How to connect your Uteach website to Pabbly


Pabbly Subscriptions is a platform that automates your entire subscription billing process. 

Pabbly is the one filming the tutorial videos you can see below. 

This video teaches how to add a user to your Uteach course on Instamojo Payment. It will allow you to use Pabbly Connect to integrate Instamojo with your Uteach courses.


Find out how to use Pabbly connect to create an automated list of every newly enrolled student in Google sheets.



The most awaited Razorpay gateway method is already available through Pabbly Connect. Watch the video to find out to use Razorpay to sell courses on Uteach.


Watch the video to find out how to automatically add a student to the Uteach course from Google Forms. 



In the video, you can find out how to add a user in the Uteach course on form submission.

It shows automation by which whenever you receive a new form submission in our online form-building application, just like Pabbly, the same user who has submitted the form will be automatically added to the chosen course.



Whenever a new student gets added to your Uteach course, the same student automatically gets added as a registrant in your zoom meeting. Watch the video to see how to achieve this.



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