Where can I see my profit?


Whenever you start to drive sales, you would like to keep track of how much you have made.

Follow these simple steps to get insights into your current profit.


  1. Go to the Financial section of the dashboard.
  2. Head to the My profit subtab.

From here, you can manage anything connected with the profit.


All items, including courses, live sessions, and products.




If you are looking for a specific item, make use of the filter option.


You can filter the items by learning content and status. Click on the little arrow in the status section to select:


  • All: every item you possess
  • Sold: items that are already purchased
  • Pending: items for which the payment has not been processed completely
  • Waiting for login
  • Failed: items for which the payment process was not successful
  • Refunded: items for which the money has already been returned


If you want to find a certain item, use the search bar.

Also, you can export already filtered data.



Why can’t I see who bought the course? 

A toggle in the General Settings tab of your dashboard provides the opportunity to make a purchase without registering. When this toggle is active, anyone with access to the course can buy it without registration. 


Afterward, they will be directed to the registration page. If they skip the registration and close the browser immediately after the purchase, it won’t be possible to identify the buyer. 

So if you want to see all the course buyers, make sure the Payment without login/register toggle is set as Not active. 



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