How to change the website language


One of the benefits of using Uteach is that it allows you also to change the site language.

You can change both the language of your dashboard & the site interface language.

Let's break it down step by step.


In order to change the language of your dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. in the header bar you will see a language icon. Click on it, select your language, and that's it.



 You can choose between the following languages: English, Russian, Armenian,German & Spanish.

How to change the Site interface language  

You can change the Site interface language as well. Here is how it is done. 

  1. Navigate to the Site builder tab on the left of your professional dashboard.
  2. Click on the Site language subtab.

Here you can see the Site language section.


Changing the site language for the Uteach website.

Choose your desired language from the list in the upper right corner of the dashboard. 

Click on the Translate button. Below you can see all the words and sentences that were auto-translated into the language you had chosen.

To check or customize the translated words, look through the translation table.

The translation & checking process becomes easier with the All groups list. Here you can choose any particular group you want to work on.

Use the Search bar in the upper right corner to search for a specific word/sentence.

You can find the words and sentences needing translation (the keys) in the left column of the translation table. The translations are provided in the right column. If you want to change the translated word, click on the corresponding box. Insert your desired phrase, then move to the next one.

After you are done editing translations, click on the Save button above.


Changing the site interface language of the Uteach website.

Important note: If you do not click on the Save button, all your changes will be lost. Ensure you save everything before moving to any other tab of your dashboard.

In case you cannot find your desired language, please contact us. We will add it to the list for you in a short period of time.



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