How to create promo codes


One of the best things about Uteach is that you can apply discounts and promo codes to your live sessionsproductscoursesbundles. Promo codes create a sense of urgency that will encourage your students to enroll before the code expires.

Follow these simplest steps and bring joy to your students.


Step 1. Go to the Dashboard Marketing  Coupons


In this section, you can access the promo codes you created with the discount amount, expiration date, and everything else.


Also, here,you have the filtering option where you can filter the codes by


  • generated group
  • learning content, 
  • name, 
  • creation date
  • coupon type
  • expiration date 


Step 2. Click on the Create a New Promo Code button

Step 3. Fill in the information boxes.


Selecting a section for the promo code.


From the dropdown list, choose which item the promo code refers to. The available options are Courses, Live Sessions, Products, and Bundles. 

Next, you can choose the promo code type. 


Selecting the promo code type.

The available options include Amount Discount & Percentage Discount.

If you choose the Amount Discount, here’s what you need to fill in.


  • Amount of discount - this shows how much price off the promo code gives. For example, if you write 30, the promo code will give 30 $ off the purchase. 
  • Discounted course-  choose which of your courses the promo code applies to. When enrolling in that particular course, the students will have the opportunity to enter your promo code. Note that if you don’t choose a specific course, the promo code will apply to all of them.
  • Promo code - insert what a student should put in the corresponding section to get a discount.
  • Expires at - click on the calendar icon to set an expiration date. If you skip this step, the discount will last until you set a date or delete the promo code.
  • Number of Usage Per Promo Code  - shows how many times your promo code can be activated.



If you choose the Percentage discount option and insert, for example, 15%, the promo code will give 15% off the actual price. 


Next, you will fill in the same information as for the Amount Discount option: percentage of discount, discounted course, promo code, expiration date, and the number of coupons. 

Step 4. As you are done, click on the Save button. 


How to create promo codes in bulk


If you want to generate promo codes in bulk,activate the “Create promo codes in bulk” toggle and write the count below.


Then head to the Settings > General Settings > Course Settings: Activate the toggles 



After that, the buyers can buy the courses in bulk.




The buyer should click on “Buy in bulk” and then insert the quantity. The system generates the promo codes that grant a 100% discount.


After the successful payment, head to Profile >Promo Codes. Here, you can copy the codes or Export the list.



In the promo codes section, you have the opportunity to filter the data by


  • Generated group
  • learning content
  • name
  • creation and expiration date
  • type  

Here, you have the opportunity to download the filtered data.


 Voila! Now, every time students want to purchase the live session, course, product, or bundle, they will be able to insert the promo code and get a discount.


If you have any questions about coupons, discounts, or anything at all, send us an email at [email protected] or click the blue icon below to chat 😊