How to Use Instagram Reels in Your Teaching Business

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 07 Jun 2021
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How to Use Instagram Reels in Your Teaching Business

Of all the social media platforms that have become a part of our daily life, Instagram is one of the most effective platforms that is constantly changing. To meet the audience’s needs, this platform provides more targeted content related to the market interests and preferences. The Instagram reels section is one of the latest features highly accepted in the market and earns wider popularity.

What is Reel in Instagram?

To make the long story short, this was especially effective after TikTok aroused interest in the market. Then Instagram launched Reels as their feature or tool to create and publish video content. People who used TikTok before immediately learned how to post reels on Instagram and increase their brand awareness, as well as the number of customers and revenue. 

These days, shaping a clear image of how to use Instagram reels becomes critical for your business to sustain social success. You may reach the potential and active learners and engage them with helpful content here.

Why You Should Use Reels on Instagram

Instagram reels are an excellent feature for creating videos if you are not a master in video editing. Besides, if we consider that Instagram limits your engagement when you do not use the new features, you are highly recommended to use reels.

Why you should use Reels on Instagram

Everything is simple here and easy to implement, from trimming the video to adding background sound or music, captions, etc. This will increase your profile engagement, grow your followers, and help you reach more Instagrammers interested in similar content.

The reel is a function that helps you to create fun videos to share with your potential learners, friends, or anyone on Instagram. Record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools. You can share reels with your followers on the feed. And this is not all. If you have a public account, the reels’ content becomes available to the broader Instagram community through a new space in Explore. Spins in Explore allows you to become a creator on Instagram and reach new audiences on a global stage.

How to Use Instagram Reels?

You may benefit from Instagram Reels if you have launched a new course and want to reach a broader market or increase people’s awareness of your teaching services. They will help you reach your social-based goals. And now that you are already familiar with this tool and its benefits, I will present some ways of using Instagram reels to get better results for your eLearning business. Let’s go!

#1 Share Some Knowledge

Educate your audience.

Whether you want to share funny or severe content, you may introduce it in your reels in an informative way. Instagram Reels is an effective way to educate the audience and share any form of content. While companies and individuals can post to Instagram from Mac for more quality, Reels are another way to more engagement.

Create a reel on any topic many people are interested in learning. Evoke a WOW effect among your audience members, sharing educative knowledge material on your target niche.

#2 Demonstrate and Share

Even if you have created the most detailed knowledge content in your subject matter, your potential learners may miss it if you do not share it on various platforms, letting people know about it.

Demonstrating and Sharing

It seems that Instagram favors Reels over other types of content within the application. If you open and check the Explore page, you will see that Instagram Reels videos have more views than video content in the feed or IGTV. This is a critical reason why Instagram Reels must be prioritized at the top of your list. This is a perfect opportunity to show off what you got and expand your potential audience reach.

Try to be creative when showing off your products or services. Do not worry or be afraid to use trending music and voiceovers that will help to reach more people who will increase the awareness of your content by sharing your take on the trend with their friends.

#3 Ask and Answer

Learn the needs of your target audience. Ask them about their concerns and know their questions. In your reels, answer these questions, and share advice and valuable tips. Make the potential learners feel you care about them and their knowledge base. In this way, you will also avoid repeatedly answering the same question. Instead, people will discover, or you will send your reel, and they will become satisfied. 

Providing reliable answers to the learners’ concerns will evoke their trust in you and your material.  Answering frequently asked questions via Instagram Reels is an engaging way to provide your audience insight on something that may be second nature to you. Most importantly, an Instagram Reel is always available to re-share. And sometimes, this is the goal.

#4 Uncover and Let the Audience Learn More

You need to present engaging content to increase your post's engagement and reach more watchers. What may interest your audience more than who you are?

Uncover and let the audience learn more

Try to be honest and sincere, as these days, people want to be in the know. Social media is used to make it possible. Sharing some knowledge uncovering the curtains, and presenting more is a way to gain more trust. In your Instagram Reels, post videos where you share some of your daily life or career-related activities. Be creative, make it fun, and present curious content that differs from what your audience used to get.

Do not feel shy about sharing a different format of video content related to personal life activities. It may be about what you prefer to eat for breakfast or which songs you listen to to be motivated for the upcoming course creation. Be, feel, and speak confidently.

#5 Be Honest and Stay True

You are always who you are. Introducing yourself in a way you are not will provide temporary success (even if it does). Showing your personality, preferences, and beliefs toward professional material is excellent for using Instagram Reels. Find the golden mean between sharing unique content related to educational activities that interest your audience. Do not shy about adding fun as long as it relates to your audience preferences.

Features that are available for Creating Reels

Like Instagram Stories, Reels also offers a range of various features for you to use and improve your video.

Features that are available for creating Reels

Now let’s identify all the features that are available for you and learn what they help to do:

- Length – choose 15 seconds or 30 seconds.  
- Timer – you get an opportunity to set a timer before recording. Once you do it, a countdown occurs before the recording starts.  
- Speed – Change your video's speed, speed up, or slow down your video. The options are 0.3x, 0.5x, 1x, 2x and 3x speed.  
- Audio – You can choose a song from a wide range of music. You can also use your own, labeled as “Original Audio.” Business accounts, however, do not have access to this feature due to copyright.  
- Effects – as in the case of Stories, you can use various effects and filters within your Reels.  
- Remix – this feature allows the users to effectively interact with other clips, creating new versions and adding new tones to the original upload.

Summing Up

Instagram Reels are very useful for reaching your target market, getting in touch with them, and engaging the members in your services. The world is constantly changing, so should you do. Follow the trends, analyze the market concerns and preferences, and stand out from the competition. Make your services available and accessible. Good Luck!

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