eBook Launch Successful Strategies: Publish And Sell in 2024

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .08 Apr 2024
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eBook Launch Successful Strategies: Publish And Sell in 2024

In 2024, it is not sufficient for your eBook to merely possess good quality. To generate income, you also need an effective eBook launch strategy. This article will shed light on all the steps and tips to publish and sell an eBook successfully. 

So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

What a successful ebook launch looks like

So, first of all, let’s understand what a successful launch looks like. A successful eBook launch is about a wholesome process that involves planning, execution, and analysis of the results.

To turn your eBook into a success, it's important to have high-quality content as part of a well-planned launch strategy. 

Right after the eBook is ready, it is time to prepare for pre-launch, which usually includes budget setting, marketing plan, and plan of action. On your official launch day, you will need to make necessary announcements on socials, host a webinar, and have a converting landing page to get clients

When it comes to post-launch, the main activities include analysis and further improvements. So, let’s take a look at these step-by-step processes in more detail. 

Looking at the ebook draft

Getting ready for the launch

Finally, let’s dive deeper into the eBook pre-launch process.

Calculate your expenses

First and foremost, you must calculate your expenses. It starts with calculating the costs of production and promotion

For instance, if you hired or want to hire a proofreader or professional designer to make adjustments to your eBook, then include these costs on your list. 

Besides the costs mentioned above, you also need to calculate and set an appropriate marketing budget. Focus on implementing both paid and organic strategies. During the launch of a specific product, paid promotions will work best as they are proven to be efficient with short-term results. Promotional costs might include costs for social media advertising, Google (landing page) & YouTube ads. 

Make sure the ebook is up-to-date.

Before publishing an ebook, make sure all the information in it is up-to-date. Go through it and update dates, sources, and even examples or case studies if there are any. 

You can also hire a freelance copywriter/editor to go over the ready material, provide professional feedback, and make the necessary adjustments. 

Provide a first look at the ebook

Allow users to have a sneak peek at the book.

Let’s say the cover page or a page with rather cool infographics is ready. Allow users to take a look, leave their feedback, and create a buzz before the launch. How do you achieve it? For example,  publish a social media post or story showing how you are sitting in front of the computer and working on the eBook (with the book being visible on the screen). 

However, it is not just about one post. You should aim to make them part of the process. This is a crucial step in creating lasting interest. To engage with your audience on a deeper level you can share the title of your book, ask for some feedback, tell an interesting fact about it, show your progress, etc. 

Also, you can share the author’s bio or your motivation for making the book in the first place, both on social and on your website. Create a page with a timer (it can be your landing page) before an actual launch, allowing users to sign up and pre-order. 

Roll out marketing campaigns 

After your eBook material is ready, you also want to promote it the right way. Here are a few ideas you can implement to keep the excitement and sell the first copies: 

Pre-launch offers

 If you want to keep the interest and make sure the audience is waiting for your ebook, then start with pre-launch offers. For instance, give the first ten people a discount or use coupons. To incentivize early purchases, you can set an “introductory price” for the book before the official launch day.  This strategy works if you have already managed to create that excitement. At this stage, you should also provide your prospects with a reason to get your eBook.  

Email marketing

Try to develop an email marketing strategy and an outreach campaign to communicate with your audience and generate leads before the official eBook launch.

Engagement campaigns 

Engage your audience by making them part of the process. For instance, host polls, quizzes, and questionnaires ask for recommendations from them, and so on.

Social media marketing

Have a content plan for pre-launch, during-launch, and post-launch period posts. Optimize your content and plan which posts are going to be turned into ads. Analyze the performance and add more content ideas your audience likes.

eBook platform

Decide on when and where

Time to decide when and where to publish your ebook in order to start generating sales. The important thing to remember is that you can publish your eBook on multiple platforms at once. 


Uteach is a feature-rich platform packed with useful tools for course creators and coaches. You can sell not only your eBooks and other digital downloads but online courses and coaching sessions as well. 

Here are the main features of Uteach that make it stand out among the rest:

  • Drag & Drop website builder. This will allow you to build and successfully promote your brand’s website. Also, you can create an unlimited amount of landing pages for different digital products and services offered. 
  • Pre-made templates to save your time on website building. 
  • Lots of customization features. 
  • Marketing automation to optimize email campaigns, track results, and important metrics, and grow further. 
  • Live functionality. With this platform, you do not need third-party tools to host online webinars and promote your ebook. 
  • Branded mobile app to give the customers access to your products on the go.
  •  And so much more any creator needs.

Amazon Kindle

You can sell your ebook on Amazon Kindle. Of course, to actually make sales, you will need a good promotion strategy. Here are a few tips for you: 

  • Open and optimize your Amazon seller profile 
  • Write an attractive description of the book 
  • Leverage keywords and use them for the headline, description, and even your profile 
  • Create an attractive ebook cover  
  • Publish with Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Encourage reviews 
  • Engage in communities and send promotional email campaigns linking your book to your email list. 

Also, you can actually have Uteach as your main platform and still open an account on Amazon Kindle to sell your ebooks. However, keep in mind that unlike Uteach Amazon keeps a percentage from sales. 

Apple Books

Apple Books provides tools such as editorial reviews, book charts, and themed promotions. It allows you to experiment with promotional pricing and offer limited-time discounts


Kobo is another platform helping you with eBook publishing and sales. It is one of the most popular platforms for launching eBooks. 

