Top 57 Thinkific Alternatives: Best 7 & Other 50 Platforms

Article by Nelli Gevorgyan / Updated at .04 Jun 2024
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Top 57 Thinkific Alternatives: Best 7 & Other 50 Platforms

Thinkific is one of the most well-known platforms for hosting online courses. Even though it is one of the best, there are still many other worthy competitors.

With so many eLearning platforms available it can be difficult to decide which one to choose

Therefore, in this article, we will explore 57 Thinkific Alternatives, highlight their main features and benefits so that you can make an informed choice.   

So, if you are ready, let’s start!  

All about Thinkific

First of all, let’s review Thinkific. Thinkific is an amazing course creation platform that allows you to turn your knowledge into a business. 

Thinking is a platform that allows you to quickly and efficiently design a professional website for your e-learning business, publish the courses and start selling right away. 

Thinkific features

So, the main features of Thinkific are: 

  • Creation of various products. Thinkific allows you to deliver content both as online courses and as live lessons. 
  • Website building. It allows you to build a website without any design or coding skills. 
  • Allows monetizing your knowledge by turning it into the structure of pre-recorded courses and selling those with Thinkific 
  • Gives you various tools to build and engage your learning community 
  • Profiles & Mentions, and Reactions features
  • White labeling functionality is available 
  • Unlimited admins
  • Bulk sell that will allow you to sell multiple seats for one course to one single buyer
  • Self-paced classes & Schedules. 
  • Certificates of completion - you can also create and provide students that get done with the course with a professional certificate which will motivate them to finish the course even more. 
  • Availability to create and incorporate engaging quizzes to enhance the overall learning processes 
  • Course payment options 
  • Thinkific App store

Thinkific pricing

The prices are too high. However, they are higher than the “affordable price range” for beginners. Any new business requires a certain amount of starting capital and should be smartly distributed between various aspects.  

Thinkfic offers 5 Pricing Plans, including the Free one. Each pricing plan varies in price depending on the monthly or annual subscription.

Free: The free version of Thinkific allows you to use the core features; however, you can publish a limited amount of courses and only have one admin. 

The Basic Plan’s price is $36 per month. With the basic plan, you will get unlimited courses, students, and the opportunity to publish unlimited content. Also, this plan supports coupons & promotions, and affiliate selling. 

The Start Plan cost is $74 monthly. With this plan, you get everything that the basic one offers, plus bundles and add-ons, membership and payment plans, and advanced course-building options.   

Also, there is a plan called -Grow. You can get Premiere for $149 per month. This plan is for those who plan on building a full-feature e-learning business and expanding their company furtherly besides just doing individual courses. This plan gives an opportunity to have two site admins, bulk enrollments, phone & priority email support, and API access as well.   

The last and most expensive plan is Plus.  It offers unlimited products, unlimited administrators, email white-labeling, and SSO. 

Thinkific pricing

Thinkific advantages

Thinkific offers a lot of benefits as well; the primary ones are: 

  • It offers enough features that allow course creators to fastly ad efficiently deliver new content, including courses
  • Incredible support that is fast and always on-point
  • Most parts of the interface are quite easy-to-use and navigate through  

Thinkific disadvantages

However, despite all the advantages, there are certain drawbacks: 

  • The user interface of the website builder could be more beginner-friendly
  • Expensive pricing plans - many of the Thinkific alternatives offer the same features and even more for far less investment required. 
  • Uploading speed is quite slow when working with heavy documents; once again, this aspect could be improved as many platforms have better speed performance.

Thinkific rate

Also, multiple third-party rating platforms have reviews on Thinkific written and rated by different users. The ratings are presented down below. 

G2 is a trustful platform where anyone can review ratings from real users of various products. Thinkific’s rating in G2 is 4.5 stars which is quite a promising result. 

Trustpilot: Another review website where you can gather honest opinions of real users is Trustpilot, where Thinkific’s rating is around 4.7 stars. Many rates it as Excellent (78%),and some rate it as Great (16%). Only 3% rated it as poor, and 2% as bad.   

Capterra: On this platform, Thinkific’s rating is also 4.5 stars.

So, as you can see, based on the rating websites where real users do all the ratings, Thinkific is a promising and nice course creation platform. However, it still has certain drawbacks and is quite pricey. Therefore, we are going to review the alternatives of Thinfic right away. 

Best 7 Thinkific Alternatives

There are many platforms on the e-learning market for course creators and those who want to establish a full-featured e-learning business. Now it is time to review the best 7 Thinkific alternatives in today’s market. Let’s start! 

#1 Uteach

Uteach is getting first place on this list. It is one of the easy-to-use and feature-rich online course creation platforms.  

Moreover, Uteach is more than a course creation and sales platform. All-in-one automation lets you host your whole e-learning business from one place. You can create a website with the builder, do marketing and live sessions and even have a blog and full control over every aspect from a single & simple back-end dashboard. 


Now, I suggest that we take a look at the Main Features

  • Full Automation of the Teaching processes through tools such as quizzes, certifications, notifications, attendance checking, calendar, live lessons, and homework assignments
  • White labels: also, Uteach ensures that you have full control over your business and domain by providing white labeling opportunities for you. 
  • Sell both physical and digital products.  
  • Create and sell courses, live & coaching sessions
  • Mobile application that is available both for Android and IOS 
  • Potent marketing tools to grow your business, including - custom domains, sales & coupons
  • Marketing & SEO optimization tools to ensure that your website ranks high on SERPs 
  • Blog - you can even add a blog to your website and publish various articles there, SEO-optimizing them in order to gain organic traffic to your website 
  • Website Builder that offers an incredible drag & drop editor alongside the visual builder 
  • Course builder that comes in with every necessary feature to easily create a course, including SEO optimization fields 
  • And many other features that are available step-by-step
Start selling courses with Uteach


Currently, Uteach offers three main pricing plans

  • Free: $0
  • Launch: $39, plus 10% from each sale
  • Grow: $99 without commissions.

If you need more functionality, you can also get a custom plan.

So, as you can notice, Uteach pricing shows not only all the amazing features the platform offers but it is also far more affordable than Thinkific. 


  • Offers a smooth experience enhancing the overall user experience 
  • Amazing and user-friendly interface that anyone can use without highly savvy tech skills
  • End-to-end live lesson automation
  • Lots of third-party integrations
  • An all-in-one platform that allows you to manage multiple aspects of your business from one place 
  • Feature-rich - literally provides you with everything necessary to start and expand your e-learning business. New features are in Uteach’s plans, such as a membership website, course bundles, etc.


Now, it is time to take a look at the ratings of Uteach on various third-party platforms.  

Capterra: Uteach has a 5-star rating in Capterra, which is one of the most popular review platforms for real-time users. This once again indicates the high-quality and good performance of Uteach.  

Trustpilot: Uteach has a 4.6 star rating, one of the highest rates in this industry. Reviewers mostly like the simplicity of the platform. The 82% is five star reviews. 

Even the ratings indicate the reliability of the platform. You can read about Uteach customers on the “Our Customers” page.

So, Uteach is officially the number one best alternative to Thinkific, as it has full-featured automation, easy-to-use UI, full customization and is even more affordable. 

