Virtual Classes: The Future of eLearning

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 16 Jun 2021
11 min read
Virtual Classes: The Future of eLearning


The demand for virtual classes is very high and still on the rise. These days more and more learners want to be able to access a type of learning that is designed to suit their preferences and needs. The internet has adjusted learning and there has never been an easier way for individual learners to take part in online courses, improve their skills and gain qualifications. 


Virtual Classes Meaning


What does virtual mean? What is a virtual classroom? A virtual classroom is an environment for digital learning that allows teachers and students to connect online in real-time. In virtual classrooms, education providers make use of video conferencing, online whiteboards, and screen sharing to allow educators to hold live lectures, virtual office hours, and discussions with learners in an interactive setting. Virtual classrooms are meant to transform the experience of physical classrooms, of course, with some additional benefits of file sharing, instant feedback, and interaction and are ideal in distance learning situations. The online system of a virtual classroom makes it possible for the learners and trainers to communicate and collaborate. Virtual classrooms are typically cloud-based teaching software solutions that are a part of larger LMS (learning management systems). They are highly modifiable and accessible to users on a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops.


Pros and Cons of Virtual Learning


Currently, a virtual classroom is an online space that shares some features of traditional classrooms but is still different in other ways. In such a virtual environment human connection is ensured, which is a vital element of classroom teaching that video-on-demand courses do not have and extremely miss. In a virtual classroom, teachers establish interaction with learners in real-time. Here the students can voice their questions and interact with peers in a similar way as they do in a regular classroom; however, this time over the internet. Now, let’s go on and discuss the pros of virtual learning.




Advantages of Virtual Learning


According to some statistics by Education Data, these days 85% of surveyed online learners said that they found distance learning the same as or even better than traditional classroom-based courses. Another research by the World Economic Forum shows that the global online education market is also projected to reach US$350 billion by 2025. So, isn’t this the classroom of the future? But what are the main points of benefits? Let’s find out together.


#1 Better Accessibility


Virtual classrooms are accessible for everybody who is connected to the internet and have access to any form of tech device. People who can not attend pieces of traditional training get an opportunity to fill in the gap with online classes. So, this approach provides better accessibility. There is no kind of limitation related to location.


#2 Increasing Inclusivity


Virtual lessons are more inclusive and interactive for the learners. Here the education providers offer different interesting tasks, make use of quizzes, interactive chats, and bring gamification in education. Such teaching activities are more interesting for the learners and they engage in the educational process more easily and with great pleasure. Learning topics with interactive tasks is easier and more fun. So, people tend to like this form of learning more.


#3 Cost-Effectiveness


Digital learning makes it possible both for the learners and the trainer to save the money that was previously spent on transportation, printed material, and similar expenses. People may take part in classes that take place online from abroad even without traveling to that specific country or location. They will save this money. For the students, this is a great opportunity to learn in international universities or from authoritative individual specialists. As for the trainers, they get an opportunity to share valuable knowledge through the unlimited digital channels, saving all the budget they would spend on various expenses in case of the traditional teaching process.




#4 Expanding Market and Worldview


Along with the decreasing costs, as well as improving inclusivity and better accessibility, more and more people tend to look for such services. As there is no limitation related to distance, the market is expanding and more people are involved in the field. This increases the awareness of people about virtual lessons and shapes various opinions of participants related to the industry as well as to individual specialists who offer teaching services through their personal educational portal.

If you are also an education provider, regardless of your industry, take into account this point. Virtual classes will help to increase your brand awareness and reach a wider market. Accordingly, the chance to achieve a higher level of success will be greater.


#5 Immediate Feedback


Online teaching makes it possible to provide feedback immediately. As every activity is implemented through online channels, there is no need to wait until the next day of training to provide feedback or results. Teachers get in touch with the students through various forms of digital platforms, online channels, and live chats.

If you are a trainer and choose individual teaching platforms you may even make use of different automation tools that make the process easier and provide feedback absolutely immediately. One of such tools is quiz builders. The power of test automation is great in education. Imagine you create a quiz or test and the learners get their results as soon as they pass the test and submit the answers. The system automatically checks the results, of course, taking into consideration the right options you provide in advance. Isn’t this great? Surely, it is.


#6 Automation Help


As you have already understood, automation is a great advantage of virtual lessons. They help to save your time, energy, and effort that was previously spent on mechanical work. Now you can avoid it and automate your teaching process regardless of your industry or field of experience. Everything is teachable and teaching in any industry may be automated.

