monthly basis and for $39 per month if purchased yearly. It comes in handy with more advanced features.

The Pro plan offers everything that Basic does, plus two site admins, priority support, and other advanced functionality. It is available for purchase for $99 on a monthly basis and $79 per month if purchased annually.

And the last plan that Thinkific offers is Premier, which costs $499 monthly or $399 per month if purchased annually.

Check Best Thinkific alternatives and Uteach vs Thinkific articles.

Thinkific homepage

#5 Satori

Satori is another amazing program that provides coaches with their niche on the Web. It is a powerful tool that will help you simplify the “software” part of your work, so you can concentrate more on the actual coaching.

Main Features

  • Coaching bundles. You can sell packages with multiple session agreements that have the same intake forms and tracking as usual offers.
  • Personalized proposals. Easily enough, you can create individual coaching agreements and send them through email.
  • Group features. Coach multiple people at the same time with workshops and coaching groups.
  • Seamless client cooperation
  • Branding. White label your booking and login page for building your own brand.
  • Notifications and notes
  • Check-ins. Create custom quizzes to assess the progress of your clients.
  • Dashboard. With a client-oriented dashboard, your clients can schedule appointments with you on their own, review billing history, check the agreements, etc.
  • Billing. Create custom billing and automate it with scheduling.


The Free plan provides you with the most basic features that are needed for online coaching. The Pioneer will help you to establish a more professional environment for $15/mo (if paid annually) or $19/mo (if paid monthly). The Trailblazer ($32/mo annually or $39/mo if paid monthly) adds more sophisticated features for tracking your progress as a brand and growing professionally.

#6 Upcoach

One of the greatest and probably quite famous platforms for online coaching is Upcoach. It is well-organized, meaning that it is smooth & easy for the clients to navigate through, so all of them can quickly orient to your hosting platform. With Upcoach, you can truly build a better client experience.

Main Features

  • Training. Create multiple-module courses with a pace individualized to fit your clients.
  • Builder. With the program editor, you can easily build different types of training programs such as individual, group, cohort, and others.
  • Meetings. Use Google calendar for scheduling meetings for yourself and your clients, and share a Zoom link with them.
  • Check-in. For online coaching, it is important to ensure your client feels good. With Upcoach’s habit tracker and todos, you can check in on your students and encourage them to grow.
  • Chats. On Upcoach, you can have private and group chats and special chats just for the admins.
  • Management. Upcoach keeps all your clients in one place, presents both you and them with reports and analytics, and allows you to create notes for keeping track of their progress.
  • Integrations. Upcoach has third-party integrations with Smart Docs, Stripe, Zoom, and more.


With a Launch subscription ($29/mo annually or $39/mo monthly), you can coach up to 30 clients.

Grow plan allows you to train up to 100 clients ($39/month annually or $49/mo monthly).

Now Scale ($79/mo annually or $99/mo monthly) does not put any limit on the number of clients.

If you have more than ten teammates, you are provided with an unlimited number of clients with the Enterprise plan. Fix the price for Enterprise by connecting with the provider.

#7 Kajabi

Kajabi is a popular platform for creating online courses as well as for coaching. It provides you with a place to share your knowledge and train people, whether you are a lifestyle coach or a school teacher. The platform is most famous for Kajabi University, an extension that allows you to learn and grow as an expert.

Main Features

  • Builder. With Kajabi’s intuitive builder, you can easily create courses for your coaching and view them from the centralized system.
  • Templates. Use templates with customizable themes, sections, and widgets to save even more time.
  • Digital products. Apart from your coaching course, you can sell digital products such as audiobooks, eBooks, documents, and bundles.
  • Third-party integrations. With Shopify and Zapier integration, you can sell physical products as well.
  • Live lessons. Using integration with YouTube, you can launch streams.
  • Quizzes. Assess the knowledge of your students with automated quizzes.
  • Certificates. Motivating your students is very important in online coaching. Creating customizable and personalized certificates on Kajabi will help you encourage your students.
  • Student coupons. Student coupons are proven to boost sales, so Kajabi allows you to create customizable student coupons.
  • Custom domain. Create a custom domain on your Kajabi site for branding.
  • SEO. Improve the visibility of your Kajabi coaching site with SEO tools.


With a 14-day free trial, you have three pricing opportunities.

A Basic($119/mo yearly or $149/mo monthly) subscription allows you to create unlimited marketing emails and site pages for one website and one admin user.

The growth plan allows ten admins to work on one website for $159/mo yearly or $199/monthly.

With a Pro subscription, you can have 25 admins on three websites for $319/mo yearly or $399/mo.

Check Uteach vs Kajabi article.

Kajabi homepage

Uteach: The best and all-in-one coaching platform

Uteach remains one of the best online coaching platforms for you. It simply offers all the necessary functionality and third-party tools integrated within to ensure a high-quality experience for you & your coachees. Plus, it comes in handy with affordable pricing.

With Uteach, you can create a full-featured website in less than a few minutes, choose from a wide range of affordable pricing plans, build & most importantly, expand your coaching business worldwide.

You will gain all the customization & branding tools, including white labeling. So, in short, it is an all-in-one potent automation that will help you to start and take your business to the next level without any limitations.

It is your time to get into it, stop the hesitation and keep going!

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