Compare Thinkific vs Uteach

Uteach landing page

#2 LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is another great alternative for Thinkific. LearnWorlds is also an online course certain platform that is perfectly acceptable and reliable for various course creators. So, let’s take a closer look at this platform. 


So, the main features of this platform that also allow you to monetize your knowledge are:

  • Course builder that offers synchronized transcript, interactions, and interaction statistics 
  • Marketing & Sales tools such as coupons & promotions, memberships & subscriptions that you can sell, and affiliate marketing tools
  • It also offers white labeling and Custom domains. 
  • Website builder with templates and customization options 
  • Mobile app builder for your brand that is fully white-labeled 
  • Marketing tools and affiliate programs
  • Oppportunity to gamify and make interactive videos
  • Assesment and survey builder tools


LearnWorlds comes in with four pricing plans, including:  

Starter - this plan’s price varies from  $24 - $29 (depending on what type of subscription you purchase monthly or yearly). With the starter plan, you can have only one admin, custom domain, unlimited paid courses, 1-on-1 and group sessions ,an SSL certificate, and some basic integrations. If you were just starting out in the industry and chose LearnWorlds, then this plan will work just fine for the beginning.     

The Pro Trainer plan is for professionals with a price of $79 - $99. 

Another plan that LearnWorlds offer is called - Learning Center. This plan comes with lots of necessary features, including but not limited to up to 20 pre-defined/custom user roles, bulk actions, multiple accounts for Zoom & Webex, Insights & Reports on the course, Integration, and, most importantly, 24/7 premium support.  

And the last plan is High Volume & Corporate pricing is personal and depends on the request. It comes with all the features from the learning center plus an account manager, bulk enrollments, tailored prices, flexible invoicing and premium support options. 


  • A legit platform that allows you to monetize your knowledge by doing what you love easily 
  • Amazing user interface that does not cause any difficulties while using 
  • It gives every necessary tool to create and promote your online courses


  • Could offer more tools related to management 
  • Although the user interface is nice, there are certain areas it lacks and could be improved. 
  • It does not offer a free version
  • Quite pricey especially considering that Uteach offers most of the features and, in some areas, even more; however, it remains more affordable than LearnWorlds 


Now, it is time to look at this platform’s ratings.  

G2: The rating of LearnWorlds in G2 is 4.5 stars.     

Trustpilot: In Trustpilot, however, the ratings of LearnWorlds are around 4.1  stars.     

Capterra: And, finally, in Capterra, the ratings are quite high as well; the rating there are 4.7 stars.  

So, as the ratings indicate, the platform is reliable. However, reviewing Trustpilot’s reviews, many are not satisfied with the support team’s responses.   

Compare LearnWorlds vs Thinkific.

#3 Teachable

Teachable is another course creation platform that is quite a good alternative for Thinkific. It offers lots of useful features to create and sell your courses. So, let’s take a more detailed look into it. 


The main features of Teachable that make it such an incredible and, most importantly, useful platform are:     

  • Course & website builder to offer high-quality products with a nice interface. You will get all the necessary tools to build a good-looking website and create amazingly structured courses for your students with those. 
  • Certificate creation tools
  • Potent insights to base further development plans on 
  • Custom user roles & automated payouts to manage the workforce efficiently 
  • Incredible tools for tax management 


Teachable offers four pricing plans.

Free one offers the basic features. However, users often find it quite limited.  

The Basic one costs $39 monthly and offers more features than the free one, including unlimited coaching & downloads, customs domains, and integrated email marketing. 

The Pro version’s price is $119 monthly, and it offers everything in the basics, plus advanced reporting, live chat, group coaching, and public API.

Also, Teachable offers a Business plan. The Business plan includes every feature from the Pro version, advanced theme customization options, and up to 20 admins. 


Now, it is time to look at the main benefits you will gain with this plugin.     

  • It offers lots of advanced customization options allowing you to create and adjust various forms of content. 
  • Feature-rich 
  • An incredibly user-friendly interface will allow you to navigate the platform and create amazing courses easily.
  • Lots of integrations with popular platforms only will help you throughout the process. 
  • Phenomenal monetization options 


However, although it offers many benefits, there are also certain drawbacks. 

  • The first two plans have transaction fees.    


To ensure that the platform is credible and reliable, we have also researched some rating platforms. You can see the ratings of Teachable on various platforms presented down below.   

G2: On the G2 review website Teachable scored 4 stars out of 5. This is a good result; however, by far not the best.

Teachable scored 2.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. The result also is not very satisfying.    

According to Capterra, Teachable is a good platform as it has 4.4 stars out of 5.     

Basically, Teachable is a good platform that offers lots of useful features, but if we take a look at various ratings for some users, the features are not enough. Teachable will work great if you plan to sell online courses with a few other products. However, if you plan to host a full features e-learning business, then Uteach is one of the best options.  

Compare Teachable vs Thinkific

#4 Kajabi

Indeed many of you have heard about Kajabi. It is a fascinating platform for online course creators that also allows you to sell various other digital products as well. Besides sales, it offers features for marketing, branding, CRM, website building, and the creation of membership websites.   

I suggest that we take a more detailed look into this platform, which has the potential to be one of the best alternatives to Thinkific. 


The primary features of Kajabi include:    

  • Drag & Drop website builder that makes the whole process of building a lot easier and time-saving 
  • Marketing sequence template generation 
  • SEO-friendly, which means that when you create and publish a website, it will be easily crawlable by search engines 
  • Quizzes & Course insights to make the learning process more engaging and meaningful 
  • Email broadcasts & sequences 
  • Unlimited storage space. This is one of the most important features because you will have to upload lots of courses and additional materials as a professional creator. 


Kajabi does not offer a free version. However, it offers a 14-day free trial run period. It offers three pricing plans - Basic, Growth, and Pro.   

The Basic plan costs $149/month, and it will allow you to have three products and three pipelines. Also, with this plan, you will get unlimited landing pages, unlimited emails, and 10.000 contacts.  

The most popular plan is Growth, with a price of $199/month. This one gives you an opportunity to publish and sell up to 15 products and 15 funnels. You get the same features as the basic one, plus up to 25.000 contacts and 10.000 active members. Also, for a single website with this plan, you can have up to 10 admins.   

And finally, the third pricing plan - Pro, costs $399/month. It allows you to upload up to 100 products and pipelines, have 100.000 contacts, 20.000 active members, and three websites with up to 25 admins. 


This platform offers benefits that will level up the user experience of your clients instantly. For example:     

  • Speed optimized & unlimited storage. No matter how many materials and courses you will upload, your website will be built on a reliable platform that is speed optimized. This benefit will potentially increase the conversion rates. 
  • Good security 
  • You can also offer various coupons and discounts for the products 


Everything great still has its downsides, and some of the cons of Kajabi include:    

  • Difficult export. If you want to export all your courses, files, and other materials, it is going to consume a lot of time due to the need for manual work. 
  • Limited design options
  • Membership creation requires lots of effort, time, and attention to detail.
  • Pricey


Finally, it is time to review the ratings.   

According to the G2 review platform, Kajabi has 4.5 out of 5 stars.     

On Trustpilot, Kajabi has a 4.6-star rating.   

Also, on the Capterra, it has 4.4 stars.    

As you can notice, the ratings are quite promising, and the platform is truly reliable, according to most of the users.     

