Learn How to Sell Online Courses

Article by Vera Mirzoyan / Updated at .30 Aug 2023
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Learn How to Sell Online Courses

You have analyzed the market and prepared the required knowledge material? Have your online course content and want to share it with those who need it? Wonder about how to sell? You are at the right place. I offer you to check out this guide that will take you through a way to learn how to sell digital products. If you haven’t created your online course yet, check out our guide on how to create excellent online courses.

As for now, let’s go on and discuss the most essential point that may have an influence on how to sell online courses effectively. Especially, if you want to sell online courses from your own website then the point we’ll discuss below will be very useful for you.


#1 Choose a Subject that Sells


A lot depends on the subject of your course. If you want to sell courses online but do not choose titles that are clear enough and attractive, people will just pass by. When choosing a headline, consider the preferences of people who tend to learn something new. Why do they want to do it?

  • Some of them are beginners who like to gain a new profession
  • Others want to gain new skills in the sphere
  • They want to level up their knowledge
  • Others need career  growth
  • They want to become certified




Taking into consideration all these factors as well as what kind of knowledge you offer, you may decide on the kind of subject line that will attract the audience. Keep in mind one of the most Sometimes it even happens when you change the topic after preparing the course. This is all about the course subject matter.

Make sure you check out our detailed research on online course topic ideas. It will be useful for your future experience.


#2 Create the Course


If you choose a good subject matter that you like sharing knowledge about, you will feel like a fish in the water. The process will be easy and smooth as you know what you want and you have all the required skills to make it come true.

Creating the course material is one of the most critical points to pay great attention to. You should be very careful in order not to miss something important and evoke questions and concerns among the learners. First of all, identify the potential audience needs, requirements, expectations, and preferences. This will help to focus on the essential points and make sure not to miss out on something critical.

Create a plan and cover your to-dos preparing a step-by-step guide. This will help to manage the process as well as your time better. Then work on the creation. Make sure to choose the right kit. These days there are lots of teaching methods, tools, and techniques creators rely on to effectively organize the process. 

When recording, check out the lighting and assure that your background is clean and the view is clear. Consider the voice factor. Do not record the video in a noisy room where your voice will not sound clearly in recording. I would also like to share a trick you may use for recording. If you Like to be seen on the screen, record yourself in a green background. In this way, it becomes possible to change the background to anything you like. This is much used in video creation and editing.


#3 Choose the Platform to Sell Your Courses


Have you ever had a dream to create a website like Udemy and sell your courses online? Today there are a few options for an e-learning platform. Some prefer personal websites or educational website builders others prefer to organize the process through online course platforms like Udemy. But there are some challenges - additional fees. 




Probably, every creator has once considered having a personal teaching profile instead of paying additional fees from the sales of their courses (for instance, as they do on Udemy). However, a professional personal website is not something everybody can afford. To meet this challenge, Uteach was created. This platform offers several subscription plans for people with different preferences. In short, this is a website builder specializing in the e-learning industry. Here the users get an opportunity to create a website within minutes, choose their website language, and a plan that covers all their required features as well as is affordable for their budget. Starting with Uteach is completely free and you do not even have to attach a credit card.


Learn How to Sell Online Courses


#4 Increase the Value


People are ready to pay for getting value. You should make the real values of your educational material visible and easy to understand. I know there is much helpful in your course but you should highlight these points to increase people’s interest and accordingly, the revenue through sales. If you do not emphasize the real value of your course, people may think it is not worthy enough to pay for. But if you have all the essential points highlighted, potential learners consider what they are going to pay for.

There are also additional methods to increase the value, such as:


Offer extra bonuses


Why don’t you include some extra bonus material in your online course? It may be in the form of video lessons, textual material, Slideshare presentations, case studies, etc. You may even build good relationships with experts in the field and offer their content (some tips, or pieces of advice, etc.) as a bonus. And another option of bonus is a referral for the learners who invite friends.




Use upsells


This is another opportunity for selling before the end of the initial transaction. It may be organized in form of coaching, webinar, discussion, and so on.


#5 Market and Sell the Content


Just having a video course on your page does not mean you will generate sales. It is a matter of time and hard work. Especially, these days, there are a lot of opportunities in this field. Let’s discuss some of them.

First of all, optimize your website. The importance of SEO is significant in generating traffic to your platform. This traffic is meant to become loyal students who are ready to pay for your valuable content.

Useful marketing content is another point worthy of consideration. Content is what matters. It is the means that help people gain knowledge material and improve their quality of knowledge. You may operate an educational blog, run a YouTube channel, or trust similar platforms to increase the level of engagement. Remember, a skilled Article Writer can craft compelling and informative content that resonates with your audience, boosting your platform's reputation and credibility.

Boost your social media presence. Social media channels are huge platforms where the audience is. Make sure to provide attractive content and be active on those channels where the potential learners are.

Do you have an email list? Or maybe you are thinking about having one? Email list covers potential and active users, subscribers, and people who are interested in the industry. Staying connected with those individuals you engage them in your services and increase the opportunity of making them leads.


#6 Rely on Retargeting


People who are interested in your knowledge material may appear on your platform at the wrong time. Maybe it is not the best time for them to become your student but they need your services. Or another case, maybe they need to check out your experience and they need some time to make the final decision.




Retargeting is a great approach to reach these people later and remind them about your services. It is done through tags of marketing tools (Google Tag Manager).  The system gathers the audience who have once been on your platform but didn’t make purchases. The retargeting campaign is targeted to this audience so that they once more deal with your services and why not they will make that important decision this time.

You should also develop a customer follow-up system to connect with customers who may have slipped through the cracks. This system is perfect for customers who were interested in your course but didn’t purchase it for one reason or another.


Summing Up


The opportunities to sell are various. However, what you should focus on is the great user experience. Make sure not to disappoint the target audience with overwhelming content and exaggerations. Be unique and provide attractive content material so that your effort reaches the highest possible results. Good luck with your future endeavors! Start today so that you achieve the results as soon as possible. As they say, the best is yet to come.

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