How to get emails from the website “contact us forms”


The “Contact US ” form is a quick and convenient way for website visitors to communicate with the website. They allow visitors to easily reach out to you with questions, comments, concerns or feedback. 

You can see the Contact Us page as you set up your website. 


Uteach contact us form.


The users can communicate with your website by filling in the information and clicking on the Send your message button.

Follow these steps to access all messages.

  1. Go to your Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Contact Us Messagestab. 

You can click on the 👁️ icon to view the message. The next icon allows you to delete the message. 

Besides the one mentioned above, you can also create a separate contact information section on other website pages, e.g., the Homepage. For this,  access the Site builder tab from the dashboard. 

Important Note: You can change only the field names in the contact information boxes you create. However, you will not be able to delete the whole field so that the form can work. 

For example, instead of “Subject” you can put “Phone number”. But you can’t delete the Subject section. If you do, the form will not work. 


Editing contact us form.


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