How to create an admin/author



You become the website's primary admin when you register and set up your website. 

However, you can also add other admins. 


These secondary admins will  be able to access the website data, add or delete users, including students, add courses, live sessions, and quizzes. They can also access the website settings. The admins added by you cannot delete you as a primary admin. 

Follow these steps to add an admin.

Step 1. Go to your Dashboard

             Navigate to the Users section.

             Click on the Admins subtab

Here you can see the list of all admins.

Step 2.  Click on the Create new Admin button.

Creating new admin on the Uteach website.

Step 3. Fill in the required information. 


Filling the admin information on the Uteach website.

You will be directed to the section where you fill in the admin information, such as the name, email, phone, and profession. You can create a password for them and add an image. 


Giving the secondary admin access to the financial section.

If you don’t want the admin to access the financial information, you can activate the toggle, as shown in the picture.

After everything’s done, click on the Save button below. 

Congratulations, the new admin is added. 



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