How to use CRM



With Uteach, you can implement the CRM feature to manage interactions with students and track their progress effectively. 


This way you can store information about students, such as their contact information, course progress, and performance data, which can help you provide personalized instruction and support.

To access this feature, follow this path.

Step 1. Go to Dashboard ➡️ Marketing ➡️ CRM


Accessing the CRM subtab on the Uteach dashboard.

All fields you create will be displayed here. 

Step 2. Click on Create a new field button.


As the form window opens, fill in the required information.


How to use CRM


Type your question in the corresponding field. As for the types, you can choose between the following options by clicking on the dropdown arrow.

  • Checkbox
  • Text
  • Large text
  • Phone number
  • Date
  • Date range

You can also choose where the CRM field answers will be visible.


If you check the Visible in search box, the field answers will be visible in your dashboard. There is also an option to show it on the student’s profile.


If you check the Show on the student's profile,the added fields will be visible in your student's profile. 


If you check the Show in the registration form, the field will be visible on the registration form. Choose the field type and mark it as Required.


How to use CRM

And students will see this form.


How to use CRM



When you choose the Checkbox type, you can add the options below in the corresponding field.

Step 3. As everything is done, click on the Save button below.

After saving, you can see the confirmation message.

Now your students can access the fields from their profiles. 


The way the CRM firlds are displayed on the students' profiles.

Once they fill in the information, you will be able to see the answers in your dashboard.

To access the answers go to Dashboard ➡️ Users ➡️ Students

Click on the editing icon in front of the student’s name.


Accessing the edit button from dashboard.

As you scroll down, you can see their answers. 

You can apply filters to make this process easier. 

Click on the Fields button and tick the boxes of your desired question and the corresponding answers will display. 


Field you can add.

You can filter the students’ data by clicking on the Filter button and choosing the desired items from the category lists. 


Filtering students according to groups.

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