  • You can add your eBook to the platform (create a Kobo Writing Life account first).
  • Then, set the price for your book. 
  • After you complete these steps, in 72 hours, it will be added to the Kobo catalog. So, you will gain more visibility and exposure as an author. 
Looking at the finished eBook

Launching the eBook: The launch day

Finally, it is time to launch the book. Here are a few ideas for how you can make your eBook launch big:

Host a free webinar

Hosting a free webinar will not only help you generate leads but also contribute to the higher trust factor. To organize a webinar, you should:

  • Define the topic of the webinar. Choose the most prominent theme of your eBook and make your webinar about it. 
  • Set a date and time of the webinar in advance to make sure enough users know about it and have allocated time for it. 
  • Write a compelling title for your webinar and a short but to-the-point description. 
  • Create engaging presentation materials
  • Choose a platform to host your webinar on. Uteach will work perfectly well. 
  • Promote the webinar, generate leads, send reminders, and finally HOST it like a Pro. 

Blow up the socials

Make sure to make all the necessary announcements on social media about the launch. Prepare a nice post to publish on the day of the launch and run an ad that targets a relevant audience to promote the post. 

Also, encourage promotion and sharing within your audience. 

Push your sales landing page

Build and push your sales landing page. How to do it? Well, here are the steps to take to build a sales landing page:

  • Craft a clear, concise, yet compelling headline for the page that will immediately grasp attention. Also, make sure your headline communicates your main message right away. For example: “Change Your Destiny: 5 Mindset Shifts that Will Change Your Life”. 
  • Write an SEO-optimized and engaging book description. The description must communicate the main theme and message of the book. Besides, ensure that the description is written in a way that communicates not just the “features” but “benefits.” For example, do not write “Tip 1: Wheel of Life”; instead, write “Tip 1: Understand where You are Now to Change the course of Your Life.” Essentially, focus on what the buyer will gain after reading the book. 
  • Display high-quality visuals and stick to your branding. Pay attention to the loading speed of the page to ensure that it loads fast. 
  • Have a separate section that describes key features and benefits of the book. 
  • Write a section about yourself - Author’s BIO. 
  • Make sure that your website is mobile responsive
  • Display pricing information and offer limited-time discounts to encourage purchase. 
  • Add a section for testimonials and reviews to increase credibility. 

Let’s say the page is ready. Well, it is time to promote it. Here is how: 

  • Share the link to your landing page on your social media platforms. 
  • Host an email marketing campaign linking your landing page. 
  • Turn on paid Google advertising for your page. It is important to choose a relevant target for this method to work well. 
Reading an eBook finished product

What happens after the eBook launch

Preparing before the launch and promotions are, of course, vital, but never forget about what happens after the launch. 

Keep up with the statistics.

One of the most important aspects after the launch is keeping track of vital metrics, such as ad performance, eBook sales, KPIs, social media metrics, etc. 

Keeping track of the statistics allows you to get a clear picture of how well your strategies worked as well as where they can be improved. So, analyze the results and create better strategies for future promotions. 

Keep the campaigns going 

Do not turn off all the social media, email, and Google ad campaigns right after the launch. That is a big mistake. For a certain period, you still need to continue with the campaigns to gain new clients and gather feedback from the existing ones. 

Also, keep in mind that your lead must still be nurtured even after they become your paid client. To ensure you build long-term relationships and trust to retain the client, you must continue with the campaigns. Just add the ones who purchased the book to another campaign group. 

Build social trust with testimonials

Building an online reputation is vital for your business’s success. So, start with building reviews and asking for client testimonials from those who have purchased the book. 

Positive feedback will not only encourage and reassure future buyers; it will greatly impact their purchase decision. 


  1. How much does it cost to start an eBook?

The cost of starting an eBook may vary depending on several factors, such as content creation, editing & proofreading, cover design, publishing, and marketing. If you create the whole book yourself, your main expense areas will be final proofreading/editing and marketing. 

On average, an eBook’s proofreading and editing services cost $15/hour. And marketing costs, with optimized campaigns across platforms, will be around $100-150/mo. So, essentially, you will need $100 - $300 to publish and promote your eBook. 

  1. What are the most popular formats for eBooks? 

The most popular and convenient eBook formats are EPUB and PDF. These file types are widely supported, responsive, and open effortlessly on different devices. 

  1. How to publish an eBook for free? 

You can publish your eBook for free on your website or appropriate platform. For instance, if you choose Amazon Kindle, you can publish your eBook for free. However, with every sale, Amazon keeps a percentage of the profit made. You can also publish your eBook as a digital download on your Uteach website for free and earn 100% of profits from it. 

Launching an eBook business from home

Let’s get your ebook launch going

Launching an eBook is just the first step. Essentially, it is a wholesome process that requires a good plan of action to make sales. As this article covered earlier, there are 3 main preparation stages, each with several steps to complete.

The most important steps include choosing a platform to launch your eBook, building a sales page, and implementing various marketing campaigns. 

If you are ready to start this process, then we recommend the best platform to begin with - Uteach. 

Uteach is the ultimate platform that helps you successfully publish and launch your eBooks. With Uteach, you can start and grow your course creation, coaching, or online training platform easily. Besides, this tool allows you to sell digital and physical products such as ebooks. 

Due to built-in SEO and easy user interface, Uteach is a perfect tool for those who want to start and successfully grow their business while saving time and resources. It will allow you to upload and sell digital downloads such as eBooks and infographics, host courses and live webinars, use analytics features, and use marketing automation. 

Book a Demo call with Us to find out how Uteach can help you sell your eBook. 

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