How do I charge a tax


Uteach is a tax-inclusive platform, meaning that taxes are included in all prices.

Currently, there is no option to add a tax percentage for purchases. Whether the tax is applicable or not depends on your niche and industry. For instance, in the case of real-time communications such as individual or group coaching, taxes may not be applicable within the EU. 

However, in most cases, the tax is the same for all orders educators get. 

You can learn more about VAT rules for supplies of digital services to consumers in the UK. Also, you can check out Quaderno’s Sales tax Guide for online courses for more information. 

Important Note: The applicable tax varies from country to country or state. So, we recommend consulting with your local tax specialist before deciding. 

What tax options do I have? 

  1. Make the pricing tax-inclusive

You can incorporate taxes in your course pricing after getting advice from your local tax specialist. To attract more students, mention your course is tax-inclusive in the course description section. 

2.   Use integrations 

  • Quaderno 

Quaderno is a cloud-based software platform that provides automated tax compliance services for online businesses. This way you can automate tax calculating and report filling processes. 

3.  Using external options 

One of the  widely used third-party payment solutions that offer tax support can be your desired platform using Zapier.

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