So, if we are being real, Kajabi is a potentially good alternative for Thinkific. 

Compare Kajabi vs Thinkific.  

#5 Podia

Some of you may be familiar with Podia as well. Podia is a website builder for course creators. Many course creators love it and have used it for years. Plus, with this platform, you will be able to sell other digital products as well. 


Let’s take a look at the primary features of this platform.     

  • Powerful website builder with lots of customization options
  • Course builder that allows you to publish course sin bundles, single, or drip formats. Also, it allows pre-sale.
  • The digital downloads feature allows selling other digital products as well besides courses.
  • With Podia, you can organize Webinars & Workshops. 
  • Affiliate & Email Marketing tools
  • Community   
  • Easy-to-set-up coaching sessions and consultations
  • Various integrations

With Podia, you can truly enjoy the process of course creation and sales. 


Podia offers four classic pricing plans with creative names - Free, Mover, Shaker, and Earthquaker.     

The Free version comes in with the basic features, and the big downside of it is 8% transaction fee. Luckily for us, though, other plans have no transaction fees. With the free plan, you will have access to email marketing, live chat, one coaching product, drafts, and the community.     

The next version is called Mover, and it costs just $39/per month. Basically, it offers everything that the free version does, plus unlimited downloads, courses, coaching, and drafted webinars.     

Also, there is a plan named Shaker, and this one’s price is $89/month. If you decide to go with this plan, then you will get everything from the Mover, plus unlimited webinars, third-party code, and affiliates.   


  • Instant payout is one of the best benefits that you will gain with Podia because everyone hates waiting for payments/income for days.
  • Tools that allow you to track student progress to give them better constructive feedback effectively.
  • Amazing user interface that is extremely beginner-friendly 
  • Affordable price range


  • Some areas lack personalization options


Let’s also look at Podia’s ratings on various platforms.   

For example, on G2, Podia has a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars, which is a promising result considering the huge market competition. People share their good experiences with the user interface and content creation processes.   

Meanwhile, on Trustpilot, Podia’s rate is 4 out of 5 stars. Many users share their bad experiences with the platform, mentioning bad SEO-friendliness that causes websites created with Podia not to rank on Google.

We also checked out Capterra, and Podia has 4.6 stars out of 5-star ratings.     

From our perspective, taking into account ratings from all the review platforms and various reviews, some inconveniences may have occurred in individual cases; however, mostly, people are satisfied with the platform.   

Compare Podia vs Thinkific. 

#6 Mighty Networks

Mighty Network is a platform that allows you to build communities and create courses and membership sites. When you create a community on Mighty Networks, you are a rightful owner of the community, and the members will have access to it on the platform.     

The main features are:     

  • Tools to bring social media following together as a community 
  • Live-streaming option available
  • Community creation tools 
  • Exclusive insights & data   

However, it is a platform that is more centered around the community rather than course creation. So, if you want something more professional, this would not work. However, if the community comes first and courses are just a side hustle, then you can also consider Mighty Networks.    

 Compare Mighty Networks vs Thinkific.

#7 Udemy

Udemy is one of the most famous platforms for online course creators. It offers an incredibly user-friendly interface. Plus, all the courses are displayed on the marketplace, so they potentially gain more visibility than on individual websites. 


  • Course marketing features include external partner promotion, targeted and retargeted ads, email campaigns, and discovery. 
  • Compliance management tools
  • Various types of lectures, including auto, video, audio, and text lectures 
  • Subtitles
  • Quizzes & assessments 
  • Reviews 
  • Direct messaging 


Udemy for course creators is absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is register there and start posting the courses you offer. 


  • A large marketplace where your courses will definitely be found
  • Gives access to an incredibly large student base 
  • Already has earned its reputation among students 


  • Takes most of your income: It allows you to post for free; however, it charges from 50% to 70% of the fee per sale. The only way to avoid this is to suggest students buy your course with a coupon, in which case the fee will be just 3%. 
  • You won’t be able to build your brand 


On G2, Udemy has 4.5 stars out of 5-star ratings.     

Meanwhile, on the Trustpilot, the rating is quote bad, just 2.1 out of 5 stars. 

Finally, on the Capterra, the rating is 4.6 stars.   

Basically, if you do not mind fees and prefer to have a quick place to start with, then Udemy is the best alternative to Thinkific for you.

#7 Udemy

Udemy is one of the most famous platforms for online course creators. It offers an incredibly user-friendly interface. Plus, all the courses are displayed on the marketplace, so they potentially gain more visibility than on individual websites. Now, I suggest that we take a look at the main features of this amazing platform. 


  • Course marketing features include external partner promotion, targeted and retargeted ads, email campaigns, and discovery. 
  • Compliance management tools
  • Various types of lectures, including auto, video, audio, and text lectures 
  • Subtitles
  • Quizzes & assessments 
  • Reviews 
  • Direct messaging 


Udemy for course creators is absolutely free of cost. All you need to do is register there and start posting the courses you offer. 


  • A large marketplace where your courses will definitely be found
  • Gives access to an incredibly large student base 
  • Already has earned its reputation among students 


  • Takes most of your income: It allows you to post for free; however, it charges from 50% to 70% of the fee per sale. The only way to avoid this is to suggest students buy your course with a coupon, in which case the fee will be just 3%. 
  • You won’t be able to build your brand 


I believe that it is time to take a look at the ratings.   

On G2, Udemy has 4.5 stars out of 5-star ratings.     

Meanwhile, on the Trustpilot, the rating is quote bad, just 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

Finally, on the Capterra, the rating is 4.6 stars.   

Basically, if you do not mind fees and prefer to have a quick place to start with, then Udemy is the best alternative to Thinkific for you. With Udemy, you can quickly get started and gain the opportunity to make lots of income. 

Compare Udemy vs Thinkific. 

Discover Uteach training features

Other 50 Thinkific alternatives

Now, it is time to review the other 50 incredible platforms that can be the best alternatives for Thinkific. 

#8 FreshLearn 

FreshLearn is a digital learning platform that allows you to create different kinds of online educational training programs and keep it all in one place. Let’s quickly look at the main features:    

  • Membership websites
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Cohort-based courses
  • White labeling
  • Localization
  • Coupon codes
  • Sequential drip course feed    
  • Mobile App
  • Community
  • Completion certificate

Opportunity building is incredibly safe & sound with this platform. You will be able to create blogs, courses, workshops, live lessons, ebooks, and podcasts to monetize your knowledge and skills. 

Compare FreshLearn vs Thinkific. 


With FreshLearn you can also choose to be charged monthly or yearly. 

It offers 3 main plans:

  • Free $0
  • Pro $39
  • No brainer $69 

All of them include no transaction fees. 

#9 TalentLMS

One more quite famous and loved by many course creators - the platform is TalentLMS. It is a potent software that offers all the necessary features and tools to create, sell & manage courses effectively. Many companies choose this platform and successfully implement remote workforce training. 


  • Native video conferencing that allows hosting instructor-led training sessions.
  • Gamification tools and features to enhance the learning experience by making it more interactive and engaging
  • Ready-made courses library
  • Content creation tool & drag-and-drop content management tool
  • Course Management tools - builder, library, categories, prerequisite, time limit, etc.
  • User management & unlimited admins
  • Customization. It is phenomenal how many customization options this platform offers. With TalentLMS, you can do custom branding, themes, and certificates. Also, you can create a white-labeled mobile app. 
  • Assessments creation & result tracking


TalentLMS offers Standard Plans (4 plans) and Active Plans (4 plans).    

