How to create a quiz

With the increasing popularity of online quizzes, creating your own can be a fun and effective way to engage with students and test their knowledge on a particular subject.

Follow the steps below to provide a full learning experience for your students.

  1. Navigate to the Teaching materials tab from your dashboard. 
  2. Go to the Quizzes subtab.

When using our quiz management system, you have powerful tools at your disposal to streamline your experience: filtering and question tags. These features help you quickly find and organize quizzes based on specific criteria.

Filtering Quizzes

Our filtering system allows you to narrow down the list of quizzes displayed based on various parameters. You can filter quizzes by:

Author: Select the author from a drop-down menu to see only quizzes created by that person. 

Status: Filter quizzes by their status, such as "Published," "Draft," or "Archived." This helps you keep track of quizzes that are ready for use and those that might need more work.

Date: You can filter quizzes by date in two ways:

  • Earlier than: Enter a date to find all quizzes created before that date.
  • Later than: Enter a date to find all quizzes created after that date.

These date filters are invaluable for managing a large number of quizzes over time, helping you to find relevant content quickly.

To use the filters:

  • Simply select or enter the criteria you wish to apply.
  • The page will automatically update to display only the quizzes that meet your specified filters.

Clearing Filters If you wish to clear all filters and return to the full list of quizzes, click the "Clear" button.

Question Tags

Question tags are a tagging feature that allows you to categorize questions within quizzes for better organization and retrieval. This is particularly useful when you have a large database of questions or when you need to identify questions that cover specific topics, skills, or difficulty levels. Check out this article, which will help you to create a tag.


To create a new quiz follow the steps

  1. Click on the Create New Quiz button on the right.


Quiz main description 

From this section, you add the main information about the quiz.

Filling in the quiz description.


  • Title - fill in the name of the quiz in the corresponding field
  • Image - choose an image to make the quiz more appealing. The image size should be no bigger than 714 x 398 px. 
  • Description - add a description so that the students know what to expect.

Below you can see several toggles allowing you to customize the quiz.


  • Automatic checking - if the question does not contain long text answers, activate this button, and the quiz results will be shown immediately after passing it.
  • No registration required- if you activate this toggle, students will be able to pass the quiz without registering on the website first. 
  • One question - if you don’t want all the questions to appear at once, activate this toggle. The questions will be displayed one by one.
  • Hide answers - activate this toggle if you don’t want the students to see right/wrong answers after passing the quiz. 
  • Time - if you activate this button, the duration will be set.

Insert the maximum time limit for completing the quiz in the box below.

You can also set the passing score, i.e., the minimum percentage a student must achieve to complete the course successfully.   
The passing score will come in handy when you want to add the quiz to the video courses section. When you attach the quiz with the passing score to the video course, the students will not be able to access the next episode unless they reach or go over the passing score. 

For example, if you set the passing score as 60% and the student only gets 55%, they will have to repass it with 60% or more to access the next episode. 

Choose the author of the quiz from the list or create a new profile.

Choose Quiz page type

The page type dictates how quiz content is presented to users. Here's a rundown of the different page types you can select:



  • The linear page type is the most straightforward layout, where only quiz questions are displayed one after the other. This format is clean and simple, minimizing distractions and guiding the participant through the quiz in a sequential manner.


  • The sidebar page type features additional text beside the quiz question, which provides extra context or information. This is useful when you need to give instructions, background information, or additional details to help the participant understand or answer the questions.


  • The audio page type includes an audio recording that the quiz taker can play. This is particularly useful for language learning quizzes, listening comprehension tests, or any other quiz where audio is an integral part of the question. The recording can be set to be playable only once to mimic real-life listening conditions or to test memory and attention.

Each page type serves a different purpose and enhances the quiz experience based on your content and goals. When choosing a page type, consider the nature of your quiz and what would be most beneficial for the participants in terms of understanding and interaction.

Click on Save and go ahead button below. 


Linear Quiz Questions 

If you choose the linear page type, you will see the following question style. Insert your question in the corresponding box. You can include audio, an image, or a video file.

Adding new questions to the quiz.


You can choose a tag from the list or create a new one.



The next step is selecting the answer type. If, in the first step, you activate the “Automatic checking toggle, the answer types will be the following ones.