Besides quizzes, you may automate the process of certificate generation. The system may automatically create certificates for those students (with the names they have registered on your platform) who have passed the tests with positive marks.




And, in case you are fond of live lessons, you may rely on another scheduling function. You may create the lessons of your overall training and schedule them taking into account the number of days on every week or month. Once you set the timetable, the students will be automatically notified about the details of the lesson and get email letters with the latest updates. So, you will not have to be in touch with them in order to inform them.


#7 Anywhere and Anytime


Have you ever wondered about traveling the world at the same time managing to work and earn money? Then this is a good choice for you. As an education or skill provider, you have an opportunity to establish an online school and get the benefits of virtual classes. Share knowledge, skills, and experience regardless of the fact where you are and what time it is. Just get access to digital devices and have a stable connection to the internet. The ret depends on how hardworking you are and what preferences you have. Online teaching portals give you the opportunity to work everywhere and at any time.


#8 Effective Time Management


When you know you do not have to spend time on transportation, waiting at the bus stations, or wasting your time in a traffic jam in order to arrive at any location of a training center, school, or a similar institution, you get the authority to manage your time.

The ability to set your timeline and schedule the to-do list is very beneficial for us. Online teaching provides this opportunity which helps to achieve more effective time management. What is more expensive than our time? Of course, nothing. Learn to manage your time effectively, and you will have more time to do what you love.


Disadvantages of Virtual Learning


In spite of all the good points mentioned above, virtual lessons have also several disadvantages that prevent some people from going digital in the educational process. And here we are to list these points making the expected experience more clear for you.


#1 Lack of Realistic Experience


It is absolutely necessary to create a form of virtual experience that is relevant to the learners’ career preferences, interests, or everyday work environments. If you miss out on this point, your students may find the virtual environments you worked hard to create and promote boring or irrelevant. In this case, they will not be likely to engage with your virtual training. For instance, you can create gamified simulations that help your customer care representatives handle realistic and difficult customer concerns at the moment throughout their onboarding process.




You can also start virtual training sessions for your remote employees who are learning how to navigate a new software you have implemented to help them with their everyday work.


#2 Limited Feedback and Engagement


Although I have mentioned that the feedback is immediate in the case of virtual classes, it is not always possible to provide detailed feedback through an online connection. If the teacher may explain a wrong answer of the student’s in detail during a traditional lesson, this chance is not so developed in the case of an online version. Accordingly, the communication level is not so high and the participants are not likely to be engaged.

Therefore, this is not a proven fact. Everything depends on you, your energy, and your enthusiasm. I am sure, you will find the best possible ways to arouse the interest in the market towards your educational material and present engaging training content the students will be glad to learn.


#3 Increasing Isolation


People who use to learn new professions or improving their skills online tend to spend much time in digital reality. As a result, they get used to communication through online channels and avoid real-time interactions with people. If during the traditional training students meet their classmates, and teachers, during the virtual classes they just interact with the technological devices.

In this way, these people become isolated. They do not prefer human interaction and just go deeper into the learning process. This form of isolation may have a negative result on the learners. That is why some of them avoid learning online and attend traditional offline training to communicate with people in a real environment.


#4 Technical Issues


Sharing knowledge online through virtual classes, online courses, webinars, or live meetings is very trendy and essential to cover if you want to go further in the educational industry. However, it requires some technical skills. Online teaching is implemented through various eLearning channels. These are technologies that may have issues from time to time. Accordingly, you should have a clear understanding of the training technology or technique you rely on.




To avoid facing such issues or immediately solving them, you should work with an educational website builder. Their support team always works on improving the quality of offered services and tools. And, in the case of any issue, they are always there to learn your concern and provide the best possible solution in the shortest possible time.


Ready to Start Your Virtual Classes?


You are already familiar with the most essential factors about virtual classes that are worthy of consideration. Now you may decide on the right choice.




Of course, there are various advantages and benefits of online teaching both for the trainers and the learners. And, as I have mentioned, there are also some cons. You should consider the preferences of yours as well as those of your target market to find the golden mean and go for it. But, before, stop for a  moment and take into consideration that the future is going digital. Every industry of our lives tends to be automated in order to decrease human enforcement.

Digitalization comes to make our daily life easier and more modernized. So, we also should follow the trends and go along the flow in order not to be late and stay away from the competition.

Keep in mind that you have valuable knowledge and skills people are ready to pay for. Start your online school today and go for your success.

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