Standard Plans

The Free version allows you to have up to 5 users on your website, upload up to 10 courses, and have unlimited email access. 

With the Starter plan, you will get unlimited courses, up to 40 users, and everything else in the Free version. 

The Basic plan costs $149 per month. It offers everything the Starter one does, plus up to 100 users, one branch, SSL, and a custom domain.   

The last plan from the Standard list is called Plus. This plan will allow you to have up to 500 users, three branches, custom reports, and everything else that the Basic plan offers. The price for the Plus is $279 monthly. 

Active Plans

Also, there are four active plans. 

Starter Active offers unlimited courses, email support, 40 active users a month, and unlimited registered users. Also, you can pay $4 per additional user. This plan’s price is $149 monthly. 

Basic Active plan offers everything that standard Basic does, with a differentiation that 100 users are active, and you can also pay an additional $4 to add more users. This plan costs $269 monthly. 

Plus Active plan gives you everything the standard plan does and an opportunity to purchase new active user spaces for an additional $3. It also offers 250 active users. The price for this plan starts at 389$ per month.

The last plan from Active plans is Premium Active; you can purchase additional active user spaces for $2. Also, you will get automation, live chat, and priority email support.


The rating of TalentLMS in the G2 is 4.6 stars.   

In the Trustpilot, TalentLMS has a rating of 4.1 stars.     

And, in the Capterra, the rating equals 4.7 stars. 

The ratings of the platform are good, and users are delighted. However, even though pricing plans are flexible, they are still quite pricey.

Compare TalentLMS vs Thinkific. 

#10 Teachery

Teachery is one of the best platforms to start earning money and monetizing your knowledge. Also, one of the advantages of these platforms is that it allows the creation of courses right inside the platforms.     

So, the main features of this platform include: 

  • Simple course creation tools
  • Zero additional fees
  • Landing & Payment pages
  • Two customizable course templates  
  • Memberships and promo codes
  • Upsells and course bundles
  • Integrations

This platform does not offer advanced functionality, but it is good for everyone who pays attention to simplicity and minimalism, also if you plan to sell online courses. It is worth mentioning that their website’s design looks very modern and attention-catching as well.   


Teachery offers 2 kinds of plans:

  • Monthly $49
  • Yearly $ 470

The features are the same for all plans. It also takes no fees. 

Compare Teachery vs Thinkific

#11 360 learning

The 360 learning platform implements AI tools to advance e-learning experiences worldwide. The platform offers:

  • Collaborative learning experiences
  • Automation that includes live and compliance
  • New hire Onboarding programs   

This is also quite a nice platform to start out with. Plus, it offers simple yet potent features and can definitely become a good alternative for Thinkific. 


360 learning offers the following plans:

  • Team with up to 100 users per month
  • Buisness with more than 100 users per month

Compare 360 Learning vs Thinkific

#12 Moodle LMS

Many universities worldwide use Moodle LMS for successful learning management. This platform is good both for fully online and mixed (online & offline) learning. It is a course management system where you can add courses that you provide.   

It offers:    

  • Incredibly user-friendly interface that is simple in usage and saves your time
  • White labeling 
  • Integrations with the most famous and useful platforms
  • Promotes the idea of self-paced individual learning  

Besides adding courses, you can upload a syllabus (course outline),break the course content into weeks, and mention assignments/quizzes or tests throughout the program. When you make a course so accessible, students do not hesitate and are motivated to learn. 


You can use Moodle LMS for free. However, you will have to pay for some custom features. 

Compare Moodle LMS vs Thinkific. 

#13 Xperiencify

Xperiencify is one of the unique online course creation platforms that also offers gamification features for modern, up-to-date interactive learning. It promises to create an engaging experience for your students and reduce the number of students who leave you without even completing the course.     

You can test it around and understand whether or not its features are enough for the fulfillment of your business needs. 


Xperiencify offers the following four plans:

  • Starter plan for $49 per month
  • Growth plan for $99 per month
  • Pro plan for $149 per month
  • Platinum plan for $299

Compare Xperiencify vs Thinkific.

#14 Gurucan

With Gurucan, you can create and sell online courses. There is a tendency among various course creators; they all switch actively to Gurucan from different platforms. Why is that happening? Well, to be fair, it offers quite good functionality. 

Let’s take a look at some of this platform’s main features.     

  • Tools to create and incorporate quizzes, tests, and homework
  • Amazing landing pages that will help you to get more leads
  • Mobile app for your brand
  • Notifications
  • Webinars and chats     

So, you can use this platform to start the creation and sales of your online courses. And if you know your audience and a few marketing tricks, you will definitely have lots of sales and a high-profit margin. 


Gurucan offers 3 types of subscription plans:

  • Expert for $99 starting from 5 products and 1 admin
  • Pro for $149 starting from 15 products and 5 admins
  • Guru- to be determined (TBD)

#15 Eduflow

Eduflow is an easy-to-use LMS platform. It allows you to create courses in less than an hour instead of spending months or years. It offers lots of amazing features that will contribute to the course creation processes and enhance the overall user experience.     

So, the main features of this platform are:  

  • The potent editor that will give you all the necessary tools to design the courses
  • Peer Review
  • Group work functionality
  • Instructor review features 
  • Features to track the progress of the students 
  • API  

Basically, this platform also provides you with everything necessary to start your e-learning business if your main focus is selling simple courses. Plus, this platform offers features that enhance group learning and feedback experiences. 


Eduflow offers 5 main plans:

  • Free
  • Lite $49/mo
  • Plus $249/mo
  • Super $339/mo
  • Pro $649

Compare Eduflow vs Thinkific.

#16 LearnDash

Learndash is best for the very beginners or people who do not aim to create an ever-growing business around their educational content. It is a good platform for creating a few courses, plus it works only with WordPress.   

You can use Learndash to power online educational content within your educational institution, such as school or college. Since you do not have to market it and already have an audience, you can use Learndash’s simple course builder to create your course quickly. With features such as membership websites, course bundles, bulk access, course subscriptions you can boost your sails.   

If you use WordPress as a base for your website, you can get LearnDash as a WP plugin.

Check Uteach vs LearnDash.


You can get your LMS WordPress plugin for:

  • 1 site: $199/year
  • 10 sites: $399/year
  • Unlimitted: $700/year

You can also buy add-ons if you need them. 

Compare LearnDash vs Thinkific.

#17 Easy LMS

Easy LMS is an award-winning platform that deserves to be one. The main features of the platform are:    

  • Tools for distraction-free learning 
  • Student progress tracking tools
  • Multiple admins & Integration with other platforms     

You can easily create and manage courses from this platform and ensure that your students get an incredible opportunity for self-paced learning. 


Easy LMS comes with five subscription plans:

  • Business Owl $50/mo
  • Corporate Owl $99/mo
  • Enterprise Owl $250/mo
  • Business Owl+ $100/mo
  • Corporate Owl + $149/mo

Compare Easy LMS vs Thinkific.

