How to create live sessions

As remote learning continues to be a necessity, live sessions have become a powerful tool for educators to engage and connect with their students.

Let’s have a look at how the live session-creating process works.

To access live sessions, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard
  2. Go to the Live Sessions subtab.

Here you can see the list of all your live sessions. To have a new one, click on the Create New Live Session button on the right.


General Information

First, you need to choose the Live session type. The types include Online, In-person, Hybrid, and mixed Online/In-Person


Creating Online Live sessions

The first step to creating an online session is choosing the video conferencing app. The available options include 

  • Jitsi
  • In Space - to access this, you  will need to add your In Space account from the settings.
  • Other video conferencing apps - to access this, insert the URL of the meeting in the box below. You can put any link.    

Now, choose an image to make the sessions visually appealing. The image should not exceed 760 x 420 px.

Time to fill in the details about the session.

Lesson Name - write a title for the lesson.

Speaker Name - include the speaker's name. If you haven’t created a speaker profile, tap on the section below.

Friendly URL - the URL will be automatically generated based on the inserted title. You can edit it if you want. After saving the changes, you will not be able to edit it anymore. 

Description - add a few words about what your session will cover

What you’ll learn - give more details about the points discussed during the session.

Free - By activating this, your lesson will be free and available for your website visitors.

Price - insert the price the session will be sold for

Old Price - fill in this box if you want to make a discount

Number of participants - insert how many students will participate in the session.

Let us suppose you typed 50 in this box. When all 50 participants have already booked the session and a new person tries to book, the following message will be displayed:    

Message displayed when the live session places are taken.

Knowledge level - choose from the options in the list, including Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced.


In terms of frequency, you also get several options to choose from.

Choosing live session frequency.

  • One day - choose this option if the session only takes place once. Add the details relating to the date, start & end time.

Setting dates for the live sessino.


  • Every day - choose this option if there is no need to customize specific dates. Write the start and end of the session in terms of the date and time.

Setting live sessions for every day.


  • Weekly - if you choose this option, fill in the start and end information. Tick in the box of days of the week when the session will take place. If your session starts and ends at different times depending on the day of the week, activate the timetable toggle. Now you can customize the time for each day.

Setting timetable for live sessons.

  • Individual - choose this option and insert any date you would like the session to take place. 

Creating individual live sessions.

After you have chosen an option, click on the Save button.

Hide Dates- By activating this toggle,you can hide the dates of the session.


Creating In-person Live sessions


When opting for in-person sessions, you are required to provide a physical location for the meeting. 



Creating Hybrid  sessions


In the case of these two sessions, you need to choose a video conferencing app and add aphysical address.

Curriculum and materials 

This is where you add all the materials for the session.

Click on the Curriculum & materials button.

Choosing curiculum and materials.

You can add the text information, upload the video material, add the video  URL, and attach file attachments. If there are any additional materials, you can attach them below. The supported files include Word, PDF, Excel, and PPT.

Attaching homework

If the session also requires homework, click on the Attach homework button.

Fill in the information, such as the video material, text material, and particular attachments. You also have the option to add a quiz. 

Attaching a homework.

If the list does not contain anything, create a quiz first. 

Click on the Save and Go Ahead button below.

Participants invitation

Now it’s time to invite attendees to your session. 

Filling in the participant information

There are three options to add participants.

  1. Attach students’ email addresses - add participants from the registered students' list.
  2. Select groups - create a group of participants you want to add. For this option, tick the box near Create a group by lesson name.
  3. Attach more email addresses - add email addresses of particular students, including the ones who are not registered. 

If you want to create a group by lesson name, simply check the corresponding box.

You can check the Send notification box to notify the students about session updates.

After you are done, click on Save and go ahead. 


Publishing and SEO settings

Now, let’s choose the status and add some SEO details, after which the session can be published.

The first section allows you to set the status of the session. 

Setting publishing details.

  • Draft - choose this option when the session is not ready for purchase
  • Publish - choose this option so the students can access the session
  • Unlisted - choose this option so only the students who have the link can access
  • Private - choose this option to control the access manually 

If your session is free, you can activate the button “Public for non-registered visitors,” which means you make this live session available for site visitors. This means they can join live sessions without registering on your website.

If your course is paid, you can change the post-purchase link.

Next up, we have the SEO settings section.

Filling seo settings.

SEO title - this will show on the search engine results page

SEO description - below the title, searchers can read a short description

Lesson keywords - add some words or phrases that searchers can you in the queries so that they find your Live session on the search engine results page.

 Voila! Now you are ready to publish the live session. 

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