How to check invoice history


Wonder how you can keep track of your invoice history? Go through the following steps to find out.


  1. Access your dashboard’s Financial tab.
  2. Go to the Payment settings subtab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Accessing the Invoice history on the Uteach website.

In the Invoice history section, you can see the type of invoice you got, keep track of the date, see the amount paid, and check the status.

Exporting invoice data

From the Payments Setting section, you are also able to download any invoice. Click on the invoice below the download section. 


Exporting the Invoice history data from your Uteach website.

Now you can keep track of your invoices when offline.


What if there was no money on the card and my website is disabled?

Our system has clear periods for automatic withdrawal. 

So, if there was no money on the card and the website became down, follow these steps. 

Load the card with the appropriate amount. Afterward,

  • go to your dashboard
  • click on the Make a payment button in the credit card section.

The amount will be charged immediately, and your website will be reactivated.

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