#18 ProProfs

ProProfs is one of the most famous platforms for training. This platform ultimately will be the best alternative to Thinkific if you want to create training programs instead of the online pre-recorded courses. It offers:    

  • Quizzes, tests, and flashcards
  • Knowledge base 
  • Features to organize and put together online training programs


ProProfs offers the following plans:

  • Monthly plan $79
  • Annual plan $49

It also has a 15-day free trial option. 

Compare ProProfs vs Thinkific. 

#19 Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is a potent yet simple learning management system. It offers:

  • White labeling features for good branding 
  • Notifications including schedules and reminders 
  • Interactive modules for course creation
  • Virtual classroom to hold live lessons and enhance students’ in-class learning experience     

Tovuti LMS is a worthy platform as an alternative for Thinkific. 


Tovuti LMS has 5 types of pricing plans:

  • Up to 50 users- $775
  • Up to 250 users- $945
  • Up to 500 users- $1325
  • Up to 1500 users- $1925
  • More than 1500 users

It also has a free trial option. 

Compare Tovuti LMS vs Thinkific.

#20 Heights Platform

Heights is a world-famous platform that is perfect for course creators. It is a potent tool that is extremely straightforward in usage. This platform allows you to track the progress of your students as well. Now, let’s take a look at the main features:    

  • Built-in editor for content creation & adjustment 
  • Easy collection of payments integrations with Stripe & PayPal
  • Community building tools 
  • Analytics that will allow you to track students’ progress 
  • Gamification to make the learning processes more interactive and engaging 
  • Marketing     

With Heights Platform, you can create a good-looking e-learning website and start sales of your online courses right away.    

Check Uteach vs Heights Platform


For Heights, you can choose to be charged annualy or monthly. The monthly billing option has the following prices. 

  • Challenge: $29
  • Basic: $49
  • Pro: $119
  • Academy: $499

Compare Heights vs Thinkific.

#21 Masterstudy Education WordPress Theme

MasterStudy is a good solution if you prefer to work on WordPress. It is a fully developed learning management system that provides you with a powerful course builder, professional assessments, Zoom webinars, payment systems, and other nice benefits.     

Let’s have a look at the main features:

  • Front-end course builder
  • Assessments: quizzes and certificates
  • Orderly drip-feed
  • iOS & Android app 
  • Student assignments
  • Live 
  • Zoom meetings
  • Chats
  • Monetization system
  • And others    


MasterStudy has no additional fees apart from getting the license, it is an affordable way to start your course business. 

Compare Masterstudy vs Thinkific.

#22 Adobe Learning Manager

Another educational solution is provided by Adobe, the famous and trusted software company that professionals from all over the world use. Captivate Prime is a learning platform that allows you to train and educate your customers. Create learning courses for your clients, and keep track of their progress. The main functions are:  

  • AI-powered course recommendation feed
  • Skill enhancing programs for your workers
  • Learning Management System
  • Gamification for your courses
  • Third-party integrations
  • Social learning
  • Demo version available  

 With Adobe Captivate Prime, you will be able to monetize your knowledge easily. 

Compare Adobe Learning Manager vs Thinkific.

#23 LearnUpon LMS

Another platform on our list that can become your Thinkific alternative is called - LearnUponLMS. This is an incredibly user-friendly software for online course creators.     

This platform offers:

  • Course creation tools
  • Reports & analytics
  • Integrations
  • User management tools
  • Tools to manage the learning process efficiently  

Also, it is worth mentioning that this platform offers gamification functionality as well. So, with the LearnUpon LMS, you will be able to create an incredible e-learning business and, most importantly, have all the necessary tools in the toolset to enhance the students’ experiences. 


LearnUponLMS offers the following pricing options:

  • Essential- up to 50 users
  • Premium- up to 300 users
  • Enterprise- 300 and more users

The plans come with additional tips and action plans. 

Compare LearnUpon vs Thinkific.

#24 iSpring Solutions

iSpring offers nice solutions for youtube to be able to design the courses well. 

iSpring offers two products, iSpring Suite and iSpring Learn, which is a learning management system. iSpring teaches you to create and sell your content quite fast. You can create courses & assessments, build learning tracks, add various notifications, e.g., for completion and manage users.  

The main features are:    

  • User Management 
  • Training Management 
  • LMS Customization features, including branding and localization
  • Integrations     

So, this is the 24th platform that can be an amazing alternative for Thinkific.


iSpring LMS offers plans for 50, 100, 300, 500 and 1000 users. Each of them has Start and Business options, ranging from $2-$3.14. 

Compare iSpring Solutions vs Thinkific.

#25 Ruzuku

Ruzuku is a learning platform that you can use to create successful online courses. The very noticeable benefit of this platform is that it is more than a learning management system. It combines and offers the flexibility of owning a website and LMS.     

Let’s take a look at the main features of this platform:

  • Course creation with a large amount of offered tools
  • Integrations 
  • Student management
  • Calendar-based courses with email notifications
  • Drip-content courses
  • Open Access courses
  • Audio and Video live lessons
  • Student profiles and communities
  • Forums  

Basically, this platform is an easy way of launching your first course. You can also use Ruzuku to grow and establish your own branded online academy.


The main plans Ruzuku offers include:

  • Free $0
  • Core $99
  • Pro $199

Compare Ruzuku vs Thinkific

#26 SkillShare

SkillShare is one of the most popular online teaching platforms. Not only do you get to teach, but also you get access to the various courses yourself. So, with this platform, you can grow as an expert.  

Let’s take a look at the primary features that you will get:

  • Unlimited access to all Skillshare courses 
  • Admin panel for managing
  • Practice lessons for students
  • Discovery algorithms for reaching relatable content
  • Skillshare mobile app
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Analytics and reporting
  • LMS integrations
  • API capabilities
  • Teacher help center    

The biggest benefit of SkillShare is its popularity. Everyone knows about SkillShare, and when somebody is encouraged and eager to learn something new, the first place they go is Skillshare. This means that you potentially get higher visibility chances.


Currently, Skillshare only has annuall payment plans. Skillshare plans for teams include:

  • Starter $159
  • Enterprise with custom pricing
  • Revive with custom pricing

#27 Canvas LMS

Canvas is a learning management system created by Instructure. This platform is suitable for teachers who want to enhance their students’ education processes, college professors, or large-scale corporate teaching. But you can also use it for coaching and other types of learning.     

The main features are: 

  • Assessments
  • Analytic tools
  • Product training
  • Content development
  • Online programs
  • Third-party integrations  

This platform, hoover, is best suitable for those who already have a student base. 


The prices for Canvas LMS plans are the following:

  • Minimal LMS system $80
  • Small LMS system $160
  • Medium LMS system $320
  • Enterprise LMS system $640

Compare Canvas LMS vs Thinkific.

#28 Graphy

Another alternative to Thinkific and a nice platform for online course creators is called - Graphy. Graphy offers all the necessary tools you need to sell your online courses easily.   

The main features of Graphy include: 

  • Reports & Statistics to provide you with a piece of sufficient information so that you can work on further improvement 
  • Course and Content Management
  • Tracking of progress
  • Learning and assessment management tools for efficient and productive e-learning   

So, this is also a nice alternative for Thinkific. 


Graphy has only one pricing plan. It costs $999. 

Compare Graphy vs Thinkific.

