E-Teaching: Get Real Profits Online

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Article by Vera Mirzoyan

Published 14 Sep 2020
6 min read
E-Teaching: Get Real Profits Online

Each of us probably has at least once thought about working from home and getting real profits online. In the 21st century, the online sphere is a very accepted source of income. 

The majority of people mostly rely on online teaching. If you think e-teaching is only for school or college teachers and university lecturers, I’m here to explain it’s more.

The first thing to realize is that it’s not mandatory to be a teacher to teach online. Various specialists from different fields of industry share their knowledge, professional skills, useful information, and pieces of advice online. So, you may also craft business ideas and rely on online platforms.

In this article, I’m going to introduce the features of Uteach and let you know how to make use of this platform. Teaching on Uteach may even become one of the greatest online business ideas for beginners. Let’s check out what you may do with Uteach that will provide revenue to your budget. Come on!

#1 Online Courses

This isn’t anything new. Currently, many people try online course creation and record video courses that teach any specialty, skill, or something else required by the audience.


Online Courses


I also record courses in my field and sell videos online. This is especially beneficial as I prepare the content and develop the course once, yet through the time the result is bought by various students. So this kind of revenue requires one time efforts that are turned into a lifetime value.

The only thing to focus on is to choose an online course topic you are experienced in and which is also demanded in the target market. This somehow guarantees your course will be interesting and useful for the potential students. 

#2 Quizzes

This is an additional tool that helps you engage the students. They may check their knowledge through the quizzes you offer. Usually, these quizzes are placed after courses, so that the students may test the percentage of the knowledge they acquire from the content you share.




This helps the learners to remember any point you mentioned and also strengthens their knowledge. From another perspective, quizzes make the educational process more attractive and engage current and potential learners.

When you make quizzes on Uteach you have several types of questions to choose from. These types are multiple-choice, yes/no, image, short answer, long answer, and other types of questions. 

This provides diversity and helps you introduce the questions so that the students fully realize your idea.

#3 Live Lessons

Sometimes in order to explain a topic, teachers need real-time communication with students. This is especially efficient to make sure the students understand every single aspect. During the live lessons, learners speak up their concerning questions and immediately get answers.

The most fantastic thing in Uteach is that its users create a timetable and conduct live lessons according to these timetables. Students get an email telling about the upcoming lessons and providing the link to the lesson. So, they are one click away from participating in the lesson.


Live Lessons


In order to send this email, the admin of the website (this is usually the teacher) may either invite potential students with their email address or add the email addresses of their current students.

The live lessons you organize may be either free or paid. This also becomes a way of earning income. It is also possible to organize online training as the live-lessons may be pointed on as many days as you want and also last as long as you prefer. Another option is live webinars and conferences.

#4 FAQs

FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages may be a very useful source of information for your potential students. People who want to learn something you teach may have different questions related to your platform, educational material, or the process of learning. 




However, some people just avoid contacting to get their answers and just leave it. Here, FAQ pages may be very useful. Here you introduce the most common concerns your students worry about and provide answers. Accordingly, they trust you and believe it’s riskfree and effective to learn with you.

How to Turn a Profit in Online Education

Although online education is a booming market and there is a huge competition, many specialists have got real profit online with teaching. 

Thanks to the diversity of the available features, people earn additional income even from home. Below we’ll together discuss several proven ways that help to make money through online teaching.


#1 Offer Free Courses and Charge for Certification


Very often this method becomes an effective solution. You provide the valuable part (this is the learning opportunity) for free. You may think this is nonsense, but it may offer some advantages:

  • Trust: Potential learners sign up for your course without any risk. They trust you without thinking whether or not it’s a good decision as they have nothing to lose. 
  • Audience: You may easily create an email list of people who are interested in your courses and field. Later you may use this list for targeting.
  • Value: Certificate is a professional value and guarantee. People will pay for it.


Offer Free Courses and Charge for Certification


So, this may be the best way to begin online teaching and benefit from the process, getting loyal customers.


#2 Get Subscriptions


Having a subscription list is a great source for marketing purposes. Imagine you have the contacts of those people who are interested in your subject matter. This means you have a target audience who are very close to becoming your potential customers.


Get Subscriptions


You may engage your subscribers sending them emails from time to time and keeping them aware of upcoming courses, lessons, webinars, or even share some useful material. However, always remember that it is essential to keep security. 

Most internet businesses do very little to protect the privacy of their customers. Your platform should be reliable.


#3 Pre-Selling


You may think this is a crazy idea, but pre-selling may be effective for several reasons. First of all, you shape at least a general opinion about your audience’s interests. Accordingly, this helps you prevent wasting money to promote a course that isn’t required in the market.

To Sum Up

Keep in mind that currently, people are in a constant learning process. They are hungry for knowledge so, don’t be afraid to share what you know. Create a course outline template and get started. 

If you still hesitate about whether or not to create the topic you choose then you may create polls and conduct surveys. Just ask your potential learners if they will like to learn this or that topic. Another solution is to analyze the market and realize whether or not there are similar courses and how learners respond to them.

Take into consideration that every passing minute may become a wasting minute. Start today and give a start to your success. It is easy to sign up in Uteach and make use of all its features. 

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