How to edit emails


When you register and set up your website, you can see default emails that students, admins, and authors get in various cases. However, you can always edit and customize them. 


Here is how to achieve it.


Navigate to the Settings tab from your dashboard.

 Go to the Email settings subtab.

Here you can modify emails that your users get in various cases.

  • Registration
  • Password reset
  • Video Course
  • Role Change
  • Quiz
  • Live session
  • Product
  • Bundle
  • Membership

Choose your case and make the necessary changes.


  •               You can activate the email
  • You can edit the email subject

Editing the automated email, changing the subject.

Next up, you can edit the email text itself. 

Click on the box to make changes. 


making changes in the automated email.


Important Note: The variables (those written in braces) should not be changed so that the system can generate the required information for each user.  If you change the variables, the personalized email will not work. 


After you are done, click on the Confirm changes button below.


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