#29 CoreAchieve LMS

CoreAchieve LMS is a learning platform for online course creators and those who want to develop efficient e-learning programs/training. You can easily and quickly build courses, get new audiences, and develop your teaching business with an intuitive interface.   

  • Course builder
  • Content management system
  • Reporting
  • Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration
  • Personal profile
  • In-person ILT
  • Communications
  • Learning paths
  • CE credits and certification
  • Authentication
  • Administrative function
  • Add ons    

This learning management platform provides you with modern LMS solutions and incorporates UI for easier use as a learning platform.


CoreAchieve come with two options; for SaaS and PaaS. 

The SaaS version includes Free, Starter ($175), Basic ($299), and Standard ($798). 

The PaaS option has the following plans: 

  • Basic $419
  • Standard $948
  • Premium $1495
  • Enterprise $2470

There is also an option to choose a plan with Training Libraries. 

Compare CoreAchieve vs Thinkific.

#30 Tutor LMS

TutorLMS is also quite popular among course creators’ platforms as it offers enough features for successful learning management.   

Let’s take a look at the potent functionality of TutorLMS.  

  • Drag & Drop course builder 
  • Quizzes 
  • Emails & Email templates editor 
  • Payment gateways

TutorLMS is an unimaginable plugin that will help you to turn your WordPress website into a full features LMS platform. To add the plugin, you need to access your WP website from the back end, then go to plugins > add new, and on the search line, type “TutorLMS”, afterward click on download > activate. However, if you want to have an independent website rather than one in WordPress, then this platform is not for you. 


TutorLMS comes with annual and lifetime plan options. 

For annual plan, you have the following pricing options:

  • Agency $799
  • Business $399
  • Individual $199
  • Basic- free

The prices alternate when you choose the lifetime option. They range from $0 to $1899. 

Compare Tutor LMS vs Thinkific. 

#31 Paradiso LMS

Paradiso is an LMS that provides you with a wide variety of functionality for creating courses. The platform will work great for many cases such as course creators, college education, partner training, employee training, and individual & group client training.   

The main features of Paradiso LMS include: 

  • Training management software
  • Learning experience platform
  • Course catalog
  • Knowledge base
  • Blended learning
  • Gamification
  • Virtual classroom system
  • Social learning
  • Learning Paths  

This multilingual learning management system incorporates all modern technology and unique solutions for developing the perfect space for you. It is fully customizable, so you can use the platform to make courses stand out from the rest. 


Paradiso LMSs also has several pricing and billing options. 

  • Small & medium business LMS for up to 250 users
  • Enterprise LMS for 250+ users
  • On-premise LMS for more than 1000 users
  • Unlimited user LMS


Compare Paradiso LMS vs Thinkific. 

#32 SkyPrep

SkyPrep is one of the best alternatives for Thinkific. Not only does it provide space for you to create your own teaching course, but it also helps you to train your employees for better execution and development.   

The primary features are presented down below: 

  • Learning management
  • Course creation
  • User management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Full customizability
  • Workflow automation
  • Third-party integrations  

SkyPrep is a platform that will help you and your employees to train and grow together and create a beautiful teaching business that will lead you to success.


The SkePrep pricing plans, that will help you scale your business include:

  • Lite with more than 100 active users, unlimited courses and email support
  • Professional with advanced reporting, gamification and automation
  • Enterprise with1000 plus active users, custom SMTP and automatic video captions. 

Compare SkyPrep vs Thinkific

#33 Zoho People

Zoho People is an HR management platform that will help you track and monitor your employees’ data, improve your hiring system and create a healthy environment in your company.  

Here are some features you might be interested in:

  • Manage data
  • Easier onboarding
  • Attendance tracker
  • Leave tracker
  • Time management
  • Schedule shifting administration
  • Collaboration with employees via feeds
  • Keep track of your documents
  • 100% customizable
  • Advanced analytics system
  • Third-party integrations  

Zoho People is not exactly a direct alternative to Thinkific. Still, the platform will allow you to manage your employees, educate them and collaborate with them to contribute to your business’s overall success. 


In the case of Zoho People you can choose whether you want the billing process to occur monthly or yearly. It has five billing options:

  • Essential HR- $1.25 per user
  • Professional- $2 per user
  • Premium - $3 per user
  • Enterprise $4.50 per user
  • People plus $9 per user

#34 Eloomi

Eloomi is a platform that will allow you to teach effectively. It is an intuitive training platform and the ultimate choice for skill development. 

It provides you with:

  • Online training
  • Pre- and onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Workforce engagement via gamification
  • Skills and capability training
  • Career planning  

Use eloomi for better performance of your trainees and track their development. Create an ultimate educational business using only one platform.

Compare Eloomi vs Thinkific.  


Neo LMS may be the one of the best platforms you need to create a full-featured online business without using any extra software. It is easy to use and implement platform powered by AI. So, it will allow you to create your unique courses and implement the best learning methods in your lessons.  

The main features that come in hand with this platform are: 

  • Learning environment with no distractions
  • Monitor progress
  • Personalized learning
  • Gamification
  • Create and sell online courses
  • Support career paths
  • Automate tasks    

Use this as a successful alternative for Thinkific to create or business. You can create a learning system for k-12 educational institutions, universities, businesses, and corporations. 


NEO LMS has a flexible pricing system. There are three options

  • Free- this can be used y schools who have up to 400 students. For teachers who have up to 200 students a small amount of money is charged.
  • Enterprise for more than 500 students
  • Premium

Compare NEO LMS vs Thinkific.

#36 Mindflash

Mindflash is a cloud-based learning management software that is one of the best in today’s market. 

Some of the main features include:

  • PowerPoint presentations and video support
  • Live training and Linked training portals 
  • Word support 
  • Incredibly user-friendly interface   

So, you can also consider Mindflash LMS as an alternative to Thinkific.  

#37 Blackboard

Blackboard is a learning management system that provides versatile means of creating yourteaching business. Its flexibility and integrity give you space to be as creative as possible, which is amazing.You will most likely need a Unique Selling Point.  

However, now let’s concentrate on the Blackboard and look at its main features. 

  • Assessments
  • Support for multiple teaching styles
  • All types of learning: audio, video, and textual media
  • Budget balancer
  • Anti-plagiarism tools
  • Analytics and reports
  • Faculty freedom
  • EdTech ecosystem
  • Personalized approach to students
  • Marketing and enrollment services
  • Blackboard’s chatbot  

This platform will ensure that your students are kept engaged while they are learning, and you are not wasting your time while you are coming up with new courses.

Compare Blackboard vs Thinkific.


If you want to try out Blackboard Learn, you can take advantage of their 30-day free trial. However, there is no permanently free version of the LMS available. In order to use Blackboard Learn beyond the trial period, you'll need to purchase a subscription. The prices for the LMS start at $9500 per year.

#38 Absorb LMS

With Absorb LMS, you can create a course or a whole online school. And the most vital benefit of all this is that due to incredibly useful and yet simple functionality, you will also save lots of time. The user-friendly system saves lots of energy in the process of creating the course. It offers all the means for the creation of effective online courses, including:  

  • Smart administration
  • Learner engagement
  • Ecommerce
  • Learner and course dashboards
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Learner experience
  • Observation checklists
  • Artificial intelligence
  • A mobile app
  • Performance upgrade
  • Content libraries
  • Third-party integrations
  • E-signatures  

All in all, this is a very useful platform not for just hosting a course. Its different management features allow you to quickly deal with your finances and monitor your students’ progress. 


