What is the difference between admins and authors



When you access the Users tab from your dashboard, the following subtabs will be displayed:


  • Students
  • Admins / Authors
  • Groups

So how are Admins different from Authors? 

When you register, you become the website’s primary admin. As a website administrator, you have control over all website data, including adding or removing users, including students and authors. You can also manage courses, quizzes, and live lessons by adding or deleting them. Additionally, you can create certificates, view website sales, and manage payment settings, such as adding credit cards.

Unlike admins, authors cannot control all website data and access the financial parts. However, they have all of the other admin-user advantages.

Note that the authors also cannot

  •  delete student profiles
  • delete pages (authors are able to delete only pages created by them)

Author profiles are created to manage the course & session creation process. This means that they can add students and pages. 

They can also edit courses, quizzes, and live sessions and create coupons for those items. 


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