How to filter students' data



Managing and finding all the data you need may be difficult when you have too many registered students. Therefore Uteach provides the opportunity to apply filters.

In order to filter students’ data, you should go to the Students subtab.

Follow this path: Dashboard  Users  Students

Here you can see the list of all your students. 


Accessing the students tab on the Uteach website.

You can manage the data according to 6 principles: 

  1. The Group your students belong to
  2. The Live Sessions they are enrolled in
  3. The Video Courses they purchased
  4. The Products they bought
  5. The Bundles students are enrolled in
  6. The Memberships they are a part of

Click on the dropdown arrows of the field you filter with, and choose the option.

Once you have applied your desired filters, click the Submit button below.

That’s it! Now you can see the filtered data below and easily manage it.  



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