The price and annual monthly fee for Absorb LMS starts from $800. 

Compare Absorb vs Thinkific.

#39 Teachmint

Teachmint incorporates all the most useful features of traditional education and an online learning management system. It provides you with many features that allow you to monitor your students' progress and assess their knowledge & skills. 

The main features of Teachmint are:

  • Online lectures
  • Offline classes
  • Artificial intelligence-based testing
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Fee management
  • Academic planning
  • Attendance management
  • A chat
  • Past performance analytics
  • Unlimited file upload
  • Recorded lectures  

The platform uses a hybrid operational model representing convenience for students and teachers. It will help you to create and enhance the best learning experience possible.   


Teachmint offers three types of plans: Basic, Advanced and Pro. The latter also includes digital learning content. 

Compare Teachmint vs Thinkific. 

#40 Classpro

Classpro will help you to establish your own online school and provide skill development opportunities for many people out there. It focuses on automated management and the sense of community between students and teachers.  

Therefore, if you are or want to become an online course creator who cares about establishing a healthy environment and community of students, then this is one of the best alternatives if Thinkific for you.  

Classpro offers 

  • Zoom integration
  • Online fee collection
  • Assignment management
  • Coaching portal
  • Exam assessments
  • Automated evaluation
  • Parent communication
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Video lectures
  • Homework module
  • Class app    

This platform will work great for everyone who wants to start teaching. It gives you all the necessary means for monetization of your skills & expertise. 


Classpro has a 7 day free trial session where you can better get acquainted with every feature it offers. 

#41 Akrivia HCM

Akrivia HCM is not necessarily a traditional learning management system. Indeed it does provide you with all those learning functions, but the main idea of the platform is to provide all the necessary tools for efficient workforce training.  

Plus, it is an ultimate LMS solution as it also offers HR features that other LMS platforms do not. Let’s just take a look at the main features:

  • Employee management
  • Leave management
  • Time & attendance
  • Payroll management
  • Recruitment management
  • Offboarding
  • Performance management
  • Expense management
  • Employee engagement
  • Learning and development
  • Rewards and recognition
  • HR help desk  

Consider this platform as a unique way of improving the skills and knowledge of your workers. This platform will work great for both corporations handling training courses and career or executive coaches. 


Akrivia HCM charges $3 per user and it does not have a free trial. 

#42 isEazy LMS

Easily and efficiently manage all your training projects with isEazy LMS. The e-learning platform that makes your online training easy.


isEasy LMS has three main pricing plans:

  • Professional $378
  • Business $648
  • Enterprise for more than 200 users. 

Compare isEasy vs Thinkific.

#43 Think Exam

Think Exam is a platform that focuses on assessments rather than being a full-on learning management system. It allows you to create many types of exams and tests, as well as sell them to monetize your ideas. If you are the type of course creator, who loves to track students’ progress through tests and assessments, then consider this platform as the best alternative to Thinkific for you. 

The main features include, but indeed are not limited to:

  • Question bank
  • Candidate management
  • Test creation
  • Monetization
  • Test taker panel
  • Reporting system
  • Security
  • Mobile app
  • Remote proctoring
  • Learning management solution  

This platform is an interesting way of creating online examinations and hosting remote tests. It also provides you with detailed reports and analytics, so you get all the data you might possibly need.


Think exam has flexible pricing plans. They include:

  • Free $0
  • Standard $65.67
  • Professional $111.58
  • Business $186.67
  • Enterprise with custom pricing options

Compare Think Exam vs Thinkific. 

#44 Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a product that will help you to create a learning environment that imitates real in-class learning but has additional online elements. Basically, these are the “Classrooms of the Future,” and most importantly, they are truly safe.   

Simple yet powerful features include: 

  • Video meetings
  • Class management
  • Assignments 
  • Grade management
  • Add-ons
  • Youtube integration
  • Attach Google Forms or documents from Google drive
  • Real-time feedback - will contribute to students being more attentive in class 
  • Parent module
  • Post announcements
  • Data processing 
  • Student management  

As you can see, this platform combines all the useful features for enhancing the education of students. It pays a lot of attention to the collaborative aspect, which is essential in education.


Google Classroom has four pricing options. 

  • Educational fundamentals for free
  • Google workspace for education standard- $3 for each student
  • Teaching and learning upgrade $4 per license
  • Google Workspace for Education Plus $5 per student

Compare Google Classroom vs Thinkific. 

#45 Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, a platform from the most popular software providers, is another solution for reaching out to your students. The platform includes all the features that you’ll need to create the most enriching learning experience.  

  • Create channels and teams
  • Chats
  • Document storage
  • Video calls
  • Screen sharing
  • Audio conferences
  • Secure communication
  • Multiple types of learning support
  • Easy collaboration
  • Track student progress
  • Personalized learning  


Microsoft Teams offers the following plans:

  • Free
  • Essentials $4 per user
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic $6 per user
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard $12.50 per user 

If you have Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams will already be included in that, so you won’t have to pay additionally. 

Compare Microsoft Teams vs Thinkific. 

#46 Camu

Camu is a learning management system dedicated to developing the traditional educational system by adding new creative solutions. It is a collaborative space for students and teachers that implements features of the student information system and an LMS.     

It offers:

  • Virtual classroom
  • Combination of SIS and LMS
  • Outcome-based learning
  • Accreditations
  • Examinations
  • Analytics and reports
  • Mobile integrations
  • HR management   

It is a convenient way of monetizing teaching that will also save you and your students a great deal of time. 


Camu has a free trial option available. It’s plan starts from $25. 

#47 Flipick

Flipick is a platform that integrates the features of a Learning Management system and a Learning Experience Platform.   

Let’s have a quick look at the features it provides:

  • Co-hosting
  • Reports and analytics dashboard
  • Table of contents structure of courses
  • Community channels
  • Whiteboard videos
  • On-boarding automation
  • Content management system
  • Assessments
  • Content creating 

It provides additional creative and engaging learning opportunities for your students and makes education really fun with 2D animation.  


Flipick also has a free trial version available. The prices start from $15.99. 

Compare Flipick vs Thinkific. 

#48 WizIQ

WizIQ will provide you with an elaborate learning management system software and a convenient, most importantly, practical virtual classroom.With it  you can track the students’ progress and provide them with useful educational content. Some of the features include:

  • Tools to create and sell online courses
  • Online tutoring
  • Partner training
  • Suitable for k-12, higher education, and corporate training
  • Virtual classroom
  • Tests and assessments
  • Mobile learning
  • Analytics
  • Ecommerce
  • Third-party integrations
  • API  

With WizIQ, you can monetize your knowledge and skills, build your own e-learning business and get additional training for your partners. 


The prices for WizIQ starts from $25 and are billed annually. It has 3 main plans:

  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Pay-per-use

#49 Ampletrails LMS

Ampletrails is a simple learning management system that allows you to create a healthy educational environment for your students. The main focus of the platform is the collaborative learning processes. 

