How to create a form


Effective communication with your students starts with a well-designed form. Forms also serve as a great way to gather feedback from students. Here’s how to create one.

Follow this path to access the form section. 

Step 1. Dashboard ➡️ Marketing ➡️ Forms


Accessing the forms on the Uteach website.

If you already have created forms, they will be displayed here.


Step 2. Click on the Create a new Form button, as shown in the picture. 


Step 3. Fill in the main information.


Creating a form on the Uteach website.

As you are directed to the next section, you will need to write

  • Title - insert a name for the form
  • Add image - upload an image to make the form visually appealing
  • Description - write a few words about the purpose of the form or how the students are expected to fill that in. 
  • Author - click on the dropdown arrow to choose the author

You can activate the No registration required toggleif you want the students to be able to fill in the form without registering on the website


Choosing the author

Save and go ahead. 


You can activate Send an Email after submitting toggle if  you want to send an email message after the users submit the form you created. You just need to fill in the email subject, body and attach a file if necessary.


Sending the email after submitting

Step 4. Add the questions. 


Choosing the question   

Insert your question in the corresponding field. You can as well add a picture or a video material to accompany the question. 

If you want to make the question compulsory, activate the Requiredtoggle.

Next up is choosing the answer type. You can select one of the options displayed in the list.

  • Multiple choice
  • Choice of one right answer
  • Dropdown
  • Short text
  • Long text
  • Picture choice
  • Upload a file answer

If you have chosen the multiple-choice option, click on Add new answer. Indicate the right answer to the question. For another question, click the Save & add new question button.

Step 5. Settings

The following are the main options for your form status that you can select from.


Draft- Select this option if the form is not yet complete and you wish to save it in your dashboard for future modifications.

Publish-  Select this option if the form is ready to be filled in by students.

Unlisted- select this option so only the students you send the link to can access the form.

Choosing the status for the Uteach form as Draft, Publish or Unlisted.

Step 6.  SEO details

Filling in this information is not compulsory. However, you can add it for SEO purposes.


Filling in the SEO details for the form.

SEO title - this will show on the search engine results page

SEO description - below the title, searchers can read a short description

Form keywords - add some words or phrases that searchers can you in the queries so that they find your Live session on the search engine results page.

Important Note: If you want the students to see the form questions at once, not the title and description part, click the Start button. As your form opens, copy the link and use it. 


Opening the form by clicking on the Start button.

However, if you copy the form's general URL, the students will first see the form title and description. 


If you have any questions send us an email at [email protected] or click the blue icon below to chat 😊