How to make notes about students

Did you intend to contact a student about a specific matter but forgot to do so? With the Notes feature, you can leave a little message for yourself so that you always remember anything regarding that student. 


In order to make a note about a student, you should go to the Students subtab.

Follow this path: Dashboard  Users  Students 

Click on the Filter button in the upper left corner to filter the students’ data. 


Filtering the students data on the Uteach website.

To add a note, 

  • tick the box near the student's name
  • access the Actions field in the upper right corner and choose the Notes option   


  • type your note in the corresponding box
  • click on the sending icon in the bottom right corner.   


Writing a note about the student.

If you want to receive a notification about your note, check the Remind me box. Fill in the date and time information. This way, you will receive a notification on the date and time set. 

Where do I see the note? 

Click on the ⋯ icon before the student’s name to access the notes you left for them. From Profile tab , click Notes.


You can see the previous notes in the upper right corner. Add other notes, archive, or edit them by clicking the corresponding field.


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