Ampletrails LMS comes in with features, such as:

  • Learning management system
  • Attendance management
  • Video lectures
  • Group work
  • Community networking
  • Forums and online notes
  • Course management
  • Assignments and assessments
  • Grade monitoring
  • Track progress
  • Customizable
  • Ecommerce     

Basically, this is a user-friendly platform that provides you with all the simple solutions to solve complicated problems. Build courses, monitor your student’s progress, and grow together via Ampletrails LMS.

#50 ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a platform that allows you to build a funneling website and transform your usual website visitors into leads that will bring you some actual profit. The individual approach to every user will ensure that they will get recommendations of products that they are potentially interested in. Also, email and social media campaigns may help you to generate even more leads. 

The main features include

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Smart shopping cart
  • Email campaigns
  • Facebook marketing
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Sell products
  • Convertible sales funnels
  • Build leads    

So basically, this platform is ideal for building funnels that will help you increase the number of leads. 


You can find three pricing options for ClickFunnels. They include:

  • Basic $147/mo
  • Pro $197/mo
  • Funnel Hacker $297/mo

You may choose to pay annually or monthly. The prices mentioned above are for monthly charge. 

Compare ClickFunnels vs Thinkific. 

#51 GetCourse

GetCourse is a platform that offers you plenty of features to create amazing and interactive courses. It works more like a website that hosts your online school under your brand name, but you don’t have to build everything from scratch. GetCourse even offers pre-made templates for courses.  

Also, it is worth mentioning that you can set up Paid consultations with this platform. Other features include:

  • Account setups by GetCourse
  • Order transfers
  • Turnkey set up
  • Mailing IP-address
  • Email campaigns
  • Premade templates for courses
  • Website page layout    

GetCourse, basically, is a hosting platform that gives you space for creative freedom. 


GetCourse comes with lots of pricing options. You get the opportunity to pay monthly, per 3 months, and annually. The prices for these 11 plans start from $57.20. The most popular plans are Starter, Expert & Professional. 

Compare GetCourse vs Thinkific. 

#52 Academy of Mine

Academy of Mine is an e-learning platform that promotes the idea of vitality of education for businesses and corporations. 

With this platform, you and your students will get: 

  • Self-paced learning opportunities 
  • Instructor-led training
  • Ecommerce
  • Analytics and reports
  • Customer portals
  • Integrations and API
  • Course marketing
  • Branding
  • Customizable eLearning
  • Zoom integrations
  • Vimeo live streams
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels integration  

Basically, this platform is a useful solution if you want to train your employees and create a special “learning-orientated” environment for them. With the tools, the Academy of Mine platform offers, you can also improve teamwork of the workforce. 


Academy of Mine has three main plans available. They are:

  • Startup $299/mo
  • Essentials $599/mo
  • Professional $999/mo. Only this plan offers CSM and unlimited customer portals. 

Compare Academy od Mine vs Thinkific. 

#53 Coursera

Coursera is an educational platform that specializes in engineering and business. However, you can find various other types of courses there as well. It is worth mentioning that even some of the world-class universities offer courses through Coursera.  

You can start teaching your courses by joining the faculty of experts.  

The primary features and opportunities it will provide you with include: 

  • Team building
  • Curriculum management
  • Practical learning with Coursera labs
  • Curriculum recommendations
  • Access to world-class content
  • Employability improvement
  • Faculty development program
  • Data-driven insights
  • Goal building
  • Workforce support  

This platform works more like an online university or school, where you join the faculty and become one of the educators. This is a good way of starting your online course business since you also will have the support of world-class experts. 

#54 QBis

QBis is a management platform that allows new businesses to learn and grow. It provides you with lots of features for efficient time management, finance tracking, and business development. Basically, this platform will help you to spend your time on more important things rather than routine.

 The features include:     

  • Time management system
  • Data collecting
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Reduce payroll errors
  • Project tracking
  • Cost and revenue management
  • Automate project management
  • Get notifications
  • Expense reporting    

QBis is a great option if you want to manage the expenses and “to-do” tasks of your business. 


QBis has a free trial option. The prices usually start from £4 for each user. 

#55 eFront

eFront reminds Moodle in lots of aspects due to so many similarities. It is also an amazing platform for organizing online courses and learning. Plus, if you use eFront and organize your courses there, it will work well for both online and mixed learning. 


In the case of eFront you will be charged annualy. If you want to have up to 1000 users, begin with the Starter plan. It costs $1200. You can choose the custom plan if you want unlimited courses and 1000+ users. 

Compare eFront vs Thinkific. 

#56 Learnyst

Create your online teaching or coaching school and monetize your knowledge and skills with Learnyst. Apart from being secure, this platform provides you with:  

  • Online Zoom classes
  • Offline lessons
  • White label
  • Mobile app
  • Assessments
  • Payment gateway integrations  

Also, Learnyst prioritizes your content’s safety, so they do everything to ensure that your courses and lessons cannot be downloaded and shared freely. 


Learnyst is one of the few platforms that takes no commission fees. It has four plans:

  • Free $0
  • Essential $39 per month
  • Professional $119
  • Premium $199

The last option is the most feature-rich. 

Compare Learnyst vs Thinkific. 

#57 GoSkills

GoSkills is the last platform on our big list. It is dedicated to helping small businesses. It is a learning management system that concentrates on corporate or small business training. It has simplified registration and course-building processes to ensure that you don’t waste your time on routine tasks and focus on what truly matters.   

With GoSkills you will get: 

  • Custom course design tools
  • Mobile learning
  • Gamification
  • Social learning
  • Collaborative
  • Course builder
  • Reports and analytics
  • Team assignments
  • Course tracking
  • Catalog and training management


 GoSkills has gor plans for individuals and groups. Plans for individuals include:

  • Free
  • Monthly $29
  • Yearly $17

The Team plan consists of two options. One is for up to 50 people. The other is for more than 5o people. 

Compare GoSkills vs Thinkific. 

Uteach 14-day trial

Best Thinkific alternative for you

At the end of the day, the Best Thinkific alternative is Uteach. After all this research and testing, comparisons, and rating, Uteach remains on top. It is powerful all-in-one automation that will allow you to create a full-featured e-learning business.     

With Uteach, you can:

  • Create a website in less than two minutes and add as many pages as you want 
  • Build a website with drag & drop visual editor 
  • SEO optimizes course descriptions, pages, and blog posts to rank higher in SERPs
  • Publish & Sell courses right away 
  • Enjoy an incredibly beginner-friendly user interface 
  • Host end-to-end live sessions & enjoy lots of quality integrations
  • Be in control of every aspect of your business from one platform, including sales, marketing, content 
  • Make profits & Expand your business  

Uteach offers everything that Thinkific does and more, simultaneously allowing you to enjoy all of it at a much more affordable price. So, stop waiting and postponing and start your online course business right away!   

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Thinkific is an online platform that enables users to create and sell online courses. It provides users with tools to create engaging multimedia content, manage course materials and assessments, and market their courses.

If you want features like an advanced site-builder, email marketing tools, affordable prices, and more powerful course reporting, you will need to consider some alternative teaching platforms and LMS.

The best 7 Thinkific alternatives include Uteach, Teachable, LearnWorlds, Kajabi, Podia, Mighty Networks, and Udemy. You can find the ratings, advantages & disadvantages, and core features presented in the article.