  • Multiple Options ( more than one correct answer option)
  • Multiple Choice (one correct answer option)
  • Dropdown 
  • Picture Choice


If you have chosen the multiple-choice option, click on Add new answer. Indicate the right answer to the question. For another question, click the Save & add new question button.


Indicating the right answer for the quiz.

If you didn’t activate the Automatic checking toggle, here are the options you will get in the Questions section:

  • Multiple Options ( more than one correct answer option) 
  • Multiple Choice (one correct answer option)
  • Dropdown
  • Short text
  • Picture Choice 
  • Long text 
  • Upload a file answer (student can upload their answers)

The File must be a file of type: jpg, png, mp4, pdf, CSV, xlsx, ppt, pptx, xls, mp3, doc, txt, docx, rtf, xml, zip, json, webp, mov.

Important Note: Auto-checking works only with the question types you can indicate the right answer for. So, when you select short, long, and file question types, the system cannot tell if the answers are right or wrong. Thus it will not be able to auto-check and show instant results. 

Sidebar Quiz Questions 

If you choose the sidebar page type, you will see a description field that needs to be filled in. Save and go ahead, and start adding your questions.



Audio Quiz Questions


If you choose the sidebar page type, it will include questions that are based on audio recording.


It’s time to customize some settings to give your quiz a final look.

Here are the main options of the quiz status you can choose from.

  • Draft - choose this option if the quiz isn’t ready yet and you want to save it in your dashboard for further changes.
  • Publish - choose this option if the quiz is ready to be taken 
  • Unlisted - choose this option so only the students you send the link can access the quiz.

Shuffle Questions


Our quiz platform provides several shuffling options to help tailor the experience:


  • When this option is selected, it shuffles all available questions in the quiz. This means every time a user takes the quiz, they will be presented with the questions in a different order. This helps to prevent memorization of question order and encourages true understanding of the material.

Limited Shuffle

  • By choosing the limited shuffle option, you can restrict the shuffling to a specific number of questions. After selecting this option, you'll specify the "Count Of Random Questions" you want to include from the pool.

Limited Shuffle By Tags

  • This option allows you to shuffle questions within specific tags. This is particularly helpful when you have categorized your questions by topic, difficulty, or any other custom tag system you’ve implemented. For example, if you've tagged some questions as "Beginner" and others as "Advanced," you can ensure that a quiz dynamically generates with a balanced number of questions from each category. After selecting this option, you'll enter the number of questions you want to pull from each tag in the "Count Of Random Questions By Tags" field.




Using these shuffling options not only makes each quiz attempt unique but also adds an extra layer of customization, ensuring that the quiz adapts to the specific learning goals you've set. It's also a valuable tool for reducing the likelihood of cheating by ensuring that no two participants see the same set of questions in the same order during an assessment.

How enable points for quiz questions


Points can be a powerful tool to engage your audience, encourage participation, and make your quizzes more interactive. Whether you're using them in a classroom setting, for marketing purposes, or just for fun, points can make a big difference in how your audience interacts with your quizzes.

To add a score, choose the Limited Shuffle By Tags option. Then, set the score number in the corresponding field.

For a more in-depth walkthrough, watch our video tutorial on enabling points for quiz categories. 

Filling in SEO details is not compulsory in the quiz creation process. However, you can add them, so your quiz is visible on search engine results pages.

Add the title, meta description, and some keywords. 

Filling in SEO details.

Now your quiz is ready to be published!


How to add a quiz to a course


To add your quiz to the course follow the steps.

  •  Head to the Courses tab from your dashboard
  •  Click on the Create New Course button.
  • Fill in all the required steps for the course. 
  • Head to 2nd step. This is the section where you import videos, files & quizzes and arrange each episode. 
  • Click on the Create New section
  • Add the title of the section. 
  • Click on the Save button to proceed.


After that, Create a new episode by clicking on the title. The following types of episodes will be displayed: Video, Audio, File, Text, Quiz, and form. Here we need a quiz.

  1. Add the title
  2. Choose the quiz type from the list. It can be either one of your created quizzes or an Iframe one. 
  3. Select the quiz: This list includes all the quizzes you have created. To be able to choose a quiz, you should make one beforehand.

Important Note: In the case of the iframe quiz, the system cannot check it automatically and give a certificate. 


 Quiz is required to pass. If you activate this button, the students will have to pass the quiz to proceed to the rest of the course. 

Ignore the quiz passing score. If this button is inactive, the system will not count the passing score you set when creating the quiz.

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