8 Steps to Create Sales Pages

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 02 Dec 2020
5 min read
8 Steps to Create Sales Pages

Sales pages secure sales for your product. In this case, we’ll focus on online teaching services. Sales pages become alternative advertisements for your website. 

You introduce informative content about your platform and let the visitors shape a clear image of what you do and how you may help them. In this way, you make sales pages that alternatively advertise your services, help you gain followers, and let people know about you and your provided service.

In this article, I’m going to introduce the 8 most important steps to take into account while creating sales pages. Let’s go on!

STEP 1: Decide who your audience is going to be

The first thing to do when creating a sales page, ask yourself who your audience is going to be. When knowing your target market, it becomes easier to provide expected information to specify the audience you’re targeting. 

First of all, you need to understand your audiences’ needs and the reason they should buy your product or use your service.

Send your sales pages to people who may be related to the introduced service and need it. For example, let’s imagine that your sales page is about video shorteners, you should send your sales page to YouTubers, video production managers, video editors, and other related people. 

STEP 2: Decide what you should include on the page

The message you transfer is the most essential factor. On the sales page include the benefits of your service or product. Do not focus on what you offer but what they will get. 

Tell them how their lives will be changed by participation in your service or buying your product.

To imagine everything more clearly, find out the missing point. Think about the problems that your product will solve, or how your service will help people achieve their goals. Finally, tell people why your sales page is worth viewing and reading. 

STEP 3: Prove that your service or product works 

In order to prove that your product or your service will cause improvements, include success stories. For instance, you can compare the level of knowledge students have before and after taking part in your online courses. This certainly demonstrates how well your services work.

If it is possible, have photographs, diagrams, or any visual as proof. This will help people be convinced that you will not waste their money. 

STEP 4: Determine the cost

The price plays one of the most important roles when it comes to creating a sales page. Offer them several pricing options. Make sure to simplify the price section and tell them the benefit of each price. 

Research shows that prices ending with 9 will help you gain customers, this type of pricing significantly outperforms round numbers.  

There is another opinion. Psychology shows that most people tend to accept the first piece of information they see. Therefore place the high price in the beginning. Use an attractive quality design to emphasize the package you want to stand out on the sales page. 

STEP 5: Determine the length of the sales page 

The length of the sales page depends on what the copy is for and what kind of response is expected from your visitors. Long descriptions are helpful for services and goods that need a lot of explanation. 

However, if there is an opportunity to explain your service or good shortly, then do so. Currently, people are lazy to read long texts.

STEP 6: Have an incredible design

Sales pages must be eye-catching to have a result. Therefore, the sales page design should aim at building trust and guiding the reader along with an experience. 

The sales page is supposed to draw the reader down the page and raise their interest. It is a valuable point. The header is the most important part of the sales page that creates the desire to keep reading. Include high-quality images that help to illustrate the benefits.
Header, chards, graphs, and videos add a touch of quality and professionalism. They help the reader better understand the service or the product. Mix up the elements of your sales page and alternate images with text, add bullet points. 

Do not miss to add some colors to catch the visitors’ attention. Most importantly, avoid repetitions not to bore the reader. 

STEP 7: "About Us" Page

“About Us” pages may also be useful in increasing authority and accordingly, sales. You do not have to write an overly long biography. 

Mention some points that make you trustworthy in your industry. Include your experience, licenses, certificates, and most importantly your educational background. 

These points will help the audience to gain trust. You can also add a video, which will be a short introduction to your business and will describe your personality. This way you will give details about yourself. 

Yet, at the same time, it will be focused on the reader. 

STEP 8: Leave your social media accounts and make it easier for the connection with you easier for the viewer

Your sales page viewers who find the service required will need to contact you. It should be more than easy. Create “Call to Action” buttons and guide them to registration pages or to specific product/service pages.

At the very bottom of your page, leave all of your social media links. Also, include your email address for further questions. 

Summing Up

A sales page is a website page that is designed to sell a product or service. You can have many sales pages on your website. Such landing pages showcase every digital product you sell. 

A sales page must take away the pain points of people and solve their problems.

They must be educational and easy to read. It may also be considered as one of the main tools to use when creating a new product or a service. 

Be careful with the format of the page, try not to have complex sentences, and make sure that all of the readers will be able to understand. 

Hopefully, you enjoy the reading and these points will be helpful for you.



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