How to connect SMTP


Integrations are vital in efficiently and effectively managing an online business.  

SMTP allows you to manage email communication with your students in an automated way, improving the efficiency and reliability of the communication.  

Do the following steps to connect SMTP to your Uteach website. 


  1. Log in or Sign up to your SMTP account. 

2.  Copy your SMTP credentials and insert them into the corresponding section of your dashboard.


  • Access the Sandbox tab from the left menu bar and click on the Inboxes subtab. 
  • As you open your inbox, click on Show credentials.

3.    Go to your dashboard to insert credentials.


  • Navigate to the Settings tab, and click on the Integrations subtab. Choose the SMTP integration. 
  • Fill in the required fields by copying and pasting information from the SMTP page, such as Hist address, SMTP post, Username, Password, and Encryption (tls).

4.    Click on Test. After seeing the confirmation message, set the status as Active and click on the Save changes button below. 


Congratulations! The SMTP is now connected to your Uteach website. 


You can also watch the video to connect SMTP to your Uteach website.


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