To integrate PayU, we require your Client ID, Client Secret, POS ID, Second Key 

To get the client ID and secret key from PayU Merchant Dashboard: 

Log in to Merchant Dashboard.: 

Select Payment Gateway under Collect Payments from the menu

payment Gate integrations

Scroll down to Client ID & Secret Details

Client ID & Secret Details

Click Get Client Details. 

This pop-up will be displayed to confirm your password for security.

Enter your password and click Proceed. 

The Client ID and Secret are displayed on the pop-up page.

To find POS ID and the Second Key 

  1. Login merchant account
  2. Click Online payments
Online payments

3. Click My shops

My shops

4. Click Add shop

My shops

5. Fill all fields 

6. Get your configuration keys from step 3


If you have any questions, send us an email at [email protected] or click the blue icon below to chat 😊